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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written March 29, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Can the zetas briefly discuss how one knows if they are truly Service-to-Other? Most people would like to believe that they are but the capacity for self delusion is very high.

Nancy is endlessly asked this question by those who would like to hope they will have a better future during and after the pole shift. In general, those who are highly Service-to-Other do not bother to think about this, as they are too busy being of service to the general welfare. Their focus is not on themselves - it is elsewhere. Others may point out to them that they hardly take time out for themselves, but this is not a comment they would make about themselves. Those who are Service-to-Self will often posture as Service-to-Other for the benefits this brings to them. They make a grand gesture of giving to some charity and make sure everyone knows about it, thereafter going for something of a free ride among those who honor such generosity. They in the main mouth the right words, not followed by action. But when put to the test where they might have to suffer a bit so others can benefit, they draw the line and refuse.

In fact, testing another's orientation by asking for action is a sure test, one we have long recommended. You can also apply this to yourself. If you have turkey for Thanksgiving and know of others who will be eating a scarce meal, do you package up your turkey and take it to share with those less fortunate? Do you find such a gesture comes naturally to you, or is there resentment? Service-to-Other means being 50/50, where 50% of the time you think of others, and all Service-to-Other beings have some self focused aspects. In general, those who wonder are undecided, the Service-to-Others not bothering to waste time thinking about it, and the Service-to-Self knowing themselves and that any kind hearted gesture is an act on their part.

Many people feel that this fall will be the beginning of the true visible and acknowledged financial collapse. Apart from what the zetas have already said or cannot tell us, is there anything else that can be mentioned in regards to this?

We have stated that the collapse will be gradual, and preventions slipped in likewise gradually. Already some reduced services and hours have been inserted into banking services in the US. Few have noticed this, but there is less you can wire between banks than before. It takes longer and requires more steps. The DOW, as is known, is maintained by the Plunge Protection Team, so stocks become worthless while the paper value is upheld. As time passes, things will be more difficult to sell for the going price, as real estate is now. The dollar will buy less. And the shelves will become more bare of essential goods such as foodstuffs.

Do other governments sense the change in the Bush persona? If so will they be more willing to open the door a little more on the Planet X cover up as they may fear the Bush White House reaction less?

If others notice a change in the Bush persona, the last thing they would consider is a clone switch. Those aware of our comments about this, and the photographic proof that establishes that our statement that Bush 3 would replace Bush 2 has occurred recently, would in the main be considered Internet conspiracy theorists. At most, other governments might consider the possibility and ponder it, but would not allow themselves to take the theory seriously.

Does Laura know Bush is a clone? Did she fall in love with Bush3? What about the Bush twins, do they think they have had the same dad this whole time?

You are assuming that Laura sleeps with the Bush persona. In any case, she is aware that there are clones, even without being informed officially. She knows, but would never say anything and would make excuses should her daughters mention anything. The twins are also not particularly close to their father.

Is it possible to give up your spot to a family member or friend when the ETs pick people up before Planet X hits?

No. This is an offer made to highly Service-to-Others individuals only. Most decline because of their responsibilities toward others.

How long on average (how many incarnation) does it take for a soul to become fully Service-to-Other?

We have explained that on average it takes 1,000 incarnated lifetimes for an entity to arrive at a spiritual orientation decision - Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self. This varies.

Are there any changes in the way a person has contact occuring now? For example conscious instead of subconscious?

Conscious contact will not occur until the last weeks or the pole shift itself and the hours and weeks afterwards. It is during great distress and anxiety that the human mind is open to this, as by comparison chatting with weird looking aliens is not so traumatic.

Can the Zeta's explain on why so many crane accidents, what would cause this?

Distraction is rampant, as the populace notices things not being addressed by the media or the authorities. The Sun is not in the right place, the weather wildly erratic, the economy in the toilet while Bush says all is well, the price of food and gas going through the roof and no jobs to be found yet the media states that joblessness is dropping. Angry, and without a place to put their anger, many fume and thus do not pay attention to what they are doing. Close inspection of recent crane accidents shows that they were not secured, were driven into the wrong spot, or some such human error was the cause.

The UK Guardian posted an article on a man killed in an explosion 'testing' explosives like the kind a terrorist would make using simple ingredients. His family claimed he worked in 'plastics', but a complete investigation has been held up because of 'official secrets'. Do the Zetas have any idea what this guy would have been doing to merit such a cover-up/lack of investigation? "Rusted torpedoes and bombs, munitions on Foulness Island, a MOD weapons testing site. A mysterious bomb-making experiment that ended with the accidental death of a government scientist has remained an official secret for more than five years, leaving his family in the dark about what went wrong. Terry Jupp, a scientist with the Ministry of Defence, was engulfed inflames during a joint Anglo-American counter-terrorism project intended to discover more about al-Qaida's bomb-making capacities. The Guardian has established that Jupp was a member of a small team of British and US scientists making bombs from ingredients of the sort that terrorists could obtain. There is also evidence pointing to experiments to discover more about radiological dispersal devices -so-called dirty bombs - which use conventional explosives to scatter radioactive material."

It can only mean one thing. He had links back to the UK government. In the UK such terror tactics instituted by the government are called a false flag operation. One way to prevent such false flag operations from being successful is to have the perpetrators blow themselves up, so that an investigation becomes an embarrassment.

The Zeta's have essentially said there will be no pole shift this year; however, previously the Zeta's have been very stingy with giving out any date related information. Is there any reason for this change in heart (I assume any update on the lean of Planet X is still out of the question)? Does the Democrats being favored to win the election have any bearing on this?

We have stated our reason for withholding a date. We are still not giving a date, but by some of our recent statements it can be inferred that 2008 is not the year. We stated that Obama would be good in a crisis, a good leader, and he could not possibly be in a leadership position until January 2009. We have likewise stated that on a scale of 1 to 10, 2008 might see us at a 6 in terms of earth changes and sociological chaos if at the current time we are at 2-3 in this scale. A pole shift in 2008 would have put us at a 10 by the end of 2008. Why are we more relaxed about this date related information? Because there is less likelihood that the US will be plunged into a martial law situation. Bush 3 as the clone in charge is part of this reason. We have also stated to the Puppet Master and others that as they take steps to help the common man, take steps to inform the common man and the like, that they will get the information they seek. You could consider this payback for the Puppet Master's role in the Bush 3 clone replacement, if you wish, as in part that's the reason for our being more relaxed about date related information.

Is Anti Gravity the opposite to Gravity or the Repulsion Force is the opposite to Gravity?

Neither term correctly reflects the reality of the particle flows but both terms have been used by ourselves. There is the flow of gravity particles, which is a particle that drifts slowly back into a gravity sink such as the center of a planet. When the gravity particles get too crowded, they burst out through the planet surface rapidly, in a laser like burst, so rapidly that they do not interact with other atoms. When another gravity sink such as another large planet comes close, these outbursts face each other and like hoses of a high pressure water wash pointing toward each other, these outbursts prevent an approach. This is the Repulsion Force we speak of. Some know it as an anti-gravity force. Just another term.

I have been absolutely amazed at the number of people who are participating in the Earth Hour tonight, including people generally inclined to pooh pooh such events. Besides having a positive effect of uniting the world in an effort, does an event such as this, with huge participation, scare the world leaders or are they still smug in their nests? Are the governments now starting to realize the global community is not only talking to each other, but also willing to work together for the common good?

Saving a bit of electricity is not a threat to any government. The participants are not forcing government operations to be hampered. They are merely hampering themselves.

Here in Spain, the chemtrail program runs at full power this year. Some people and I noticed that their purpose is to destroy rain clouds, spraying where a front comes, and to deliberately dry out the Iberic Peninsula. Can the zetas comment on this?

Chemtrails at present are to fog up the sky so the placement of the Sun is not easily determined, and also to prevent a clear focus on the Second Sun when it on occasion is visible. If chemtrails could destroy rain clouds, then severe flooding such as the assault on the central US recently would not be happening.

Is this as it is described on Coast to Coast last night and is it caused by Planet X? "Is There a Real Death Star Out There, Aiming At Us? WR104 Explained."

Planet X has been described by many C2C guests lately, all incorrectly. None are presenting the truth, as C2C is frankly told who they can and cannot have on as guests, and Nancy is not one of them. We have been asked to address some of the disinformation - David Booth, Project Camelot, the 2012 date huggers, and lately the supposed photos and videos of "Planet X" inbound as taken from an Antarctica observatory. This is just another version of the disinformation campaign. If you want the truth, read ZetaTalk.

Is the soul and the human two separate entities? Do they think separately or as one until death?

They are separate entities as the soul does not die and the human body does. During the incarnation the soul suffuses the body and speaks to the physical body, which includes the mind, which is the physical brain. Even before death the soul is already leaving the body, in most cases, which is why those who recover from a near death experience recall seeing their body beneath them, on the operating table or on the highway.

"Some 220 square miles of ice has collapsed in Antarctica and an ice shelf about seven times the size of Manhattan is "hanging by a thread," the British Antarctic Survey said Tuesday, blaming global warming." [and from another] This is caused by Planet X right? And not global warming just as you predicted they would blame it on. I'm guessing we can see a lot more of this to come? [and from another] Temperature Monitors Report Widescale Global Cooling [Feb 26] Over the past year, anecdotal evidence for a cooling planet has exploded. China has its coldest winter in 100 years. Baghdad sees its first snow in all recorded history. North America has the most snowcover in 50 years, with places like Wisconsin the highest since record-keeping began. Record levels of Antarctic sea ice, record cold in Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Mexico, Australia, Iran, Greece, South Africa, Greenland, Argentina, Chile -- the list goes on and on. No more than anecdotal evidence, to be sure. But now, that evidence has been supplanted by hard scientific fact. All four major global temperature tracking outlets (Hadley, NASA's GISS, UAH, RSS) have released updated data. All show that over the past year, global temperatures have dropped precipitously. [and from another] [Mar 18] Adelaide's 15-day heatwave was a once in 3,000 year occurrence, an atmospheric scientist says. Adelaide has sweltered through 15 consecutive days above 35 degrees - the longest heatwave recorded in any Australian capital city. Adelaide's 15-day heatwave surpassed the previous capital city heatwave record of Perth, which experienced 10 days over 35 degrees in February 1988.

The magnetic N Pole of Earth is at present being pushed away so that the northern hemisphere had a particularly cold winter, while the southern hemisphere had record heat in places. This record heat also included the warming of the oceans around the S Pole, which of course affected the polar ice shelves.

Do any of these attempts such as Prof. Michio Kaku admitting to et contact and such, count as 'attempts' at the truth?

When an authority admits to the alien presence, either their own personal experiences or alluding to government knowledge, this is a different matter from the cover-up over Planet X. They are two different issues. For instance, the murder of JFK could be admitted while still keeping the lid on the reality of the Wanta funds. The alien presence is a matter pressing upon those trying to deny it to the common man. Mass sightings are occurring, and awareness and acceptance of the alien presence is on the increase. The government cover-ups are beginning to make those trying to deny the alien presence look like fools. Thus, increasingly discussion about mass sightings are mentioned in the media, presentation of crop circles as something other than made by drunken louts with boards are allowed by the media, and frank admissions by government agents, retired or not, are allowed without repercussion.

If Zetas are assigned to USofA who is assigned to Croatia?

You would not know them if we described them, and they do not have a name. If you truely want to know who the visitors are in your area, give The Call and find out!

How did a Bush clone get to the Puppet Master in the first place? Were the Zetas and the newer MJ12 behind the plan to switch clones?

The clones would split responsibilities at times, especially those responsibilities that required travel. On one such visit to the Puppet Master, Bush 3 was approached and asked to stay in Europe. He accepted. The plan to switch the clones was the Puppet Master's plan, as he was having problems with the current Bush administration then run by clones Bush 1 and Bush 2.

Do the Zetas believe that Afghanistan war zone can be held indefinitely by the US or will they be forced by the Taliban to withdraw.

The latter. The US military will be driven to return home from all bases they now hold, certainly from all war zones. Chaos due to Earth changes will require them to be at the home front, the continental US. Some peaceful bases will maintain a skeleton crew, however, so essential base closures around the globe will not be announced as such.

The psychic Edgar Cayce predicted that Virginia Beach would be one of the safest areas to live but I see that the state of Virginia is not listed in your safe areas. Could you comment please?

We have explained that the difference between our prophecy and others whom we have stated are valid prophets is often due to a difference in timing. We, in our descriptions, are describing the swath of changes, from pre-pole shift through the pole shift to adjustments afterwards. For instance, during the week of rotation stoppage, water will flow from the equator to the poles, leaving much land off the East Coast of the US bare, no longer under water. Likewise the Caribbean. But when the pole shift happens, this water returns with a vengeance, drowning all who were lulled during the pre-shift days. Cayce was addressing the pre-shift days.

Can the Zeta's comment on the weird hours several of us seem to be waking up at in the (wee) hours of the morning? Is there a significance?

Insomnia is a natural concomitant to worry, and many are worried about the trends they see. Beyond not getting confirmation from the authorities, or from the media, those trying to deal with the changes they note are worried about how to deal with them. If the weather is creating crop shortages, what to do? The answer of course is to be in a position to garden, save seed, and have flocks and herds. Such a solution usually involves lots of other changes in one's lifestyle, with more insomnia guaranteed.