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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written February 9, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Obama mentioned that he would be best suited to defeat the republicans as there is dirt on Hillary that has not come out yet and the republicans will use this to shoot her down in the general election, just like the zetas said. Who is advising him and does Hillary not realize she would be a sitting duck in the general election?

The fact that there is dirt on Hillary is no secret. The Clintons' long years in the White House, renting out the Lincoln bedroom for contributions, the illegal contributions from a Chinese source, Hsu, a man now under indictment, pardoning felons as a favor to friends, experimenting with lesbianism during college years, and almost constant cooperation with lobbyists and large corporations during her political career - all are known. That Hillary and Bill are refusing to recognize that Obama is the better nominee is due to selfishness on their part. They would rather have a crack at the White House and have the Democratic party lose to the Republicans than not have their chance. Simple as that.

Don't TPTB realize that once the average person comes to understand that all of the big profits and bonuses that the financial industry "made". In recent years was actually stolen from them there will be hell to pay?

The common man is aware of unfair profits, as how would they not be aware? It is blatant. Gasoline and home heating oil prices go through the roof and the oil companies make record profits. Cheney has secret meetings with oil company representatives to formulate his energy plan. Even if someone does not read the newspapers but only hears the rumors, the connection is made. The establishment does not care what the common man thinks. They know the common man can do little about it, and thus are smug in their ability to continue. What is a disgruntled family man to do? Revolt? Start a rebellion? These things occur when all hope is lost by the common man, but matters are not at that point in most civilized countries, especially those that hold elections and have a relatively free press.

The Sun seems to be setting too far to the south still. Is this a result of being pushed out of the normal ecliptic or something like the early days of a lean to the left? Don't people start to notice this? [and from another] Via email Feb 5: I have wondered if my satellite connection which has been on the edge of reception and has not been able to connect in the morning for months but returns to performance later in the afternoon reflects the wobble here in New England. Even the toilet coriolis related to distance from the Equator seems weaker mornings than afternoons.

The wobble is becoming more severe and as we have mentioned the populace will indeed notice, as how could they not notice. The Sun will be too far to the North or South, lingering in the East or moving too rapidly to the West, with a high arc or low - depending upon where the observer is located on the surface of the Earth during the daily wobble. When this becomes the subject of conversation, those not comfortable with the thought of a swaying Earth will argue that what everyone is seeing is not happening, regardless of proof. Those who need denial will cling to their denial more firmly, and those who are emotionally strong enough to sort it out and face facts will increasingly find they cannot talk to the crowd who needs denial. Two camps will develop.

The core of the Earth seems to have a major impact on human daily existence, worn out-fatigue, don't give a s**t. What is the glimmer of hope, to basically keep your sanity?

As life becomes harder going into the pole shift, this is no different from when life becomes harder during "normal" times. You lose your job, your spouse announces he or she no longer loves you and is planning a divorce, your teenager announces she is pregnant or hooked on drugs, your doctor gives you grim results from your recent lab test and you plan for debility to afflict you early in life, lightning strikes, a tornado tears all your belongings up into shreds, an unexpected flood covers your floor in a foot of mud, your former employer goes bankrupt and your pension is no longer viable - all these things happen regularly and quite without the nudge of a pending pole shift. The lessons of life are that when one cares for others, and they care for you, all of these burdens are seen as opportunities to express love. And that has not changed because a pole shift is pending. It has increased.

Do disinformants or debunkers actually start groups on the internet of topics of Planet X or UFO's to draw people in and then tell them different?

Yes. If contactees have found each other and are discussing their experiences on a message board, those who want the populace to avoid contact with aliens start posting supposed negative experiences. How is the public to tell them apart? All are taken as valid contactee experiences, and thus the disinformation is spread. If Nancy is getting attention, worldwide, by what we in ZetaTalk say about Planet X, then suddenly there are many objects in space called "Planet X" - Sedna, large asteroids, whatever. When someone curious about the buzz types "Planet X" into a search engine, they are drowned in false information! Thus diluted, the ZetaTalk message is confused. When ZetaTalk first started there were attempts to throw up other web sites where the public could ask questions of the "Zetas". This did not last, as none of the responses had the depth and clarity of ours. But this type of attempt to take over the message and skew it to the liking of the establishment has not gone away. It increases as the threat in any truth increases.

Has Planet X passed through the ecliptic yet?

We have mentioned the extreme headwind that Planet X must overcome in order to pierce the ecliptic. Though unseen by man, there are particle flows that emerge from the Sun's poles and return at her equator. These sweep back into the Sun at the ecliptic, and are a major factor in why the planets do not float out into space. The planets are being swept back toward the Sun. For those having difficulty understanding why Planet X is slowly fighting through the ecliptic but then will zoom out of the solar system within a few days, we offer a traffic analogy.

Rush hour traffic often includes cars trying to get onto the freeway, where the traffic is moving at high speed. On-ramps not only queue up cars, they often have traffic lights that control the flow of new cars onto the freeway. Thus, a car can be a long time in an on-ramp queue, but moving at high speed away from the city once it has broken through the clog. Planet X is fighting a headwind, but once it has moved above this headwind, the Repulsion Force, which some call an anti-gravity force, will be the major influence on Planet X, and it will speed away.

You've mentioned before "the long wait" and "the long year". It still seems and feels to me we are still in that period of time?

Those who have discovered the ZetaTalk message, or other valid prophecy that explains the current Earth changes, must live in two worlds. The first is their "normal" existence where they will plod through their life, making plans for a distant retirement or to put their growing children through college, as though prophecy were only a story, a tale. The second existence is one where plans are made, however subconsciously, to prepare for a world turned upside down. When food prices skyrocket, plans are made for a family garden, or perhaps to move further from the city to allow for such a garden. If the new gardener finds he cannot locate seeds in the rack, the rack empty due to demand, he suddenly realizes that saving seeds is a skill he must learn. The second existence can be just a nervous watchfulness or developing elaborate plans, depending upon how open the individual is to truly examining the current Earth changes and evidence of an Earth wobble.

In either case, the individual is torn, finds they cannot talk openly with others around them, and often longs for the day when something obvious happens so they can be proved right in their concerns and urge to plan for survival. Unfortunately, when the signs become obvious they will likely find more resistance to their plans, as those who need denial as they cannot bear to think of great cataclysms, will become more rigid. The bright side of this picture is that one planner may find another nearby, a neighbor, a friend, who has all along been taking the same steps. This gives great solace to the one trying to make plans, as at last they have someone they can talk to. When signs become more obvious, these individuals will find each other more easily, as the fact that they are planning and observing the signs will become noticeable. One lets down their guard when the signs are obvious, as the fear of being called insane has been removed.

Donald Rumsfeld, seems to be in limbo. Any thoughts?

Officially, he is no longer an official in government, but this is hardly the case. As was known, he kept an office at the Pentagon long after being dismissed as the Secretary of Defense. His home is virtually next door to Vice President Dick Cheney's home. He has simply gone underground, though his impact on military maneuvers and decisions has been almost entirely neutralized. He hopes to re-emerge during the turmoil and chaos of the weeks leading into the pole shift, but he will find that those in government turn a deaf ear to him. Arrogance propels him, however, so he will make his bids when the time comes, and be deflated.

Can the Zetas help us better understand how the Clintons sleep at night knowing they gave the nod to have an election stolen for them? (New Hampshire). Same general question re the Bushes; how does Clone #2 sleep at night, or Cheney for that matter? Don't they know the Zetas read their minds, and that ultimately they will get their karmic rewards if not in this life then in the next?

Theft is common in human culture. School children learn to steal the work of other students, often buying term papers to claim as their own work. Talented workers find their inspirations ascribed to their boss, and find they can do little to claim authorship without getting fired. Lies are part of this process, so those whose ambitions override their ethics find they increasingly get comfortable with lies. Where some thieves are quite conscious of their motives and actions, others blanket any discomfit with excuses. Both Hillary and Bill, and Bush before them, tell themselves that their leadership is better for the country than if the country is lead by someone else, and thus any theft of a political position is justified.
US: Former Oral Roberts University accountant alleges $1billion a year funneled through school. A former senior accountant at Oral Roberts University alleges that more than US$1billion (euro690 million) annually was inappropriately funneled through the evangelical school. Is this a true report, and if so, what was the money being used for? Was it laundered, drugs, politicians, prostitution, or was this just a personal slush fund? Somewhere I read the paradigm of the religious enslavement would be exposed soon. Is this the beginning of that exposure?

Televangelism is hardly about spirituality, as the many scandals have shown. The preacher is having many affairs, perhaps homosexual trysts, all the while declaring these actions a sin. When caught, the preacher declares they have sinned but are now a living example of the power of prayer to heal. The side show goes on, all the while reaping money from the gullible public. But does private wealth require a billion annually? No. It has not been claimed that this money was personally for any individual. Money laundering is a service, as many wish to evade the IRS, FBI or DEA, moving funds illegally got into eager pockets. Since money laundering is a well established need for the illicit drug trade, Mafia protection and prostitution operations, the feds are onto the techniques. For instance, a coin laundry takes in an immense amount of cash, and what federal agency has the time to comb through videos of a laundromat's use to verify how much the machines are being used? The logic in using a respected religious network to launder cash is that it is unlikely to be suspect, and thus would evade the eyes of the agents trying to nab illegally gotten gains. Should anyone doubt that organized religion is a scam, this is a key example!

The Zetas have said before that "some" members of Congress know about Planet X. Do the Clintons and Obama know the full extent of what is expected, or have they too been told what foreign leaders have been told, which is that "it's expected to cause some disruption but pass out of the solar system leaving us relatively unscathed". Simply put: have they been sold the Service-to-Self version of what's going to happen? Or have they heard the Service-to-Other version as well, and how devastating it will really be?

We mentioned previously that the reason Hillary Clinton and John McCain appear so cooperative with the Bush agenda is because they have become insiders, having been told the truth about Planet X. This is the prime reason they are both so willing to see the US military remain in Iraq and Iran threatened. They see the rationale for fighting for oil, the black gold that is assumed to be fueling any recovery after the pole shift. Obama has heard the rumors, but has not been given the insight that these others have received. He is smart enough to arrive at the right conclusions, however, and is correctly reading the behavior of those in the White House. They are too determined to remain in Iraq, irrationally so. Has he discovered ZetaTalk and the warnings posted there? Some in his staff have, and these warnings have come up for conversation.

Does the Senate realize the purpose behind the unwarranted surveillance is connected more with concern for genuine civil unrest than it is about supposed "Islamo-terrorists"?

Due to voter fraud which put Bush in the White House in 2000 and 2004, the past seven years have seen a deadlock in Congress. Even with the Congress shifting to Democratic control in 2006, Congress does not have sufficient votes to override a veto. This leaves Congress in a difficult position. They can refuse to pass any laws, starving the Bush administration for funds, while risking appearing in the public eye like the bad guys. "Congress is starving the troops, failing to fund federal agencies," would be the cry from the White House. The next alternative is an attempt at compromise, forwarding a bill that is reasonable so that if Bush vetoes it, it is he who looks like the bad guy. At times, Congress goes through the motions of forwarding the true bill the Democrats want to pass, as a type of announcement on what the Democratic agenda is when compared to the Bush agenda. Given this setup, and the years between 2000 and 2004 when the Congress was run by Republicans in tight alliance with the Bush administration, there has been no examination of the Bush agenda. Any congressional oversight meetings are met with stonewalling at the White House, requested emails or correspondence not provided to Congress and backup tapes being destroyed. If Congress recommends legal action be taken, the Attorney General ignores the request.

Is the true agenda of the Bush administration lost on the Senate? Hardly. The invasion of Iraq was for oil, and was treasonous in that the invasion was done based on a lie. Since impeachment would not get the votes needed, impeachment hearings would only be a waste of time. The Bush crowd has pushed for the elimination of civil liberties and a 1984 Big Brother control over the populace, and this is hardly a secret. Attempts by Bush to actually impose martial law have been made and blocked, which is obvious even to those senators who are not on the inside loop. Increasing rumors about the presence of a rogue planet expected to pass by the Earth are circulating, and when these rumors are heard, a light bulb goes on. This is the reason for the oil grab and martial law plans! Few actually think this is about terrorism, given Bush's insistence on staying in Iraq despite grim projections for success there.

What is the origin of I Ching? Does it have a ET origin? How come it can be used as a accurate tool? What is its mechanism?

I Ching seeks to give answers based on the toss of coins, sticks or some other tool seemingly out of the control of the questioner. The answers provided are sufficiently vague, so the questioner can fill in the blanks. What is actually occurring is that the questioner is exploring their subconscious. When provided with a vague answer that needs specifics filled in, the subconscious provides this to the questioner. In other words, the questioner already knows the answer, and only thinks they are getting this from the use of I Ching. Whether I Ching or some other mechanism is used, it is the human desire to sort out mysteries and probe the future that is the origin of these practices.

The tail of the Planet X is next the earth. The cyclone increased. The cold increasingly intense. The torrential rains. Earthquakes increasing. Plate tectonics loose. The financial system wavering. The heat and the cold more intense. All living as if nothing was happening. The most human of emotions changed. The cycle magnetic April arriving. What lack for reversing happen?

We have described a time preceding the last weeks when emergency management teams would be exhausted, turning a deaf ear in countries like the US and Britain to cries of "terrorism" and a need to install martial law. What could cause such a state, worldwide? Earthquakes have increased in frequency and strength, and accidents in the stretch zones are increasing because the plates have loosened up and are moving a greater distance during each adjustment. The recent breaks in Internet cables around the Arabian Plate are a case in point. Where earthquakes of lower magnitude are registered and often felt, when they increase in size to a magnitude 6 or 7 or greater, infrastructure is destroyed.

What will it be like when earthquakes are happening to most cities around the world, simultaneously? Stretch zones will experience even more destruction, as the infrastructure will be pulled apart. Gas mains will explode into holocausts. Travel will become impossible when roadways are torn apart or heaved up. And the increasingly volatile atmosphere, jerked about by the wobble, will make air travel treacherous. Where faltering on occasion now, satellites will falter increasingly, making communications difficult. All this leads to panic, so that distracted workers cause malfunctions in services. This can be expected before the last weeks arrive.

Zetas say Hillary will falter and not win!

This is in the hands of man but we see Obama just slightly above Hillary at the convention, and the super delegates choosing the one they think will reflect best on the party over time - Obama. What about Michigan and Florida, the delegates being seated because the Clintons get the rules changed? This will not happen, and is so far from being a possibility it is only outlined as a possible approach. First, the rules committee was solid in their determination about excluding these two states, no wiggle room. Second, Obama as a candidate who played absolutely by their rules would be penalized, a fact that would go outside of the convention and become known by the populace. This puts the black vote in resentment of the games, and the black vote is needed against McCain. Third, the route Hillary wants to use requires great cooperation among delegates who would be chosen to rule on this matter, and even if it gets past our point two above, the delegates at large must vote and we anticipate the majority to be for Obama. Fourth, the momentum is with Obama, an increasing percentage of white voters, with more white male voters. As people get to know him, they like him, where the opposite is true of Hillary. Fifth, Obama has more funds, has shown himself to be a fund raiser and to get out the vote where Hillary is losing rapidly in this arena. Sixth, the political negatives in her background which Hillary brings shows that Obama would beat McCain where Hillary would hand over the independents and crossover Republicans to him. The Democratic party does not want to lose. They want to win, and see the handwriting on the wall.

Is the dirt on Hillary based on the $5 million she put up last month?

Finances are a major source of dirt on Hillary, as she has muddled her finances with those earned by Bill on the lecture route and in lucrative partnerships. The $5 million was reportedly her money, but she has not been the moneymaker and her book did not earn this net amount. The Clintons' have been very careful not to disclose details about their personal wealth, as Hillary has been too cooperative with lobbyists, and both Bill and Hillary too eager to do favors when they can personally benefit. But in the dash to gain momentum and halt Obama, they have made an error. Each donor is limited in what they can give, and $5 million is not the limit. If this is not her money, but Bill's, then he has broken the campaign finance laws and she has been complicit in this. The real source of horror is not a gift from Bill, however, but other contributors whose identities remain hidden. Hillary is also attempting to change history, claiming a life dedicated to the common man, when instead she spent 12 years working for law firms servicing large corporations, and gave years of service to Wal-Mart as a member on their board of directors. Obama has been polite enough not to emphasize this, but she remains highly vulnerable in this regard.

As we all know WW3 starts next week when Pakistan and India has the famous dispute so what are zetas going to do?

At the start of ZetaTalk we predicted that despite much saber rattling, that something akin to WW III would not occur. Simply stated, each country is suffering from a lack of resources, a depressed economy, and thus there is no prize to be won by an invasion. Each country in fact will be more concerned with quieting their restive populace than creating a situation where the populace has more to complain about. In the US, the economy and the war in Iraq are going head to head, with the war about to suffer so the economy can do better.

Why do big rocks slide across the ground in Death Valley?

Where the ground is flat and has gravel or sand as a lubricant, a large rock can move if the impetus is right. During earthquakes or adjustments, the land moves in waves like the waves on an ocean. This has been reported by those watching an earthquake in process, so there is no doubt about this phenomena. These waves are not associated with the jolt of an earthquake at the epicenter, but often occur at great distances from the epicenter where the pressure from an adjustment is being distributed. Thus, rocks can ride the wave when the ground is distributing pressure after an earthquake has occurred at some distance away.

Any comment re the sugar plant explosion and the massive tornado storms in the US south in early February? [and from another] 3 or More Dead at Ga. Refinery [Feb 8] Officials had not determined what caused the explosion Thursday night but said they suspect sugar dust, which can be volatile. The plant is owned by Imperial Sugar and is known in Savannah as the Dixie Crystals plant. A sugar dust explosion happened in a storage silo where refined sugar is stored until it is packaged. The plant's last inspection by the state Department of Agriculture was Oct. 30, 2007. Records show it was cited for two violations, one involving an opening in a packing room area that could allow for pests to enter and another related to buckets used for packing molasses in a warehouse not being properly protected. The U.S. Chemical Safety Board said Friday it is sending an investigative team to the plant. Sugar dust is combustible, according the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration's Web site. Static electricity, sparks from metal tools or a cigarette can ignite explosions.

We have warned of infrastructure implosions and increasing weather irregularities as the time of the pole shift approaches. Early in the life of ZetaTalk we warned that extreme temperature swings would occur, with tornadoes on the increase and occurring in places not used to tornadoes. Certainly February is not tornado season in the US, but temperature swings were what spawned them. Another phenomena that has arisen and received much comment is the distraction that seems to have beset much of mankind. Seeing the weather, hearing about the melting poles, and perhaps noticing the Sun and Moon out of place, the populace is disturbed at the comments and answers coming from the experts and their governments. The economy falters, growing worse, with no end in sight, while food and energy prices eat away at the family budget. No answers are forthcoming from the authorities, so the situation feels a bit like being on a runaway train while the conductor parties and seems oblivious to the problem. Thus distracted, the common man is less attentive on the job, and dangerous situations can develop as an outcome. Sugar dust is highly explosive, and someone lit a cigarette too close to a dust filled room.

Is Ron Paul going to make any difference by staying in even if it's to make McCain look bad in comparison? Also, is McCain the choice of those in power to take over as president? What do the Zetas have to say about him? Is he just going to be a Bush light? Or might be as dangerous as some think?

Both Hillary and McCain would be "Bush Lite," standing behind the war in Iraq and pushing into Iran and likewise supporting the intrusions into civil liberties that Bush has made. However, the establishment is not of one voice. The Puppet Master would frankly prefer Obama as the more stable person and is subtly backing him. The Puppet Master wants the Middle East to settle down, and sees that this will not occur until the US is driven out of the region. The Puppet Master does not support the frantic efforts of Israel to be dominant in the region. The Puppet Master wishes the public to be informed on some level about the coming Earth changes so that strong natural leaders in the populace can prepare for survival, as a depleted worker base in not in his interests. Thus, a level head such as Obama has is appealing to him, and a continuation of Bush in the body of Hillary or McCain is not appealing to him. Hillary lacks backbone and caves to whatever interest is pushing at her. McCain is not stable, but almost adolescent in some of his comments and attitudes. Being a president has much greater consequences than being a senator. Stability, integrity, and backbone are the attributes required. But those factions of the establishment who directly gain by the Bush administration's agenda want either McCain or Hillary to win. This is why the Republicans have been asserting that Hillary will be the candidate, as they see her easy to defeat due to her negatives and the skeletons in her closet. If for some reason she would win, they also win, as she is so malleable.