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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written February 2, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Snow Storm Brings China to a Halt [Jan 28] China's transport and energy systems have been caught in a perfect winter storm, with hundreds of thousands of people stranded during the peak travel season after train delays caused by heavy snow and power failures. The power crisis, the worst in China for many years, has been caused by an acute shortage of the supply of coal, the country's staple fuel. Brownouts have affected about half of China's 31 provinces and regions. The problem has been amplified by unseasonally large snowfalls in northern and central China. The Chinese media estimated that 150,000 travellers were stuck on Monday at the main rail station in Guangzhou, capital of southern Guangdong province, with hundreds of thousands more expected in coming days.

As with Hurricane Katrina, this is a microcosm of what the pole shift will bring. During Katrina, there was a lack of rescue, high winds and storm surge, an inability to travel, the public forced to drink sewage polluted water, and broken communications. The microcosm was possible, of course, because the hurricane developed in strength suddenly and changed course, because New Orleans was a city below sea level, and because the Bush administration proved incompetent in planning and facilitating a rescue. Nevertheless, this was an example of what the public can expect. Most disasters are treatable as they are a single blow, with rescue possible from regions not affected by the disaster. There may be an earthquake or a flood or a hurricane or a drought with starvation or communication difficulties - but not all occur at once.

During the recent China ice storm there was once again a microcosm of what the pole shift will bring. Travel of any sort was halted. Communications were down so that people were trapped away from home without a means to phone home. People were trapped for days without adequate food and water - an unexpected emergency. And the situation did not resolve quickly, as the ice storms were horrific, putting down a layer of ice that did not quickly melt. These types of situations will be on the increase, such that emergency management teams are exhausted, as we have predicted, and the public is left in distress.

On Dec. 29, 2007, the Zetas were asked about the duration of the "Christmas season" and we were told that it "could certainly be expected to last until after the New Year's holiday or somewhat beyond. During the past Christmas week, the Christmas "hammer" was documented, and will come back with a vengeance."Has the "somewhat beyond" period expired? If not, will the vengeful return of the "hammer" be the conclusion of the Christmas disaster or will its return mark another period of pending global changes?

The Christmas season surprises have unfolded, but surprises are not at an end. Hardly. As we mentioned, the Christmas Hammer emerged, and will be the means by which a more severe wobble begins, shortly. During this same period, Light Towers emerged, captured on film in Iraq and dramatically in Germany. A distinct capture of the Planet X corpus with tail was captured by LASCO, and the shroud of the tail by the Stereo Ahead camera. All this occurred within the week of Christmas and the weeks following.

Are there Service-to-other Dinos working on the Awakening and Tranformation? Are Nordics from 5th density Venus? You said the Chupacabra was an Ape, but it is a predatory Kangaroo. Which is it? Is the Slinky Man from your Worlds section the Men In Black or Underhills that live in Earth's caves? Were the Men in Black friends with the American Indian before the white man started raping and pillaging. Do you have any advice for Humans living with Niburian DNA. I am 6ft2 with trouble sleeping and a temper. I can lift alot of heavy objects but I tire easily. My skull is more like a Kidney Bean than a sphere. You could say that I am one of the grouchy Eeyore types that still cares about the injustice in the world. Is Kim Basinger a star child. or just a Christ-Hating slut?

Any Service-to-Other Dinos are working behind the scenes so as not to alarm humans, but they are present, yes. Nordics are not from Venus and their density is 4th Density. The Slinky Man Nancy documented is not living on Earth and the Men-in-Black look like pale humans. The American Indian was never a threat to the Men-in-Black so were never contacted by them. As we stated, they are very elusive, and deliberately so. You should not assume you have Annunaki DNA because of a temper. There are other attributes they have which you did not ascribe to yourself. Kim Basinger is not a Star Child and we will not respond further to this type of silly question.

If the economy is in the process of collapsing, why can't tptb just inflate away all of the bad debt? Or is that what is already happening and that is also problematic?

Inflation is a tool by which debt is reduced, but as much as some elements want this to occur, to reduce the US debt, there are more who would be negatively affected and push back against this approach.

What do you think of Microsoft's acquisition of Yahoo, what would be the long and short term consequences in the mind-domination area?

It is part of the short term plan, between now and the time of the pole shift, to keep companies afloat and to control those with Internet outlets as to their content. The purchase by Microsoft of Yahoo was not to assist a floundering company but to infiltrate so as to ascertain content and to impose controls. AOL is an example of an Internet presence that has long offered this availabillity to the powers that be.

We know that both Service-to-Other and Service-to-Self visitors are allowed to counsel humans depending on their spiritual orientation and their thoughts, but wouldn't it be better if the Council of Worlds would allow only Service-to-Other counseling? I think it would be easier for souls to pend towards the Service-to-Others if selfish aliens would not be allowed to interfere with human intentions and maybe 3rd Density worlds could be much better than they are now.

These types of decisions by the Council of Worlds are based on long experience. Service-to-Other entities must learn how to deal with Service-to-Self entities, as they encounter them on occasion in higher densities, albeit in highly controlled settings. The Council is composed of wise and massive souls who know the outcome where young worlds are only counseled by Service-to-Other counselors. As an example are the Service-to-Self "prison" planets, where the Spirit Guides are Service-to-Other as Service-to-Self entities would not be interested in wasting their time counseling. Very few Service-to-Self souls migrate back into the Service-to-Other orientation, so the futility of advising a soul moving toward the Service-to-Self orientation is obvious. How many human parents, or human teachers, or human guidance counselors accomplish a change in behavior in someone like Chu (of the Virginia Tech massacre) by talking to them? Chu was given guidance, as were the other shooters in massacres of late, and it made no difference. Thus, the sooner they progress to their ultimate destination the sooner they are removed from the general population. So they get counseling to speed them on their way!

I have 3 question. Please answer. 1-Is mantle plumes theory are real? Reference: Dr. Olson also reported of ongoing surprising shifts off the coast of Brazil known as the South Atlantic Anomaly. A magnetic reversal is already occurring within the interior magnetic field between the core and mantle. 2-FEMA ORDERED 102,000 boxcars w. shackles! Is this preparation for martial law? 3-How did ths planets in solar system create?

Mantle plumes are mankind's best guess for anomalies in the Earth's magnetic field. This theory is not correct, as the South Atlantic Anomaly is merely a weak spot in the Earth's crust, which normally blunts the Earth's magnetic field. In past years there have been many steps taken to imprison, quickly, portions of the US population, due to the pending pole shift. The prime target of these efforts were the US military, who were expected to go rogue and fall into many pieces. We have predicted that martial law in the US will not occur as feared, as the date is uncertain and such a status cannot be maintained for long in the US which is used to freedom and would resist. Coming out of a Big Bang, matter coalesces, and motion is everywhere. Due to the force of gravity, smaller objects become satellites of larger ones, and thus planets and moons are developed.

What lies behind Clinton and Obama's sudden pacification? The two seemed to hate each other, and I think this is still true, I wonder what kind of hidden interests they're hiding.

The attacks were started by the Clintons, with Obama defending himself. Bill Clinton was making erroneous statements about Obama's record, calling his Iraq position a "fairy tale" for instance. Obama brought an appropriate topic up for discussion on a debate, that being Hillary's Wal-Mart track record as a board member, and Hillary shot back with a "slum lord" statement. The Clintons have more contributions from questionable sources than Obama, so quickly backed down when Obama started meeting the insults with radio promotional spots laying down the facts. The Clintons became frightened. They saw the reaction in S Carolina, the Obama surge, and the Kennedy endorsements, and became alarmed. At present they are trying to coast to the nomination, based on her slight edge in the polls.

The BBC reports that British astronomers will no longer be able to use two of the world's finest telescopes. "To withdraw from the state-of-the-art Gemini facilities leaves the UK ground-based astronomy strategy in disarray - some would say deliberately sabotaged," said Professor Paul Crowther from Sheffield University. Can the Zetas comment?

As it becomes evident that the cover-up over Planet X was not to avoid panic on Earth but to keep the public dumb about what is about to occur, i.e. that the cover-up is for the comfort of the elite, those involved in the cover-up have pangs of conscience. Killing all with conscience is awkward, so taking away their privileges on occasion is used instead.

You said the Chupacabra was an ape, but it is a predatory kangaroo. Which is it?

DNA from the hairless creatures found in Texas and vicinity, which we described as being Chupa offspring unable to survive without their handlers, was not made available to the general public. The explanation that this was some type of diseased coyote was given to the public, as of course something akin to swamp gas as an explanation would have to be given. Look at the appearance of your baboon, with teeth and a snout. We did not say it had hair because it was akin to an ape. But this is something you assumed as most of your apes have hair. Remove your assumptions and read again what we wrote.

Earthquake wise, we seem to be in a lull right now despite plates moving apart in the Middle East. Are the plates locked up everywhere else right now?

We have mentioned that the plates have loosened up, rock fingers broken off so the plates move against each other more easily. We predicted that motion would occur faster, go further because of this, and the recent movement of the Arabian Plate causing internet cable problems is a case in point. Earthquakes occur, are registered, when the plate edges resist. In stretch zones, this resistance is normally not present at all. Trains just suddenly derail, or a bridge drops with no warning. The pace of all this will pick up!

Are the scientific principles of this Navy railgun analogous to Planet X's jettisoning from the inner solar system after piercing the ecliptic?

Yes. We have explained that the battle that Planet X has in rising to the ecliptic and moving from below to above the ecliptic is related to the particle flows that wash back into the Sun's middle after spewing forth at her poles. Once above the ecliptic Planet X is no longer going into a headwind, so to speak. At this point, there are two forces propelling it rapidly out of the solar system. One is that the Repulsion Force, which some would call an anti-gravity force and which has been in place all along, will no longer be held back. This is a kick in the behind for Planet X, giving it momentum. The second force is magnetic, as the Sun's magnetic field spews magnetic particles from its N Pole. As it pierces the ecliptic, Planet X is upright, having completed its first 270° roll, but quickly gyrates to position along the Sun's magnetic flow lines above the ecliptic. It suddenly does a second 270° roll, at first trying to stand virtually upside down in alignment with the magnetic flow lines, which results in a 90° turn of the N Pole toward the Sun. But because Planet X is at this time rapidly shooting out of the solar system at an upward angle, it then rolls sideways 180° to point its N Pole outward into space. It is these gyrations which cause the pole shift in Earth, as the N Pole of Planet X picks up the S Pole of Earth and pulls it upward as it passes. In that N Poles resist being pointed at each other, the temporary gyrations of Planet X where it points its N Pole at the Sun's N Pole, temporarily, also give it a kick outward.

The Zetas have hinted that there is dirt on Hillary that is yet to come out, and the Republicans know about it and I assume they will be the source. Obviously they are planning on Hillary getting the nomination, and are waiting until that time to unload. But now that Obama seems to be surging, will they simply not bother to expose Hillary? What are their plans to derail Obama?

Obama has been a surprise, and he is very clean. They will attempt to claim he has a lack of experience.

Are we seeing a change in the global sweeps? I don't recall a large one since October/November time frame.

We explained when the cup tightened that ricochet would increase so that the sweeps would become lost. Sweeps occurred when the planets such as Venus, Earth and the Dark Twin were far enough apart that pushing them into one another caused quakes on Earth. The situation now is that they are all packed into the cup, held apart by the Repulsion Force. Each planet is reacting to the presence of Planet X in a different manner, depending upon magnetic fields and the like. The emergence of the Christmas Hammer is an example of what is to come for the Earth. What happens to Venus and the Dark Twin matters not, as they are dead planets.

What explains the McCain surge? Is is voter fraud, or is it a real phenomenon?

McCain is fairly moderate, so many independents are attracted to him. Without the independents, he would not be winning, and may not win overall. The game is not yet over.

Will the Zetas comment on the newly elected Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd. He ousted John Howard, whom the public voted out of politics altogether, and now plans a formal apology to the indigenous Aborigines, something Howard would never do. Is the new prime minister aware of Planet X? Does his appearance signal towards greater disclosure in Australia?

The new Australian PM has indeed heard about Planet X - many conflicting theories, from many sources. He is operating as he would normally, however, as most of the theories he has heard have Planet X passing quietly away and the Earth being relatively unaffected. We would anticipate his handling of the situation to be considerate, not elitist.

What are the plans of the Mossad and Israel for the pole shift? Do the Zetas consider them anti-ZetaTalk?

Mossad and the Israeli power structure are planning to defend their country and make massive inroads into the oil fields of their neighbors during the coming times. They will be surprised at how little progress they make. In fact, since they have pissed off their neighbors, who will take advantage of opportunities, the opposite will likely occur. A net loss. We have predicted that the Arabian Plate will rotate in place, turning the tip of this plate like a knife through the oil fields of Iraq and creating a conflagration that will cover the region in smoke and fumes. The US military will be driven out of the country, but there can be no escape for Israel, which lives there, next door!

What is with John Edwards? One day he is going to finish the race, and the next he withdraws. What is the reason/events behind his quick decision?

Edwards is in alliance with Obama, but does not want to say so at this moment to protect his opportunities later in life if in fact Obama does not pull ahead of Clinton, which we expect he will do. Those preferring Edwards are moving to Obama in any case, as the polls taken after his exit show. There is, thus, no actual need for an endorsement.

How do we have proof that the Zetas have good intentions? How do we know that they are not simply 4th dimensional beings out to control humanity by duping them into becoming their followers? How many white lies have already been told since the previous white lie? Exaactly what have the Zetas told us is absolute truth that can be relied upon?

What proof do you have that anything you are told by anyone is correct? Our track record is far superior to any other source you have listened to in your life. Apply your same skepticism to all other sources, before you come back with your hand wringing.

You say that humans are basically being phased-out, in favour of this hybrid 4th denstity race you're putting together. Wouldn't it have been nice to ask us humans first on what we thought about this? I asked you about, 'hair' on hybrids, and was told to stop 'moaning!' I don't understand how you cannot produce a full head of hair with your own very advanced technology and the fact that the DNA already exists for hair?! Hair is very very important to humans, otherwise hybrids will all look the same, as if they came off a production line, with no individual character of their own. Hair is part of us. Can you explain why more effort isn't made to make hairy hybrids?

Your point kills your argument. Hair is very important to humans, who have been raised since birth to expect it and use it to advantage as an adornment. Your next incarnation will not be human, and you won't care.

I was watching this program on BBC2 about atoms, where they explained how they're constructed, and how they're made in stars like our sun. It said that only hydrogen and helium can only be made in our 'cool' sun, whereas it takes a super-nova to come up with the rest of the atomic structures in the periodic table. Is it possible to produce exotic atoms artificially without having to wait around for supernovas to explode?

Are you planning to develop exotic atoms? No? Then why ask. You have more important matters to attend to in preparing for the pole shift and your next incarnation. Stop imagining that you will be in a position to do more than swim about and tend eggs.