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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Jun 30, 2007 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

One mechanism of the current severe flooding worldwide seems to be stationary low pressure systems that just sit, spin and dump rain for days on end over different parts of the globe. Is this an effect of the wobble or just interplay of air currents caused by the warming oceans? Can the Zetas speak to how severe the rains will become prior to the shift? [and from another] As I live in Portugal, today [Jun 23] a friend of mine living in Vila Real notice in his sundial, aging almost 300 years (he lives in a house from the XVII century having the sundial untouching), that the position of the Sun was wrong. The Sun lies almost vertically, positioned to West instead of SW. The sundial mark 12:00 and the digital hour of his watch mark 10:45. [and from another] I noticed that the Spring Solstice was off by 3 days, and the Summer Equinox has not yet occurred despite what the calendar says. I've been tracking the sunrise for 10 years from the same window of my house, and as of today [Jun 24], the Sun is still moving North. [and from another] We got reports like this from all over the place. We saw and noted drastic changes in the US Naval Observatory rise and set tables for the sun and moon. There was one time, I think the sunset was off by 10 minutes, and the moonrise was off by 45 minutes. Anyhow folks, it was pretty drastic changes and errors noted. We would go back a month later, and charts had been "massaged" and updated with much closer rise and set times replaced within. I noted Jupiter being way too high in the planetary ecliptic, almost straight overhead a few years ago. I still see the odd spinning of the face of the moon after zenith in its rise, sometimes as much as 100+ degrees of rotation over the latter half of the night, especially when it is a full moon.

This is the wobble, which many are reporting. It is the N Pole tipping toward the Sun and Planet X, and then away, so this affects where the Sun is rising and setting. When the N Pole is tilted toward the Sun, the air dragged along with the crust piles on top of the air it is encountering, making a compound High pressure front that dissipates slowly. By the time it dissipates, another wobbly has started, keeping the High, high! Likewise, air that is dragged away from a spot, such as Texas, never gets filled back in, as the dissipation and return to the Low is too slow, the wobble starting before it can complete the normal process. But for those who think the rain will never stop, they will have another horror to face shortly, in place of this. More than this, we cannot say!

Recently there has been an increase in emergency drills. Announcements made over broadcast media, "Medicines" delivered by mail for certain areas, etc... Are these events really tests for the emergencies to come or is it just more conditioning for "shelter in Place" directives to trap people when the shift comes? Is it likely that local emergency officials will in part do the right thing for people, even to a limited extent?

We have predicted that emergency management personnel will not comply with Bush or Homeland Security directives when the time comes, seeing the state of affairs, but follow their own conscience. There will be some exceptions, but they will in all likelihood be overridden. In fact, most local emergency management have already made this decision, seeing what happened during Katrina.

Can the Zetas comment to what extent the ability to safely live in cities will break down prior to the last weeks? When people start to panic, riot, and commit crimes, due to financial or food pressures, fears, anger at governments etc. Will city dwellers have the ability to sustain themselves and their families safely and defend themselves from chaos? Should they plan on neighborhood watch teams to repel those intent on harm or is flight from urban areas well ahead of the shift the best option? [and from another] UN: Half the World Soon to Be in Cities [Jun 27] Most of humanity will be living in cities by next year, raising the threat of increased poverty and religious extremism unless the needs of growing urban populations are met, the U.N. said Wednesday. Some 3.3 billion people will live in cities by 2008, a report by the U.N. population agency report said.

Cities will be death traps, as we have endlessly explained. The problem is not just when this will start, as a strong wobble, a lean to the left, will cause the establishment in many countries to impose travel restrictions. Rioting will break out, as the populace may be in panic, and Martial Law will be imposed on cities first, even in countries very liberal with their populace. Travel restrictions are seen as a way of protecting the citizenry from rioting and looting. Just imagine a city populace pouring out into the countryside! How would this be policed? At best, cities will be empied into tent cities, where starvation sets in due to food shortages and distribution problems and brutal control over rioting is enforced. Thus, the fact that cities are death traps may be a door that slams shut for city dwellers at the very onset of severe Earth changes. What will occur in cities? Starvation as food runs out, looting and roiting as the police become overwhelmed or leave the areas, buildings toppling down on the populace, hospitals overwhelmed, sewage rupturing into the streets and ruining drinking water, and an inability to escape this mess. Few will last or escape, and this will be the case in all countries.

In April, it was found the FBI was widely abusing the law with illegal National Security Letters to obtain information without warrants. This week, Wayne Madsen reported the same day White House counsel Fred Fielding formally rejected subpoenas from Conyers and Leahy for documents concerning NSA surveillance of domestic communications, the FBI made a 10 am visit to House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers. Do the Zetas have any comment on whether this was a friendly visit or an attempt to blackmail him using illegally obtained information to stopping his investigations?

The FBI is coordinating with Conyers. As we have mentioned, there are a large number of individuals in the Judiciary, the FBI, the CIA, NSA, Congress, and federal agencies who are alarmed at the illegal nature of this White House, starting with voter fraud via Diebold. They would have impeached or arrested Bush and Cheney but for the Republican Congress which was seen as a block. They are now in the posture of delaying impeachment or arrest due to the difficulty of explaining all this to the American people. But at some point, when Bush or Cheney pushes them to it, they will do so! Pelosi will then be in charge. Much coordination goes on behind the scenes, in this manner.

On a webcam in North Carolina some interesting observations have been made. In addition to a Sun ghost and lens flares, there have been two captures of Planet X complex components in the last few days. This will be featured tomorrow on my Newsletter. Just the couple minutes before the Sun broke the horizon there was a spot of light on the horizon, breaking through the thin cloud cover that was present everywhere on the horizon. In the next minute, a second spot of light appeared, to the right of this first. Then, a minute later, it became apparent that the second spot of light was the Sun. So what was the spot to the left, as Planet X is expected to be to the right of the Sun. The Zetas explain. Then, a couple days later, a Moon Swirl tube showed up, present for about 20 minutes in the same relationship to the Sun as the Sun rose into the sky.

If one did not have glare to deal with, or the angle of light deflection to deal with, Planet X would be, in line of sight, slightly to the right of the Sun and along the Ecliptic, just ever so slightly below the line of the Ecliptic. For those unfamiliar with how the Ecliptic, stretching out from the Sun's middle, is viewed from Earth, it stretches from lower left to upper right at dawn for those in the Northern Hemisphere on Earth. Thus, one would expect to find Planet X perhaps at the 3 o'clock position, at dawn, when sightings of the Second Sun are often noted. But there are many variables at play, not the least of which is bending light. The reason the Sun is so very large and orange at sunrise and sunset, as we have explained, is the bending of red light, orange light, over the curvature of the Earth. This is gravity bending light, and it bends light rays heading out to the side back toward the viewer, thus making the Sun look fatter, larger, at the moment of sunrise or sunset. The light the viewer is seeing is more than the light rays coming directly from the Sun. Planet X is most often visible at those times for the same reasons. Planet X is chasing the Earth backwards in her orbit, coming at the Earth retrograde in a clockwise motion, thus appears to the right of the Sun most often. But depending upon how far to the right of the Sun Planet X is at any given point in time, the sunlight rays bouncing off the closely shrouding dust cloud and back toward Earth will defect at a sharp angle or a wide angle, and give a different appearance in both those cases. If Planet X is close to the Sun, in the line of sight, the deflection is a wide angle deflection, bending only slightly to deflect back toward Earth. It is in these instances that the Second Sun is seen to the right. But if Planet X is a bit more to the right of the Sun, in the line of sight, then the deflection is sharper, a sharper angle, and the deflected light rays will cross over the rays of light coming directly from the Sun, so Planet X is then seen as the Second Sun to the left of the Sun.

The Zetas have said some communities will be given perpetual power packs after the pole shift. Do they more items they will deliver like this?

We have stated that those communities under control of solidly Service-to-Other individuals might find seed packs on their doorstep, or medicines to meet the needs of those ill within their communities. In these matters, humans, such as Nancy or others who might be familiar to those in the communitiy, recognized by name or appearance, will act as intermediaries. Another assist will be distribution of goods, where an abandoned farm might have implements needed elsewhere, and these suddenly appear near the community in need. Skills absent in one community can be given to another via training sessions on space ships, or the arrival of a stranger into the community recognized almost instantly by most, as they have already been introduced on a space ship! There will be assists to meet almost every conceivable need, for those in the Service-to-Other.

If marshal law was one of the intentions of the Oklahoma City bombing but thwarted by other forces, was it attempted as a result of 9-11? If so, how was it prevented?

We have spoken to the issue of 911, saying that many unlikely bedfellows crawled in bed with one another. Publically, this was the 19 Muslims supposedly in the planes. We have identified a financial punishment angle, as the World Trade Centers housed JP Morgan, an underwriter for government bonds and enterprises. Clearly, many knew the attack was being threatened, as there were exercises in the US on the very day of the attack, the attackers taking advantage of the confusion that would result in their timing. And inside trading, or removing gold or other items that could be claimed as lost, were actions those aware of the pending attack would do, as opportunists. So, knowing that this attack was potentially pending, possible, why would the cabal inside the US who wanted to incite Martial Law not posture themselves to do so? The answer lies in the lessons learned during OKC and TWA800. Those laying the groundwork, such as the group of Republican Senators, Orin Hatch included, who came out of a smoke filled room after OKC declaring the attack had all the hallmarks of a Muslim attack, found they did not have support rallying behind them as they assumed they would. And there was the embarrassing evidence of a leg with a military boot found at OKC, where no body was ever retrieved. US Military involvement, hardly an attack from outside the country by Muslims as originally claimed. Thus, OKC got pinned on one of the Military conspirators. TWA800 likewise quickly hit the rocks as almost 300 independent witnesses reported a missile coming up from the bay, off a ship. Where the official excuse was a spark in an wing tank, this was a compromise to keep US Military involvement out of the picture, as following on the heels of OKC this would have raised a clear alarm in the US public. Thus, when contemplating the opportunities that 911 would present, it was deemed by those wanting to declare Martial Law that other changes within the US needed to be put into place, such as the Patriot Act and warrantless wiretapping. The plan was to build on 911, having other fake terrorism incidents like water torture until the public would accept Martial Law as their only hope. Gitmo, and the President's right to jail anyone on any excuse for an unlimited time, were designed to bring forth witnesses who would say anything, and even develop Manchurian Candidates that could be released and provide fresh terrorism incidents. What other reason would there be to hold so many prisoners for years, in isolation, sensory deprivation, no hope of release ever? They are breaking them down, or so they hope! But the scenario has not played out as expected, the resistance among the federal agencies and the US Military stronger than expected, so this group remains timid in the main, though Bush has repeatedly tried to incite Martial Law, as we have reported.

It is said that there will be vast enslavement in China in the aftertime. But there are already enslavement at the present time.,2933,284074,00.html Is it a sign of what would happen in the aftertime?

The enslavement that is occurring in China at present is not government sponsored, but private enterprise. This type of enslavement springs up whenever opportunity presents. In the US, households have virtual slaves in undocumented illegal immigrants, who cannot leave under threat that they will be turned in, and are often sex slaves in the household as well. In the past, in the US, Negroes were slaves, not because the government sponsored this but because private enterprise, the plantations, saw the opportunity and took it. Europe saw slavery from indentured status, the poor enslaved and shipped to other lands such as Australia or America. Again, this was not government sponsored slavery but opportunism by various land owners looking for hands. Indeed, there are many types of slavery that will emerge after the pole shift, and those in the know are planning for their opportunities. Slavery will occur because people are starving and willing to do anything for a meal. Slavery will also occur because the healthy and strong are separated out from the weak, and removed to another location. They will be told that their loved ones will be fed only if they cooperate, but in fact their loved ones will be allowed to starve. The US is the only country where plans are being laid by those in power to enslave their people. We have stated that the push to open the borders with Mexico is so that those in power will have a strong slave base, without the attitudes that most US citizens have toward slave masters. China has some reputation for political prisoners, but this is not slavery at its base, but opportunism among the prison masters, who even stoop to selling organs on the black market. Among the countries where opportunistic slavery will be a problem are several in Africa, which has a history of black on black slavery, kidnapping, and selling the neighbor into slavery; some countries in SE Asia, where sexual slavery is rampant, especially among girls who are attractive and can be marketed to males worldwide; and India, which has a history of selling children into slavery, forced marriages, low status for women, and the cast system which leads the people to think of other citizens as beneath them. We do not expect any rampant slavery in China, and the reaction of the government to the recent incident is evidence of a natural abhorence of such practices in China.

The conflicts in the CCP is increasing. The battle between President Hu Jingtao and the Shanghai Group (which is the major force to persecute Falungong.) is becoming quite intense. Is there any chance that the conflict will increase to a degree that the CCP will fall?

Such dramatic changes is unlikely to occur before the pole shift. Soon, governments will tighten their defenses around their borders, and this includes political moves as well as geographical defenses. There will be concerns with food shortages, housing those displaced by Earth changes, and suppressing rioting. Political differences will be put aside, in many countries, to focus on the larger issues.

US: Chinese Seafood Detained for Safety [Jun 28] Farmed seafood has now joined tires, toothpaste and toy trains on the list of tainted and defective products from China that could be hazardous to a person's health. Federal health officials said Thursday they were detaining three types of Chinese fish - catfish, basa and dace - as well as shrimp and eel after repeated testing turned up contamination with drugs unapproved in the United States for use in farmed seafood. The officials said there have been no reports of illnesses nor do the products pose any immediate health risk. They stopped short of ordering a ban on the fresh and frozen seafood. The Food and Drug Administration announcement was the latest in an expanding series of problems with imported Chinese products that seemingly permeate U.S. society. Beyond the fish, federal regulators have recently warned consumers about lead paint in toy trains, defective tires, and toothpaste made with diethylene glycol, a toxic ingredient more commonly found in antifreeze. All the products were imported from China. The FDA said sampling of Chinese imported fish between October and May repeatedly found traces of the antibiotics nitrofuran and fluoroquinolone, as well as the antifungals malachite green and gentian violet. Of particular concern are the fluoroquinolones, a family of widely used human antibiotics that the FDA forbids in seafood in part to prevent bacteria from developing resistance to these important drugs. [and from another] China calls U.S. Blocking of its Seafood Imports Indiscriminate and Unacceptable [Jun 29] Chinese inspectors have seized shipments of US-made orange pulp and dried apricots containing high levels of bacteria and preservatives. Local departments have been ordered "to strengthen quarantine and inspections on food imports from America," according to a notice announcing the seizures posted on the Web site of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, China's main food safety monitor. Earlier this month, inspectors in the ports of Ningbo and Shenzhen turned away or destroyed shipments of health supplements and raisins because they said the products did not meets safety standards.

We mentioned earlier that China and the US were playing tit for tat games in regard to their respective imports, as Bush is trying to punish China for their threats to stop buying US bonds or to call payment due on prior bonds. Bush figures that the Puppet Master would stay China's hand, not wanting a collapse that would affect his financial empire, so is free to antagonize China with threats. The message, if you stop buying our bonds or dump our bonds, we will ban your imports! China has a world market, and is not atremble over these threats, but as Bush becomes increasingly insecure on many fronts, he will be irrational in his actions. What he is doing is assuring that any pleas for cooperation from China will get a deaf ear. Like most bullies, who are at their heart cowards, he is strutting and barking orders now as he assumes himself in a power position. China knows otherwise, and like Russia and Iran and the countries of S America, are refusing to be bullied. The FDA is concerned about barely perceptible antibiotic elements in seafood, yet allows antibiotics in mass in US agriculture, is restricting Mad Cow testing of US products as it fears the existence of Mad Cow disease in US products will be revealed, and allows Rumsfeld's product, Aspertame, to be used even when proven unsafe in many aspects. This action by the FDA is not protecting the US consumer, it's playing games with China!

Who taught you how to use rhetorical questions? Was it the voice of big brother?

As students of mankind, we have endless history on dialog that works. Lectures seldom work. Bragging will bring out the anger in those who are resentful or jealous, so if we want the debunkers to show their hand, we have Nancy crow about Zetas RIGHT Again! If we want the public to follow the discourse, we post their thoughts now and then, as then they reconnect, sharply and eagerly. Posting their thoughts is the retorical question you refer to.

When is your video about 911 coming out? And I have a question pertaining to this. An eyewitness who was in Building 7 when the towers were hit said there were explosions going off in building 7 before the towers fell. Can the Zetas say anything about this?

Just as with the WTC 1 and 2, explosions preceded the implosion of the building. For the implosion to work smoothly, certain hard spots need to be eliminated, else the implosion will become lopsided and not drop straight down. It was a preparation explosion that these individuals noted, and as with WTC 1 and 2, reported with integrity!

Australian Question: Our PM (John Howard) is leasing the center of Australia for 5 years, Considering how tight Our Johny is with Bush, can the Zeta's comment to what is really behind his actions.

Australia has been tight with the US and Britain for years, and has many CIA outposts, mostly in the center of the continent. Where ZetaTalk was followed with interest over the years, especially by those in the know who recognized the truth of our statements, it has not been until recently that our predictions were seen as knocking the accuracy gong repeatedly. One thing we have predicted is that the western 2/3 of the Australian continent will go under the drink, quickly, during the pole shift, and may find the western shores flooding in the months ahead of the pole shift. There are several reasons for Howard's move. One is to allow the CIA to relocate, freely out in the open, if such a sudden move is called for. Two is to gain income for Australia, which is under a severe drought not thought to be lifting, and if a sucker can be caught, signing a lease, then Australia's pocket book might be eased. And third is to have a place to relocate unwanted mouths, as it would be flooded and they would drown. Concentration camps, in other words. Your PM is not to be trusted, and he doesn't need Bush for that. He's there on his own right!

Is there any truth to this guy's claims, James Casbolt. 'James Casbolt is a former MI6 agent who worked in 'Black ops' drug trafficking operations in London between 1995 and 1999. He comes from a line of intelligence people. His grandfather was naval intelligence, his father was MI6 who was also involved in 'Black ops' and his uncle was an MI5 officer in Logistics. From Cornwall England, James wishes to make amends for his part in these operations and blow the whistle on the crimes against Humanity that the intelligence agencies are involved in. MI6 and the CIA have cornered the global drugs trade (which is worth at least £500 billion a year, this is more than the global oil trade) and are now bringing the majority of illegal street drugs into America and Britain. They are using this drug money to fund projects classified 'power_mongers' which include the building and maintaining of deep underground military bases (DUMBS). There are now over 4000 of these bases worldwide and the average depth of these bases is four and a quarter miles. Some are shallower and some are deeper. The bases are on average the size of a medium sized city and yes, he says there are aliens in them. James is connected to ex intelligence people who have worked in these underground bases and on other ET related projects. There are vast numbers of children and adults disappearing around the world and ending up in these underground bases. As a former MI6 Agent that has seen aliens first hand and has inside information that will shock even the most disbelieving person. Every person alive on the planet today needs to be aware of this information for their futures.'

The most common source of disinformation is from those with connections to the intel organizations, who have a semblance of authenticity to convince the public. Some, like Bill Cooper, are telling the truth as they know it. Others are spinning a lie, and know it. Why the lies? We have stated from the start of ZetaTalk that individuals in power, in the CIA or the Bush family or some levels in Britain or Russia for instance, are threatened by the alien presence as they feel displaced in the power hierarchy. Humans, curious and outgoing, give the Call and become contactees, and once having done so, if they are meeting with aliens in the Service-to-Other, they rapidly form a friendship if not a love affair! Why admire those in the establishment, those with wealth or power or belonging to secret societies or with government secrets they are privy to, when one can ride on space ships and learn about the Universe! Aliens have high tech that humans do not have, so the various establishments issue disinfo that UFO's are theirs, human technology. They also issue rumors about evil aliens, who want to colonize Earth and are doing so in some regard. If alien technology is so high, why hide underground, as this disinfo site claims? Why not just land and colonize, or whatever the claim is? Because there are rules that prevent this type of invasion, as we have stated in the Rules section on the ZetaTalk website. Thus, the claims made by this disinfo artist are false, entirely.

Is Puerto Rico going to be under water after the shift?

We have stated that the Caribbean will be unsafe during the pole shift, as it is on a small plate that will be ground up as the top of S America moves violently westward, and the West Coast of N America is pulled westward also. This will be like a piece of cloth put between two gears that are turning. Both Central America and the Caribbean will be ground up, and just what parts remain above the waves is uncertain! Some will, but it is a toss of the dice!

Will it be harder for people to survive if the pole shift happens during the Fall/Winter rather than Spring/Summer?

We have described the lean to the left, which will lay the Earth out on her side for an even basking under the Sun from pole to pole. There will, during these weeks, be no Winter or Summer. Likewise the 3 days of darkness, which will plunge the lands in the Northern Hemisphere into cold, a factor that will tend to distribute heat and cold unexpectedly. Then the slowing to a stop of rotation, which will put certain lands under the sun without end, and others into a protracted dawn or dusk or night. During all of this, the atmosphere will waft about, many violent storms, distributing the heat and cold. Then there is the factor of the Earth drawing closer to Planet X during rotation stoppage, which increases the heat being distributed by violent winds and storms. All told, it will probably not matter much what the season is. And in any case, for us to make a statement would be to give the establishment a clue as to timing, which we have on many occasions stated we would not do.

Many speak that it will have an atomic war before the displacement of polo. This is real, for deviating the attention of the humanity for the reality of the occurrences?

Many prophecies address what we call increased polarization, or what we call sabre rattling as due to crop shortages and rioting, national leaders will point over the border and warn that the wolf is coming. This type of tactic tends to bring the people in line, an old tactic. We have stated that wars will not be on the increase, as no one stands to gain when all countries are suffering and struggling. Also, government are having a hard time keeping their own people in line, not a compliant army. It is human projection that older prophecies predicted atomic warfare, as this was not the actual prophecy. In those cases were atom bombs are inferred, the prophet was aware that this technology would be available and assume it to be the weapon of choice during such sabre rattling. Likewise, a long range projection of where conflict would emerge came from geology, as oil has long been known to be in the Middle East, where it emerges from the ground to be sticky and flamable on the surface. We have stated that atomic warfare will in all likelihood not happen, for the many reasons we have stated.

What advice can the zeta's give to young people living a double life struggling to satisfy family, social and financial responsibilities while securing a future for after the shift. What should be the focus; planning and preparation for the aftertime or spreading the truth. In terms of soul development and orientation, what would be the quicker route for those who wish to ascend to higher densities. Prolonging the human life through survival and remaining under the radar (passive) or pushing for change and truth about Planet X by whatever means available (activism) regardless of the outcome or termination of the human life? Does spreading knowledge and truth count towards helping people even if it falls on deaf ears or they don't fully grasp it? How can one make a survival community or group while remaining under the radar without being thought of as insane?

We have often stated that the orientation of an individual is expressed best by action. Running away to another incarnation is not the answer when one is young and healthy and is aware of what is coming and what to do about it. You will be needed in the Aftertime to help survivors understand what has happened and help guide them into productive activity. Allowing yourself to die is evading your responsibility, in this instance. Of course, this is not the case for someone sick or aged who would be a burden on others, but you'd be surprised at how many oldsters are determined to make a difference and be around through the thick of it! We have likewise stated that even if it seems that your preparations and warnings are falling on deaf ears, that people are registering your information and when the Earth changes make it clear what is happening, they will rush to you and cling, wanting more information than you are able to give. Is it better to remain silent so you are not thought insane? This depends upon your situation! If you are the family support, and the job is needed, then your answer it there. Remain silent in those settings. If you are merely camping with friends, then put your ego aside and talk!