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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Oct 14, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

What is the Zetas take on the N. Korea nuclear test and US reaction? Has North Korea exhausted all of their options? What can be expected in the immediate future?

We have stated in the past that N Korea was sabre ratting because they wanted food from the US. Bush miscalculated, not wanting to issue scarce supplies to a country it considered irrelevant to its overall plans. After all, Korea has no oil! Troops were withdrawn from S Korea to go to Iraq. Troops were withdrawn from Japan to go to Guam. To heck with a part of the world that will be devastated by the coming pole shift, was the attitude. Now Bush is caught with another failure, just ahead of the elections. His tactic failed. N Korea in part did what it did at the Puppet Master's request, to embarrass Bush. N Korea will not suffer for this, as China will ignore the bans, which in any case do not include food supplies. Bush zero, Puppet Master 1, is the count. The nuclear explosion was small as they have little material to use. More bluster, trying to make Japan and S Korea nervous, can be expected. They are starving, and the N Korean leader needs to point across the border and claim they are about to be attacked, a common ploy of failing leadership.

MT Rainier (WA State) is having many significant EQ's of late. A reported 4.7 last week and three more EQ's today. Is Grandfather waking up? How soon will he blow?

We have stated that for the N American continent, there will be no turning back but a steady increase in quakes and volcanic activity. Where most watching nervously think the West Coast will be the site of the next devastating quake, we have predicted that the New Madrid area will cause more devastation before the West Coast reacts. It is well known that the Mississippi Valley sustains liquifaction during such quakes, and the cities from Maine to Mexico that will be affected not quake proofed as those in the West Coast. But the West Coast will adjust to such a New Madrid slip, and the volcanoes will erupt.

Are these Zeta's that you interact with the same group that Whitley Strieber has had contact with?

Whitley has given the Call to both Service to Other and Service to Self groups, and thus any interaction with him requires the Service to Other aliens to go into an engagement with Service to Self aliens. Thus, due to our workload, the hybrid program and contactees such as Nancy producing ZetaTalk and the ilke, we have declined his Call. Another Service to Other group serves in this regard, engaged, but they are not Zetas. The face on the Communion book, for instance, is not a Service to Other Zeta at all, but one in the Service to Self orientation.