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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written Sep 2, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction live chat.

The shuttle is again scheduled to lift off shortly. The lightning strike & Ernesto prevented it from going up. Once again, is the goal of the shuttle both to bring supplies to the space station AND bring back data about PX? Has NASA started taking their chances by transmitting the info back or are they still waiting to physically bring the data back on PX? If they have begun transmitting, do you foresee anyone bold enough to hack it and report on it?

Lightning Strike Delays Launch Of Space Shuttle Atlantis
August 25, 2006
Construction of the half-built space station has been on hiatus since the 2003 Columbia disaster, which killed seven astronauts. Atlantis' mission is the first of 15 flights scheduled to finish building the space station before the cargo-carrying shuttles are retired in 2010.

The hope of those putting up a facade for the public, for this Atlantis shuttle mission, is to start fleshing out the ISS, so that the public is confused over what base future missions might be using. The ISS is out of view, could even be staged in a filming studio for public consumption. Thus, if the public thinks they have a larger ISS, one that can loft missions to Mars and the Moon, they can be fed bull more readily. This is what they hope to achieve during this mission. Failures deflate this, immensely, as the public recalls, primarily, the failures. They thus find it hard to believe that astonishing success is going on up in space, measuring this against the known failures.

I was wondering about reports coming from contactees about radiation burns or high levels of radiation. I was wondering if contactees really experience higher levels of radiation?

Contactees most definitely encounter things that leave their mark during encounters. If they are meeting with a group, they may develope a cold or flu, if the bug is going around. We try to reduce this by irradiating the air the group is sharing, and in the main avoid this problem. As detailed in the Visitation section of ZetaTalk, they may have increased allergy problems due to the tension of living their double life. They also may have sudden scars, where implants or a DNA sample was taken during the visit. At no time do we put our contactees under any danger, however, and radiation burns, or becomming radioactive, is not something that would ever be considered. Even visitors in the Service-to-Self would not be allowed to do this to their contactees, as they are not allowed to do anything that the human does not wish be done. So where is this story coming from? Look to the history of disinformation, to see what has been foisted on the public. Aliens cutting up humans and putting body parts into vats, so they can eat them. Aliens killing pilots, the mutilated bodies discovered in plane wrecks in Viet Nam. Aliens plotting a mass landing, ala War of the Worlds. Aliens are implanting and stealing babies from unwilling women. This is disinformation foisted on the public by the likes of the CIA, the crowd that does not want the public embracing the visitors. What to do to slow down the trend in this regard? Tell those considering contact that they will have radiation poisoning!

Nancy, recently on the news there were reports of Mars coming closer than ever. A few weeks later there was an article that it was all a hoax. didn't really buy this. They said it was because on an E-mail, but I heard it on the legitament news. Last year Mars was so huge, my friend and I mistaked it for a UFO. I've never seen a planet this HUGE so I though it HAD to be a UFO. But it wasn't, it was Mars. Something is up and I was wondering if the Zetas might shed some light.

Mars was indeed scheduled, per the regular orbits of Earth and Mars, to come close to the Earth in 2003, and it did. Thereafter, this story floated about on the Internet, that Mars was going to come close again to the Earth. This was taken by those watching the Planet X drama to be an attempt to confuse the public with Planet X sightings, that perhaps an orb reflecting light on the horizon, during sunrise of sunset, might be taken to be Mars. The a close Mars is only supposed to occur every few years did not jibe with these rumors, which nonetheless were floated endlessly. Mars is red, Mars appears large, Mars can be seen in detail in a scope, thus hopefully could be confused with Planet X if the corpus comes close enough to be visible. Just where is Mars these days? As we stated in our many explanations on maintaining the Element of Doubt, moving planets about, tipping them, delaying them, is not a problem for the Council of Worlds, which wants to maintain an Element of Doubt to protect the common man from the panic that their governments would experience. Martial Law, mowing innocents down in the street, poison gas in cities fear to be on the verge of rioting, all this should be kept at bay. Meanwhile, polite discussion such as this live chat spreads the world to the common man. Mars, thus, can be pushed around, and at times will vere closer to the Earth, as Venus has done at times.