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ZetaTalk: 2005 Circle Trends
written Aug 23, 2005

How do the planets line up, including the dark planet? There have been crop circles that have gone uninterpreted. I can never figure out what they mean.

We have warned that the clash of rotation and orbit direction of Planet X would result in a slowing of the Earth's rotation and eventual stoppage of rotation for several days leading into the pole shift, but the effect of this clash is felt long before any rotation slowing is discernable. The Serpentine Dance and Yin-Yang symbols in crop circle formations represent this clash. Warnings of this clash, soon to be felt by jarring, rather than shuddering, global quakes at the Face and Dark points during the Earth's rotation, are again very central to the genuine crop circles laid down in 2005. This time, the clash is not only shown as intertwined and blocking, but also as causing turmoil, as blocking does not stop a motion but turns it in upon itself. What will this mean for the Earth? More earthquakes during those jolting times, hammering and not letting up as more than plate adjustments to stress are occurring. How would it be that something as driven as rotation could slow to a stop without resistance? As the magnetic fields of Earth and Planet X continue to intertwine, during the approach of Planet X, those times when the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift meets the oncoming field of Planet X is when the hammer comes down. We have described the effect this has on the plates piling up behind the Atlantic Rift, and on those plates stretching out to the East, pulling away and resisting a slowing. No longer a global shudder at those times, but a global jolt.

We have detailed how the Sweeping Arms of the Sun are responsible for all the planets in the solar system going round in the direction they do. They are swept there like dust balls in front of a broom. These sweeping arms are not a steady state, but occur as crop circles have portrayed them 8 times a year for the Earth, when Earth is in a normal orbit. In a halted orbit, these not only occur twice as often, they create a bumping effect among any planets caught in the eddy flow in front of Planet X. These planets include not only the Earth, but Venus and the Earth's dark twin, which has come up behind her in their shared orbit. What effect does this halted orbit have on the Earth, during a time when the increasingly intertwined magnetic fields of Earth and Planet X are causing her rotation to experience regular daily jolts, rather than simply shuddering, when the Atlantic Rift faces the larger and more dominant field of Planet X? A car hitting a wall and bouncing back subjects those inside to a single whiplash, forward and back, but if this same car is hit from the rear by those cars following it, this whiplash is intensified, continued, and compounded by jerking in different directions. Earthquake experts will tell you that the reason tall buildings in a city suffer damage in a quake is not so much from the single jolt of the quake, as this causes the building to merely sway. It is the uneven swaying of buildings of uneven heights that causes them to smack into each other. Not a single punch but pummeling from all directions.

We have stated that those circles that show a bound, hooped, or enclosed situation indicate Orbit Lock, where by the nature of the particle flows moving into and out of the Sun, a particular planet is locked in its orbit. They cannot move forward toward the Sun because particle crowding occurs, and they cannot move away because of the force of gravity attraction. They are locked in place, and can only move around the Sun, in their orbits, held that length away from the Sun by their particular lock. The number most often used to represent this lock is 6, related to internal pulsing in the Sun itself that creates times of tension in those planets locked around her middle in the particle backwash that the Ecliptic represents. This is something the Earth does not escape, regardless of where in her normal orbit or where in her seasons she finds herself. Normally even during the year, these pulses lose their syncopation when they encounter a giant planet roiling the particles as it struggles to pass the Sun at too close a range while it twists and turns in the magnetic grip of the Sun's own field. If the Earth is caught in an eddy flow in the particle flows coming from the Sun and round the sides of Planet X, then how can her lock be even. Each pulse from the Sun is felt not from the Sun but from all sides. This causes reverberations, and as rampaging particle flows trying to find a way around a blockade will hardly be a smooth operation, causes the Earth to be subject to surges. Since man's scientists are unaware of most of the sub-atomic particles the Universe holds, our explanation would be lost on them, but the effect on man and other life on the planet is not lost. Illness, death, erratic behavior, all without an explanation that man can ascribe. There is relief in sight, as the passage will allow the particle flows to return to normal, but for this to occur, mankind must first suffer the pole shift.