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ZetaTalk: Reminder Circles #3
written July 29, 2004

We have stated that Planet X does a dual 270 Roll as it positions itself along the Sun's magnetic flow lines both above and below the Ecliptic, and that the Earth participates in this, being the lesser magnet. Brunoy and Taber both show this dual 270 roll to be in opposite directions, and in close proximity to the Sun.
We have stated that Engulfing Circles imply Planet X rising from beneath the Ecliptic, toward Earth, supplanting the magnetic influence of the Sun increasingly. Thalheim shows us this engulfing occuring in two different directions, as the dual 270 Roll of Planet X will place the planets in a radical Juxtaposition.
We have stated that this Juxtaposition is caused by the magnetic maelstrom Planet X creates as it, a massive magnetic body too close to the Sun it is passing, jerks into postion along the Sun's magnetic Flow Lines. As both Patney and Wylatowo show, Planet X is moving at an angle toward the Ecliptic, and thus an imbalanced crowding occurs, tossing both it and the Earth into voids during the 270 Rolls.
Brunoy, France : 2004

Taber, Canada : July 7, 2004

Thalheim, Switzerland : July 7, 2004

Italy, June 2, 2004

Gopher : June 21, 2004

Ohio : Aug 24, 2003

Patney : July 28, 2004

Wylatowo, Poland : July 6, 2004

Czechoslovakia : July 4, 2004