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ZetaTalk: Reminder Circles #2
written July 29, 2004

We have stated that a Pulsing action will occur as Planet X pierces the Ecliptic. Again in Tan Hill we see this insect with its stinger pointed in a clockwise manner, ready to sting the Earth, sweep toward it in a counterclockwise manner. Planet X is rounding the Sun in a Retrograde, clockwise, manner.
We have stated that the periodic Shuddering, as shown on Live Seismos is caused by the impact of Planet X coming head-on toward the Earth and the other planets, and that the Reverse Direction of the respective planetary rotation is a factor in the Earth slowing to a stop in the week prior to the shift. That this point is about to begin is shown in the recent Avebury diagram.
We have stated that Magnetic Trimesters exist for the Earth year, with Magnetic Resonance created, and that the presence of Planet X in the inner solar system has created a distortion in the resonance. This distortion creates a heavy crowding near Planet X, which disturbs the entire inner solar system such that to achieve balance the crowding is light on the other side of the Ecliptic, as shown in Strzyzawa. The 23 Angle taken on exit is a result of this, the easier path to reducing the crowding.
Tan Hill : July 28, 2004

Milkhill : June 26, 2004

Avebury : July 26, 2004

Honey Street : Jun 16, 2004

Strzyzawa, Poland : July 7, 2004

Spain : June 26, 2004

Tegdown : June 30, 2004