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ZetaTalk: Reminder Circles
written July 27, 2004

We have stated that the Yin Yang symbol or Serpentine motion or blocked serpentine motion represents the clash of rotation direction between the Earth and Planet X, a factor in the Earth's rotation slowing to a halt. Pewsey20 is a reminder that the Earth is chasing ahead of the Sweeping Arms of the Sun, which move counterclockwise, but is being blocked in this by Planet X, as evidenced by what Nancy calls the Sweeps, which have been evident as distressful to the Earth for this past year, four full quarters.
We have stated that diagrams with closed circles represent Orbit Lock. Planets cannot leave their orbits because this is where the gravity tug toward the Sun and particle flows that planet is susceptible to are balanced, unlike the Sweeping Arms of the Sun which reach out to all the planets in the solar system. Orbit lock is heavily implied in Etchilhampton by the primary numbers 13, 11, 7, 5. No mixing or subdivision possible.
We have stated that Planet X creates an Asymmetrical Affair of particle crowding during its fight to pierce the Ecliptic, moving into the backwash. Planet X also assumes a Retrograde Orbit, jumping over the Sweeping Arm of the Sun. At the Point of Passage, it transfers this particle crowding from beneath the Ecliptic to above, predictably during a sweep.
Pewsey : July 20, 2004

West Tistead : Jul 20, 2003

Etchilhampton : July 25, 2004

Southfield : 2003
Woodborough : July 21, 2004

Beckhampton : July 15, 2004

Belgium : June 21, 2004