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ZetaTalk: Mirror Ecliptic
written July 27, 2004

We have stated that long Line diagrams with distinct angles represent steps over time. Planet X has slung past the Sun's S. Pole at 45 angles, will assume a lateral position, then a 270 Roll to reach the heart of the matter, as Pewsey states, where its entry to the Ecliptic will be mirrored during its exit. This mirror can be seen in Pegsdon, where the slight angle difference from the 32 approach to the 23 Exit can also be seen. Due to the rapid exit that Planet X makes after piercing the Ecliptic, it does not align with the magnetic flow lines of the Sun as it did on its approach, nor does it force the other planets into compliance with its orientation.

Diagrams, which imply, like a necklace with beads balanced on either side of a large center stone, as represented in Margery and Waden Hill, are speaking to the Sling Orbit of Planet X. The fight with the Ecliptic is not present on its return passage 7 years later, as it pierces the Ecliptic on its approach to the Sun, going with the backwash particle flows. The intensity of the backwash at the Ecliptic is shown as increasing near the Sun, the true meaning of the heart shape in Pewsey and the dew drop shape in Southfield and the pointed overlapping circles in the nose of the Milkhill insect. This backwash flow from the poles of the Sun round to the middle, unlike magnetic particle flows that go in and out at the poles.

Pewsey : July 22, 2004

Pegsdon : July 10, 2004
Margery : July 18, 2004

Milkhill : June 26, 2004

Waden Hill : June 21, 2003

Southfield : July 15, 2004