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Poland Quake
Sep 21, 2004

Northern Poland hit by Mysterious Record-Breaking Earthquake
The quake exceeded 5 on the 10 point Richter scale, which makes it the strongest ever recorded in the region. The epicenter was in the Russian Kaliningrad region. Scientists are at a loss to explain possible reasons for the earthquake as the region is not considered to be seismic. There are no natural reasons for such a powerful earthquake to happen in this place.

I just want report that in scandinavia there was two earthquakes yesterday 21.9.2004. The center of the quake was near Kalingrad town at southern part of Baltic sea, but the quakes were noticed also in many parts of Sweden and Finland. Richter measures were 4,4 and 5. These quakes were widely reported in the Finnish media because earthquakes hardly never ever happen at this part of the globe.

Strong Earthquake shakes the Oslo Region
Two unusually strong earthquakes shook the Oslo region Tuesday afternoon. The last quake, which measured 5 on the Richter Scale, made many large buildings sway and rattle glassware in private homes. Experts at the NORSAR earthquake observatory north of Oslo say it is very unusual that an earthquake that far away was registered at such strength in the Oslo region. It is also unusual that two such strong quakes occur within two-and-a-half hours.

It is unique for our region. Earthquake was feelable in Latvia and esp.Estoni where measurement tools of one sismic station was turned off due of quake out of scale! Many scientists are in shock. In discussion forum in Internet (f.ex. also were mentioned link to This message from a secret dissident from Latvia.