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Atlantic Rift Facing Planet X
August 21, 2003

A new trend of readings seems to be emerging on the HAARP magnetometer. Massive readings are showing at the face point and goes quiet when the Atlantic Rift is facing away from Planet X. This has only been happening for a couple of days but has not shown this before. As the Zetas stated:

But when the fields engage to the degree that the lesser body's ability to resist is overcome, then suddenly there are changes. This is about to occur, with rotation stoppage, and there is scant movement in Planet X required to enact this.


Below are 24 hour period charts covering Aug 18 to Aug 22. The Atlantic Rift faces Planet X at about 13:00 UTC. This time period is colored on the charts below for easier identification, day by day. The pattern has emerged only recently, and seems to have stabilized.