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GPS Caller, Debunker Rage

CALLER: [Nancy where are you geting this quote/unquote information about GPS, airplane crashes and all of that? ]

NANCY: The only information that I gave, and it’s my understanding and I’ve been told this from people who know navigation systems, that airplanes and ships and the like are not using their compasses to the degree that they did hundreds of years ago, they are using GPS to know where they are located. And I’m reporting that because experts have told me that. And what’s causing the small plane crashes, like the trail derailments, ‘it’s under investigation’, ‘we don’t know’. They’ve reported that their guidance system wasn’t working, or they didn’t get any radio message at all, just went into the side of a mountain, and its been a rash lately.

CALLER: [Yeah, well I've got to keep you posted, I pulled this off a posting on tt-watch. Everything you've got there is completely wrong. Airplanes do not use GPS for primary navigation. Not now. There's things called VLR's, radios, and all of that. Airplanes usually don't use their magnetic compass, they use their gyro compass. Everything you're got here is wrong! They don't get their altitude from GPS either, they use an altimeter. Everything you've got here is so badly wrong. It's ludicrous. I'm a pilot, I've been flying for 30 years. I've been licensed in aviation for 20 years. I used to work for the FAA. I know a lot more than what you've got here, dear. And I explain it. Go into tt-watch I posted it about 2 days ago. You'll see how badly wrong you are, dear.]

NANCY: Well I’ve heard from experts that say otherwise. Actually the Zetas said that it would not only be the compasses that would go wacky, but it would be a lot of the guidance systems. In 2002, they said ‘magnetic orientation to guide them, satellites to guide them, and these likewise will either fail on occasion or give invalid readings’, and that’s what they said in 2002.