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Lou Gentile Show (Part 2)
November 24, 2004
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
The complete interview is available on the Lou Gentile web site, to subscribed members.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made by Lou has been inserted.
A portion of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

NANCY: Other than that, I wanted to touch base briefly with the election fraud in the United States. I’ve got a dozen different links, filled with data for anyone who has not already heard about this, because it was briefly brushed by in the major media. The bottom line is, 1/3 of the nation didn’t have a paper trail, but worse than that the central tabulating machines could have their totals updated the way you update an Excel spreadsheet. And that could be done whether you were a volunteer in the room working with the tabulator or at a distance by a radio controlled device that could be put anywhere on the LAN that server was on, for instance, just that easy. Which is why we have so many precincts that only 600 voting but for some reason 20,000 of them voted for Bush. And that’s how that’s done, folks. This is our primary democratic right, and it has been taken from us. We can no longer vote the buggers out, and they can stack the courts, they can make sure the Congress it to their liking.

So need we despair? No. The Zetas wrote a piece about that called ‘Diebold Wins’ as to who won the election. But do not despair because Planet X is a change agent. It’s coming in to turn a lot more than our globe upside down. It’s going to change the social structure. Dictatorships needs unbroken links. They have a new ZetaTalk called ‘Broken Link’ and go into detail about that. If you’re driving your car and you get a flat tire and you don’t have a spare, that car doesn’t go where it supposed to go and that mission doesn’t get accomplished. If you have one person go crazy and get distracted and they’re not communicating a message right down the line, for instance, that message doesn’t get communicated. Dictatorships require an unbroken link, and we’re going to be rife with broken links during the pole shift and the cataclysms. Major earthquakes, major earth disruptions, derailing trains, falling bridges, cities where the infrastructure drops into the sewers so to speak, exploding gas lines, chemical mixes going together, what a mess. This kind of thing is going to occupy the emergency services so much that Martial Law will not be able to be installed, and this is what the Zetas have said.

So, just to show you that all is not happiness in those who know that Planet X is coming, and despite having a handle on the White House, why on Earth does George Bush have that look on his face the day after when he was saying he has all this capitol to spend. I’ve never seen such an unhappy, worried man. And 8 of his 15 cabinet positions ran for the door, just like that. Now, it is true that Homeland Security and Tommy Thompson were not allowed to resign, although it was announced on CNN and Fox, and then later that afternoon it was ‘well, maybe they didn’t’ because the White Hour said ‘don’t you dare’. But including those 2 who obviously did submit letters of resignation, it’s 8 of 15. Now, you can have, in a double session like Reagan and Clinton had, 9 or 10 Cabinet positions empty, but Bush has already had 9 if you include O’Neil, who was the Treasury Secretary, and he’s only half way through. So this is not happy land, and that’s just one way of pointing that out. So, Planet X will be a change agent, you have to have an unbroken link in order for Martial Law, and as Mahatma Gandhi said, for those who don’t know, he was that skinny little guy in India who pushed the British out of India by passive resistance, by just sitdown work strikes and the like, and not aggression. He says ‘Whenever I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have always been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they may seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it: always.’ And those words should be held close because change is coming, and the people who want to dictate, create dictatorships, ain’t going to win. And that’s the end of my rant.

LOU: [We have a couple minutes before break. What would be the one thing you would advise?]

NANCY: Hey. Um, to learn about what the safe areas are, how safe their area is, how to live afterwards when there’s no electricity and phone service and the like, you have to go primitive basically, and either hunt, grow or whatever your own food. And to prepare for that there’s a $4.10 CD that you can get that has a huge amount of information, it’s a twin set, and that includes postage. It’s cost, it’s less than cost. It’s on my web site, click it. A nonprofit has put this together. Get that, go through it, when the Internet goes down, as it will, you can still be reading this material. Learn how to do this and get ready. We can’t tell you the day, but it’s around the corner and you will be prepared and you will do well. That was kind of a long winded one message.

LOU: [Will the Zetas be leaving after the pole shift?]

NANCY: No, oh no, this is their home now, and they’re part of the hybrid program, they’re participated their DNA, and our DNA, and the hybrids are a combination of Zeta and human, and we will live among them, full blood humans, full blood Zetas, hybrids, and all those weird creatures you can find in the Worlds section of ZetaTalk. Funny looking octopi, toad people, beanbag man, etc. Go check it out and read about some of the life forms on other worlds. Very few are hominoid. We are in the minority around the Universe. Most planets are water planets. The creatures that are making our crop circles are water creatures. Those ships are filled with water, and this is the only way they can participate during this period of trauma and transformation for the Earth. So, not going away, nope, it’s going the other direction.

CALLER: [Taking a phone call from Dr. Postman, who refused to stop talking and wanted his 15 minutes of fame, so Nancy was obliged to talk over him, both talking at once. Dr. Postman states he works in the Post Office, not a delivery man but heaving boxes around, that he is 100% accurate in anything he says, and asks Nancy about the pending eclipse of Jupiter and the Moon on Dec 7th, anticipated for centuries, also asks why Nancy keeps moving the date ahead, always expecting it in weeks or months, and why the Solstice was viewed at Stonehenge so everything is normal but Nancy claims it was otherwise.]

NANCY: The Moon has not been affected by Planet X, we are tilting and wobbling underneath the Moon’s orbit, and the Moon therefore has an orbit that on occasion is seen too far to the North or too far to the South, but in general the Moon is trying to go round our middle. So Jupiter has a very slow orbit, out there, and we’re really close to the Sun and Jupiter is way out there, so we’re able to see it in the general area of the sky regardless of which side of the Sun we’re on as long as we’re looking out at the night. Now what has happened during the last couple of eclipses, we had one in May and one just about a month ago, is that even though everyone announces that it is completely normal and absolutely precise, it’s not. You know, people say where they’re supposed to get a total eclipse, they don’t, that it’s a partial eclipse in their zone and the like. Reports from people, and we have this on our website. ... And we know who you are, Dr. Postman, this is you mission in life, to haunt ZetaTalk and try to say everything is normal and Nancy is wrong. He’s well known on the message boards. ... Good for you, good for you, you’re a real person I can tell. Now in the Orbit section of ZetaTalk you can go in and look last May at the eclipse there and the eclipse we had about a month ago, the documentation on this where people report what they were really able to see. The zone was not as predicted where totality would be complete, etc, and photos taken, so things are not lining up 100%, but the Moon, in general, tries to be where it’s supposed to be, because it goes around the Earth, and it’s not listening to Planet X as much as it’s listening to the dynamics that spin it around the Earth. So I’m saying that the eclipse will happen on the 7th but it won’t be as expected but you will be told it is as expected on all the sites that line up with NASA, you will be told that it’s right but believe your own eyes and do go look. ... I’d be repeating myself here on the past eclipses and what has happened and what is likely to happen and I don’t see the point in repeating myself. ... We could be hear 3,000 years from now and you would be saying the same thing and I would be saying the same thing and I think our listenership deserves more. ... And it’s still coming, and that’s what the evidence shows, but you will be still be saying everything is normal even when it’s falling on your head. ... You don’t have any prediction accuracy, zero. ... In my opinion, it is around the corner, and the Zetas have been very cagey about the time fame on purpose. You, Dr. Postman, did not get Operation Planet X named after you in Iraq. You did not get Homeland Security rolling out 100 different agencies in Canada and the US going into May 15, 2003. You, sir, are not known around the world as anything but a debunker, this is the term used universally to you. And you’re here to say everything is normal, and I don’t see the point in you and I repeating ourselves endlessly through this wonderful time we have to be on the Lou Gentile show. ... It has been to the best of my ability. ... For Heaven’s sake! There was no Solstice measured at Stonehenge. They had a party there. ... This is the Dr. Postman hour, folks. We’ll just listen to Dr. Postman go forth and I don’t get a chance to respond. ... Here’s what happened at the Solstice. And we went through this on the Lou Gentile show. They had a party. The Sun was supposed to reflect on the heel stone, some spot on the heelstone. Just ahead of when that might happen, a spontaneous dance jumped up, sounds like the voter fraud in the United States, torches everywhere, waving back and forth in front of the heel stone, there was no way to determine if the Sun landed on that or not. And so therefore, the people there had a drunken party and they waved torches around, but there was no measure of where the Sun hit on the heelstone. Period. This is a matter of record in the newspaper reports. ... They can celebrate it, but the point is, what was the measure? In fact, on my website, if you go into the Orbit section, people were stating that the Solstice actually came about 3 weeks before the date. And right now they’re saying the Sun is further South than it should be for the Winter Solstice. So I would suggest that people explore my Orbit section for the real facts, because this mail delivery guy ain’t got it right. He’s not delivering the truth.

CALLER: [The solar minimum is 1996 and again in 2006, you’re saying it is now, wrong.]

NANCY: I’m not the only one who is saying this. The solar maximum was supposed to happen in the year 2000. We are in the period considered to be the minimum. We are supposed to have less sunspot activity right now than the big blipery blipery time when we’re going to have a lot of solar flares and supposedly the magnetism was supposed to flip, was the year 2000. Then they said ‘maybe it won’t be an 11 year cycle, maybe it will be a 14 year cycle and drag into 2003 or 2004, but it was scheduled to be at its maximum activity in 2000 and then ease off. So these CME’s that occurred this last month were not expected and were not normal for this time period.

LOU: [How do you handle this kind of attack.]

NANCY: I point them to the facts, Lou, I point them to the facts that I collect on my website, not just what the Zetas say but what the facts show. And this website is just filled with facts - the global quakes, the photos, orbit information that people have documented and my own eyes where I see the constellations and where the Moon goes and the Sun goes. Other people have done a fantastic job analyzing this, documenting the Earth wobble and the like. And I say ‘these are the facts’. Like for instance, the weather has gotten really extreme. Last typhoon record season was 6, and this year we had 10, and the hurricane season was also of record in the ferocity and number in the ferocity range. So I point to facts. Now people are going to be in denial. This is an uncomfortable realization. If you say that you’re world can rip apart and a volcano may develop under your feet, they don’t want to think about that. Like a woman who is told that her husband is having an affair, she will not see the lipstick on the collar. A guy who doesn’t want to believe that he’s got cancer, he doesn’t believe what the doctor says, he’s normal, everything’s normal, it’s just indigestion, etc. People will go into hardened denial and they attack the messenger. They’re not discussing the facts. I have to be wrong, no matter what, I must be wrong, and will I just please shut up and stop scarring people. And this is their approach but it’s a personal inability to grapple with the facts and look at them and say ‘humm, something doesn’t seem right’ and then go off and check themselves. We constantly say ‘go out and look yourself, check for yourself, and here’s how you go about it’. Last Summer we had a high arc. The Sun was not at like 65 position, it was up, it was like more at 80, consistently through the Summer. You could go check. You take a telephone pole or something, you can see the shadow, use simple trigonometry. You can determine the angle. And anybody can check this if they bother to look. People can’t go anywhere with this information. If they call the weatherman, if they go to observatories and the like and try to talk to astronomers they get stonewalled and pushed aside, because these people are told just to stonewall it, we’re not going to have it on the media, we can’t cause panic and it’s going to pass. That’s what they’re being told. So I explain all this to people, and if they want to just jump up and down and scream and repeat themselves endlessly, I say ‘are you trying to convince me, I’m not convinced, just go talk to yourself in the closet and put your head back in the sand.’ And that’s what I say to them.

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