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Lou Gentile Show (Part 2)
September 24, 2004
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
Due to unfortunate tape feedback, not all transcription is word for word accurate, but the content is accurate.
The complete interview is available on the Lou Gentile web site, to subscribed members.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made by Lou has been inserted.
The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

LOU: [Taking a break, and there will be a 7 minute audio about the Amityville House after the break.]

NOTE: After the audio, Lou did a rant about a new movie planned based on the Amityville House. Then another break. Then Lou did a rant about Iraq beheadings and how the Muslim religions were encouraging this. Then another break at the top of the hour.

LOU: [Taking the break, and we’ll be back with Nancy Lieder, I promise.]

LOU: [Don’t you think the Muslim treatment of people is unprecedented, barbaric.]

NANCY: Oh, I take exception with that. If you take a look at Israel and Palestine, whose been the abused and the abuser. It’s similar to what happened to the American Indian when their land was being taken over and they were being pushed. And then, when the American Indian retaliated, they said ‘Ah, savages’. But the stories about what the troops were directed to do if far worse, just shooting babes in arms, literally. So, you have to look at the whole ...

LOU: [Indians let it pass, the Muslim thing has been going on now for thousands of years.]

NANCY: Or they have tenacity. What was the Inquisition, and the Crusades, and the like. Pretty awful, pretty awful, and it was Christians doing that to Muslims. Who struck the first blow?

LOU: [More about the other religion being wrong, religious directives.]

NANCY: Yeah, they’re teaching that, and we used to teach that back in the Crusades, and I think there are sections of Christianity that are not any different than during the Crusades. Yes, you’re right, they shouldn’t be doing that, but likewise, we shouldn’t be, for instance, invading Iraq because they have oil, which was the reason. Shock and awe, over Baghdad, and all those little children, terrified, injured and burned, and their arms scalded off and everything else, it was for oil.

LOU: [More, barbaric, etc.]

NANCY: Now, do you remember that little boy with arms fried off, it was in the media. He was asking when he could get his arms back, and it was so sad. What did you feel about that? The tens of thousands of civilians killed in Iraq, and this is for oil, it was never for terrorism. How did you feel about that, did you rant about that?

LOU: [People are only voting for Kerry because they don’t want Bush. Kerry will give into terrorism.]

NANCY: So Lou, are you going to be voting Republican or Democrat? Need I ask? We’re talking religion or politics here, guy, and we’re not supposed to touch either one.

LOU: [How will this area of the world survive, during the pole shift, Iraq, etc.]

NANCY: It’s going to affect the whole world. And actually, there’s a very good description of what’s going to happen during that hour of the shift, where, as much as we’re having an uptick in earthquakes, and dead volcanoes starting to erupt, when we go into that hour of the shift, that’s when the crust is moving and when it stops moving is when it really starts rupturing, and mountain building, things ripping apart. The Middle East is affected very badly, sure, the Red Sea is going to rip open further, the African Rift is going to open further, then India becomes the new South Pole so much of that area, like Iran is going to be very cold, suddenly, rather suddenly. It takes a few days for that to settle in, but a lot of those people will die of exposure. It will hit the Muslim community very hard. There’s a piece in the Pole Shift section of ZetaTalk called the Scripted Drama. I recommend people click on that and read it because it describes, it’s like a series of steps, what happens during the shift, what continent moves first, and where the ripping and mountain building will happen. It gives a sense of what is going on. Yeah, the whole world is affected.

By the way, something I didn’t mention on my overview, TV 5 talked about Planet X, TV 5 in France. They were describing, from the report I got from someone in France, various reasons for why we’re having the odd hurricane season, more vicious and continuous, and one of the reasons given was a planetary body in the solar system, and they showed a photo taken by a Chile observatory of, I don’t know if they called it Planet X, but they said this is one of the reasons, they were giving speculative reasons why this is happening. And in addition to that Sylvia Brown, a very respected psychic was on Montrel, I actually happened to see this ...

LOU: [Doubts about Sylvia Brown.]

NANCY: Well, she’s very respected, she has a high degree of accuracy, I’ve seen reported 75-80% which is pretty good for a psychic.

LOU: [I certainly hope you don’t go on Montrel. Remarks about Montrel.]

NANCY: Well she was telling one person, who was describing a dizziness, that what she was experiencing was the early stages of a pole shift. And she wasn’t describing a magnetic shift, she said ‘when the East Coast becomes West, and the West Coast becomes East’, in other words a turning upside down of the crust. And said a great number of the people who were coming to her recently for private counseling were experiencing this, and this is what her analysis was. Said right there on TV. So we’re beginning to get, mention of this on TV.

LOU: [What do the Zetas say about that thing that fell, the parachutes failed to open, recently.]

NANCY: There is new ZetaTalk on that, called Genesis. They said it was like the Columbia Shuttle, which was torn apart, because the Zetas said the elite could not plan on going to Mars, evading the pole shift, using the space station as a jumping off place, going to the dark side of the Moon and not being on messy Earth where the plates are moving and crashing. Columbia was torn apart, someone in San Francisco capturing this on video, a blue light coming at the tail of Columbia to where the damage happened. They were bringing back information on Planet X from the space station, and this was ruined. Same thing with Genesis, which was sent up in 2001 to study the start of the solar system during the Big Bang. Is this what we need to learn about. now? It was collecting information on Planet X, its location, samples of its tail and dust cloud, and the fact that it crashed was deliberate, yes.

LOU: [Is Planet X going to hit the Earth, impact?]

NANCY: No, no, it doesn’t because of something called the Repulsion Force. Antigravity is one way of describing it. Actually, gravity is a particle flow, and it has to go out as well as come into a gravity body, so it goes out in burst, and it comes down as, I use the description of a fire cracker, where it goes up quickly and explodes and then drifts down. That’s what gravity particles do. Going up fast is like a hose of gravity particles, when large bodies get close to each other, like a planet, our Moon and the Earth have this going on between them. Our Moon is way too heavy, and moving way too slow, to be held up there by centrifugal force. That is not what’s keeping it up there. It’s the Repulsion Force. And we have that with our Sun, and we have that with other large Planets. Now the moons of Planet X would be more of a worry. They’re, I don’t know, the size of our moon, it has dozens of them. And moon swirls are what you’re seeing in these blobs around the Sun. Moon swirls that reflect, and capture, the light of the Sun in the dust, the magnetized dust of Planet X. They won’t come close to Earth, according to the Zetas, either, but we see them coming past.

However, the increasing debris we’ve been having, all these fire balls, and they’re keeping up, we just don’t get the news, is all. There was one in Texas recently, it clunked off the side of the garage and there it was and people were in the back yard at the time. It didn’t get in the news, but it did get on Rense. But the point is, the worse it gets, the less you hear. The less you hear about derailing trains, crevasses opening up, and exploding gas and water mains, because word goes out, don’t go into reporting this, talk about the Laci Petersen trial, talk about the lawyers, the jury selection, this is the most important thing because apparently Laci Petersen was the only person murdered in the United States in the last several years. That’s why we chronically hear about this trial. We’re getting a media cover-up, and it’s becoming a smotherup, they don’t talk about any important things at all.

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