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Lou Gentile Show (Part 2)
August 27, 2004
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made by Lou has been inserted.
The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links at to next page bottom.

LOU: [Is the government covering this up?]

NANCY: Oh, big time. Do they cover things up? Did they cover-up JFK? Do we all believe that there was a single bullet that came out intact, that blasted through his head, and chipped bones, and the other people in the car, and did right angle turns, but we’re told a single bullet did that, there was a single shooter. They go on the philosophy that most people are trying to earn a living, are struggling with a lot of problems, the wife, the spouse, the kiddies, the job, health problems, at the end of the day they just want to know ‘where’s that 6-pack’, and they’re actually not going to dig into all these conspiracy theories too much, they kind of listen to what they’re told on the media and are too exhausted and tied up to really dig into this. So, actually, the people that run these big conspiracies do so because 1. the very wealthy, and these compress down into certain family groups and certain financial empires that are very few, and really own countries and corporations. They own corporations by virtue of stock ownership. They you have things like federal reserves that are loaning money to countries. Now they have a great deal of leverage with countries. Take a look at the Fed, raising interest rates, or not. And freeing up more money, or not. This is not determined by Bush, for instance, this is determined by, guess who owns the Federal Reserve. 3/4 of that is one financial group, out of Europe, and the other 25% is the Rockefellows. The Rothchilds and the Rockefellows. They put people in office. They run the world, and the media.

[Commercial break at this point. Interview was not taped for as few minutes after the break, so the paragraph below is from memory.]

I want to add a post script to what we were talking about before the break. Last month I mentioned sympathy for the devil, the reasons for the cover-up. They have done studies, and fear that panic would create a larger mess than a delayed warning. They fear people not showing up for their jobs, running for the hills and deserting their responsibilities, bank failure. The lights could go out just because maintenance work is not being done. But recently these people, the Puppet Master they Zetas call them because they control politicians and corporations by virtue of their great wealth, have concluded that saying nothing may be worse. If we have sunrise West, or a 270 roll, and its looking like this might happen, then they’d have the mess they fear anyway and before the real point where people need to panic and leave their jobs. Sunrise West does not mean leave your jobs, its rotation stoppage that is the point where people have to go to safety. So expect an education program in the media, like a NOVA or Discovery Channel program talking about ‘could it be’ with debate, and increasing information, but along with this a lot of discussion about what people should do, survival steps.

LOU: [How is ZetaTalk any different from the government, they aren’t telling us either. Why can’t they give us proof of Planet X?]

NANCY: You think ZetaTalk is not telling you? Look at what the ZetaTalk site has done from jump. Its informed you of what’s coming and talked about aliens, and been very truthful. One thing that they have not been truthful about was the date on May 2003, and they had a specific reason for that, they wanted to cause Homeland Security to come out and show that they took ZetaTalk seriously and they knew about Planet X. And they did, if you go back and read about the White Lie you see all the steps, Operation TOPOFF going into May 15. Take that away, and that date being wrong, everything else in ZetaTalk, all the predictions, have been real and true. So they are telling you the truth. To prove to you that they exist, to do something, in the first place, that would be discounted. They said the Earth wobble would happen. They said Planet X would appear at this RA and Dec, which is like the X and Y in the sky, and it did. It was so astonishingly accurate, but everybody still says ‘Ehhh’. You know, there is no degree of little proof, quote unquote, that can convince people in general. It might convince one person here and there, but denial, actually, its counter productive. Because its pushed in your face before you’re ready to feel comfortable with it. You throw up the brick wall, and denial can increase and resistance can increase, with proof. So a subtle message and gradual awareness where the person is comfortable with the concept is better, and they have stated that ad naseum in ZetaTalk, explained why semi-truths and fiction are often a better way to get the point across than just hard facts ‘here it is, folks’ boom.

LOU: [Why can’t they show us that they exist, by telling me what I’m thinking or doing right now, my foot over my head or something. If they did that, they would get better coverage.]

NANCY: So this is a bribe, Lou? Hehe. This is a bribe. I would get on Lou Gentile more often if they did something, and told you what you thinking right now, is that it?

LOU: [Can I ask the Zetas that?]

NANCY: All right, here’s the Zetas on that.

You presume several things in that statement, that your awareness would allow you to argue with those who say you should not have Nancy on more effectively. What’s stopping you from doing that now? You can. In fact, the opposite would happen. We have frequently described that the obstacles that Nancy is given, the campaigns against her, are allowed to partially succeed, so that she appears to be damaged and limping, because this eliminates by sometimes a thousand fold the campaigns that would be generated against her. Should you have a success on the air waves, Lou, showing and demonstrating the astonishing nature, the degree to which we can understand what is in your mind, you would probably be prevented from having her on ever again. You say you’re your own man, but you need to be up in business. You need to have your children safe. And these are the types of pressures that are put on people. She is allowed to be on your airwaves to the degree that she is, and you in business, only because it is debatable and is debated, and you stand as an agnostic in this matter.

End of ZetaTalk.

And they’ve said this, and I have to live with these, have Nancy limp, and I’m broke, and ...

LOU: [I’m my own man, run my own show.]

NANCY: Yeah, but if you were to admit this, trouble would be descending on your head. Real trouble would be descending on your head.

LOU: [Taking questions from email, taking calls. Any new information about Planet X as far as Universe changes, changes in the solar system, Sun changes, telescopes, things like that.]

NANCY: Nothing new, there may be new announcements by humans, they come out and say ‘oh, we’ve discovered, the Hubble has discovered, and here’s a picture’. To some degree, they’re revealing what they’ve known for a long time, and they’re just trying to edge a little closer. They’ve always said very few life bearing planets out there, and now we hear about, and also with the description of Planet X as a wandering planet, one that passes between suns and has an odd orbit, or a smoldering brown dwarf that can support life on it on its own. Hahaha, that’s ridiculous. Of course, over the last 5-10 years, we’ve heard little admissions that they have discovered these wandering planets, and brown dwarfs may not be as big as Jupiter, and they get closer to the truth. They are trying to debunk the whole concept of what ZetaTalk has been describing, and other prophecies, and other prophets, valid prophets, and folklore is telling us. So those admissions are in general things that they already have known, but they’re trying to get a little more honest. Like UFO sightings and crop circles. It used to be it was all swamp gas and all men with board running around out there. We’re getting better coverage on the alien presence and UFO’s and crop circles than you used to because they’re trying to edge a little closer to being honest, and the reason for this is pressed against the wall, the establishment realizes that the aliens can help them, good hearted aliens can help them. Up until now its been ‘this land is mine, get off my property, I control the Earth’ that’s been the attitude of the establishment, people that run the world, humans that run the world. And they’ve had a change of heart because they’re darn scared. They see what’s coming and they’re very frightened.

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