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Lou Gentile Show (Part 2)
July 23, 2004
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made by Lou has been inserted.
The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links at to next page bottom.

LOU: accidentally had cut Nancy off and gets here back on the phone, jokes about working from this basement.

NANCY: There is an advantage to that, it's great. I haven't worn a girdle in a long long time. I won't linger on all this [orbit] stuff because it does get pedantic, but essentially for people that want to know, what ZetaTalk is saying it that we're in an twirling wobble, that many people who have never heard of Planet X or ZetaTalk have said, and analying what's going on with the Sun and the Moon and the constellations, have said, 'good Lord, the Earth is wobbling!' and that's exactly what is happening. It's the Atlantic Rift being tugged by Planet X, and they explain this logically, step by step, and how different parts of the globe are seeing the Sun going North or going South, and why the Hudson Bay cold spot and Nova Scotia, cold Atlantic ocean anomaly, exists, today. ZetaTalk has said something, in various crop circle interpretations, about a 270° roll of Planet X. They said as it swung around the S Pole of the Sun, it moved and lined up with the magnetic flow lines of the Sun, so it's not N/S, it's kind of slung along the magnetic flow lines, and slings its S Pole toward us, which is why our N Pole is leaning toward it. And there's some lovely graphics that I got from somebody on this web page that I prepared for our monthly summary, that shows, on the left, the current situation of where we are leaning and tilting and leaning and wobbling, and then the guy speculates on what a 270° roll of Planet X might do to the Earth, and Son of a Gun, if one of those postures isn't where our S Pole isn't up there where our N Pole should be and visa versa, and that indeed, with our current rotation, would cause the Sun to rise in the West for a short period of time. So just wanted to point out how all these things kind of fit together.

Now, multi-pronged disasters, and I'll just be real brief about this, we think of heavy rains and floods and 'oh dear', but in Medford NJ I'm sure you must be keenly aware of that just being across the river from tha, 5 dams broke and the force of the water, and I saw some photos on TV, they had a canoe what was wrapped around a tree, 6-10 feet up, how do you warp a canoe? So, water on the move is very forceful, and dams will break under quakes or in immense rain and floods, flood waters wash away road, people worry about being able to travel and the like. You have to consider that this kind of flooding eliminates the roads, quakes tear up roads, cause landslides, rains cause land slides that cover roads, even in Yellowstone they had a number of roads that were closed because of mud on the road. Well, you have a lot of flood water, you also do not have clean drinking water, you have sewage in your water. In Ontario, Canada, had an article that I'm referring to with some photos. In New Zealand had recently on July 19th lots of mudslides. The problem here wasn't just the rain causing the mud to slide, they had swarm quakes, earthquakes, that were minor, but jiggling is what causes liquifaction during earthquakes. The jiggling caused the mudslides. It wasn't just the rain. So the combination of rain and quakes, breaking dams and flooding. Crevasses opening up. This happened in Mexico, they had one that was a mile long, I think a month or so ago. On July 16th we had one in Arizona, I have a photo here on this page, a quarter mile long, 5 feet wide, and they can't even see the bottom. Just East of Tucson. This is something you hear in myths and legends, a big crevasse opening up, well that's surely going to affect travel also as well as break gas lines and power lines, cause explosions, where you'll have sudden loss of power. So people should consider that when we get to the point where they should start thinking of being in a safe place, is it time to move the kiddies there and go camping or whatever, you should consider this kind of multi-pronged disasters, and that one thing can affect another. Zoos on the loose. Well we have something that happened in Baton Rouge, where a sinkhold, caused by a broken water main, swollowed up a 17 foot girafe and an ostrich. They couldn't even find, finally they saw the feet of the girafe sticking up out of the hole. Well, its not just that, but what about tigers and bears. Kind of scary stuff. So that an earthquake, or this kind of broken fences, and now you've got zoos on the loose, so those are the kind of things that you should think about in terms of, not just that if we have a big earthquake then the roads will be in place, and gas will be at the pumps, and everything will be find, not so. You're going to have a lot of potentially compounded disasters, making travel difficult. So Lou, that's the end of my update, and I'm ready for all those questions.

LOU posing QUESTION: There was recent commentary on the TV about the Earth’s magnetic field changing or disappearing.

NANCY: Yeah, and I think this was on the TV stations to some degree, like Nova, and there were also newspaper articles about this. I may even have this as one of my Signs of the Times, if you go back through them. I have almost 1,000 Signs of the Times, but it would have been within this last month. This has been known for some time. ZetaTalk first started in 1995, at that time, already, the Earth’s magnetic field was diffusing, was the term they used, and they test this by putting a device across the magnetic field, like a horizontal and the magnetic field is vertical, and then doing an electro-magnetic zooong and seeing how much electricity it takes to get a zooong, my primitive way of describing it. So, lately, it takes less electricity because the magnetic field they are crossing, and trying to an opposition reverberation or whatever the heck, takes less electricity. They say ‘well, the Earth’s magnetic field is weakening’, right, diffusing. And that’s called Magnetic Resonance. In 1995 I was asked about Magnetic Resonance and gave the ZetaTalk answer and I had no clue as to what the question was, and it makes me nervous to do that but I did it and I found out later what that meant and that the ZetaTalk did make sense. So, that’s what's gotten worse, they said it was a 10 or 15% drop in so many days, and there’s been speculation for over a decade saying ‘well, if it keeps up at this rate, in 1,250 years we will have no magnetic field’. Solar radiation will be attacking us because our magnetic field buffers us from solar radiation or something, and every body bites their fingernails about this. Well apparently its ticking up at a rapidly increasing rate that we’re losing the magnetic field. Well, we’re not losing it, its just that Planet X is a big magnet, it’s pulling on us, and we’ve got the Sun as a big magnet, and Planet X is a big magnet, and they’re not quite lined up with each other, and so therefore we’re listening to two different voices and kind of getting a headache. Like watching a tennis match where you’re jerking your head back and forth, the Earth is doing a little bit of that. And we’re not alone, the rest of the big magnets in the solar system are exhibiting, their cores are heating up, Europa, the moon of, is it Jupiter, Mars is supposed to be heating up a little bit, there’s other evidence that Planet X, some body in our solar system is causing a lot of distress in the status quo. Actually, my understanding is that our magnetic field is not permanently diffused. It will go back to being normal right after Planet X passes and that’s due to happen pretty soon.

LOU posing QUESTION: You made a statement in the past about Auroras that contradicts a test flight made in 1986 where the charged particles that cause Auroras were measured.

NANCY: Yeah, they’re seen at both poles. The Zetas actually have a difference of opinion with the human explanation. Humans are saying this is light bent by electro-magnetic whatever-the-hecks, because its more around the N Pole and the S Pole and therefore it’s got something to do with the magnetic field. They’re saying that this is actually just bent light based more on gravity, that light does bend to gravity, which is something the Zetas espouse and say, which humans poopoo. The Zetas are saying for the same reason we see a very fat, large, orange, large Sun rising and setting but in the middle of the day its tiny up there. Because the orange/red light ray spectrum bends more to gravity and therefore its expanding and fanning out and bending back to our eye. So, once again, we’re agreeing to disagree. One thing I wanted to mention, do you remember that commercial about ‘I can’t believe its not butter’ or some margarine that tastes like butter and they would open the container top and the voices inside would be having this argument. One would say ‘butter’ and the other would say ‘margarine’ and they’d go back and forth like a ping pong. Well, a lot of these arguments are like that. They’re opinions and theories, unproven and cannot be proved, so its like the butter/margarine thing, go back and forth endlessly. This is what the Zetas say, its bent light, and humans are saying, and it may be related to the magnetic field somewhat, but they’re saying its more that its bending to gravity and its more visible at the poles because of the way there’s less sunlight affecting, polluting that atmosphere. That were we not seeing so much sunlight as is around the Equator, where the Sun is almost always intense, we would see Auroras worldwide. That’s the Zetas statement.

LOU posing QUESTION: The Solstice was viewed at many locations and happened, not just Stonehenge.

NANCY: Well, I think I addressed that actually on the page. That question came up last time and I know that individual felt that he really didn’t get his question answered. We addressed Stonehenge where they had a huge party, and at the moment the Sun was going to come up and shine exactly where it’s supposed to be shining they had what was termed a ‘spontaneous dance’ with torches where everybody leapt up and danced around in front of the Heel Stone with torches, which would of course completely negate the ability to see where the Sun was hitting on that stone, should the sunlight have broken through at the time, but it wasn’t a clear day. So, I don’t know whether they did or did not actually see the sunlight fall someplace, Stonehenge is the only one I know of where they have an exact measure and say ‘right there’, that little tick mark on the Heel Stone, that’s where the Sun is supposed to hit. I don’t know that they do that elsewhere, and the Sun has been way too far North, for a long time. I have on my web page we went through on my summary, a photo showing that the Sun has continued to more North, after the Solstice, and many reports from people all over Europe and Ontario and the like. And as far as I know, because I take in email and watch the message boards and check the photos and the like, we’re not right in our orbit, we’re leaning, our Sun is too high, I observe this almost every morning when I get up. I measure where the Sun is. It’s supposed to be about a 60° angle in the northern hemisphere, its more like 80°. That’s much too high in the dome, so we’re leaning toward the Sun. It’s weird. And you can’t negate all of that and say that’s not there, and because people had a party at Solstice then therefore it happened. Here again we’re in the butter/margarine argument.

As long as major media doesn’t rustle forth NASA and astronomers and the like and says this is what’s happening. As long as the media is mum about the Earth changes that many people are noting, you’re going to have people say everything is normal. One of the things I wanted to touch on is Sympathy for the Devil. There’s a rock group that has a song, one of my favorites, Sympathy for the Devil. Consider what they’re dealing with, with the cover-up. Let’s say that you’re the government. Governments, Russia, the US, Britain, Germany, Japan, you know, banking industries. NASA has admitted that they ran a study, what if an extinction level event were likely to be aimed toward Earth, would you tell people or not. If there was a change of this, would you panic people. And they decided they would say nothing, they would have a rigid cover-up so that people would be happy up until the end. Another flip side of that also is, not panic early, because they felt that panic, running in the streets, screaming and yelling or whatever, would do more harm than if they just didn’t tell people and see what happens. You know, if there’s going to be a catastrophe. So that’s how covers start, maybe good hearted at its base. What are they worried about.

Sympathy for the Devil says there was a rationale for the cover-up, and they worry about this breaking. So when things get really strange, like the Sun is rising in the West, or rising over the N Pole, they’re going to have to talk about it. They’re going to have to say, ‘its because of this big planet that’s passing through our solar system and we didn’t want to tell you because we didn’t want to worry you, and we think its going to pass and nothings going to happen, but please go to your jobs and pay your taxes’. Or maybe they’re going to mandate that somehow, a type of martial law, handle it in the US with FEMA or whatever. So, I think they’re worried unnecessarily, because people need their jobs and they’re going to go to their jobs. There are maybe a certain number of people that will pull out all their savings and buy camping gear and just run for the hills and leave the house wide open and to heck with it, 2 year old sitting on the steps screaming and crying, left and deserted, but I don’t think that’s the average reaction. Particularly if you tell them, here are the warning signs to look for. You don’t need to really get upset until the Earth’s rotation starts to slow down. Never mind rising in the West. Go to our jobs, but when the Earth’s rotation starts to slow down, significantly, then you should be moving to a safe place. You’re being fair to people, you’re giving them the same kind of information that the government has.

So to some degree we have these arguments, everything is normal because the media would be talking about it. Amateur astronomers should be talking about it. Well, that’s not true. They are talking about it, they’re just not getting media coverage. What do they do, they go to astronomers. I hear from a lot of them. A lot of my photos are taken by amateur astronomers, in my Photo section. They go to professional astronomers who invariably work for observatories or the government or something, and that’s where they’re paycheck is coming from, and say ‘I’ve seen’ this or that, and get pulled aside and told verbally, ‘yes, there’s something in the solar system and we’re watching it’ but there’s nothing in writing. And even if they would get something in writing and go to the media, which is very controlled, if you think we’re getting the real news on the media, that Laci Peterson trial and Scott Peterson’s jury selection is the most important thing you should be hearing about with all that’s going on around the world, meteors and melting poles and rising seas and chasms opening up and all we’re hearing about is this kind of soap opera nonsense. The media is very very controlled, and the people that are allowed out there to talk are the type that are not wanting to expose what the real news is. We hear that weathermen are getting so many calls on what they’re seeing in the skies that they just put out up answering machines to collect the information but never actually respond. Earthquake covers are going on, you don’t get earthquakes that happen on the weekend, even in the databases on the websites, that are pulled up until Monday, until they get reviewed and which one’s are going to get posted and which ones can be dropped. The cover-up is so obvious. You’re not getting this information rolling out to you the way they say they are. Its not right off the press, and reeled right off as its happening. And people are recognizing this if they look into it, but the media is controlled, amateur astronomers are ridiculed if they go to the professionals or stonewalled, and they certainly don’t get to the media, so how can we say that they’re not upset. How would you know? How would you know if they’re upset or not? They can’t get a voice that we can hear. And that’s how covers are maintained. Maybe a lot of people know that Oswald wasn’t the only guy that killed JFK. If they can’t get on the media, and they can’t get out to tell you this, then everybody says ‘nope, was a single bullet and Oswald did it’. And that’s how covers are maintained, by that kind of control. End of my rant.

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