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Lou Gentile Show (Part 2)
May 27, 2005
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LOU: Wow. Interesting, Nancy. I'll tell you Nancy, you are very interesting.

NANCY: I try to have it full of facts.

LOU: If you were my neighbor, it would probably, I don't know. I can see it. I can see how you, I don't know, you're just cool. You're not a jerk.

NANCY: Thanks. I get along with my neighbors. I really don't talk about this stuff. They all know I do this, and I have excellent relationships with my neighbors. We garden, we chat, and we return favors.

LOU: So, are you basically telling people that they should still be on the lookout for Planet X, we have no idea when it's going to come?

NANCY: Yeah, this has not changed. We are in the December position, the December 25th position, more or less. Benign aliens are tilting the our North Pole toward the Sun to simulate the seasons, Summer for the North Pole and back. This shows up in the constellations, no question. I get so many reports from people, and I myself have witnessed where the constellations are, too high in the dome, too far to the West, this kind of thing. And also, you can tell by, the Earth itself, and the Earth changes are telling you that something is coming closer. It's creeping by the Sun, creeping toward us in our direction. It's not quite mid-way, about there, and it's going to do a passage at some point which will be horrific for us. 3 days of darkness, 6 day of sunrise West, then rotation stopping and a horrific pole shift where we tip. Our crust moves 90 degrees, a horrible hour of pole shifting . All this is on my website, read the Pole Shift section first. Go right in there and read that. And this is still in our future as many many prophecies state.

LOU: All right, well, we'll going to take a short break. We're speaking tonight with Nancy Lieder. Her website is We're going to take a break. … And we're back, on the Lou Gentile show, speaking tonight with Nancy Lieder of Welcome Nancy. Lets take a call. Hello, you're on the Lou Gentile show, what's your name and where are you calling from?

CALLLER: This is Seth from Meridian, Mississippi. I have a question to the Zetas and one to you. The one for the Zetas is on the lift that takes place. What exactly happens. Some churches teach that people just diappear worldwide, certain ones. Is that what happens? And the rescue, do we need to wear life jackets or a boat or don't worry about it.

NANCY: Yeah, that's the case. You asked for the Zetas:

The lift is actually something that a human who is rescued will not even be aware that this has occurred. No preparation is necessary. We identify people who qualify as operating solidly in the Golden Rule status, caring about others. These are usual very quiet, self effacing people who operate dutifully in their life, to help others, are not the kind of ladder climbing corporate executives, back stabbing, taking credit for other's work, and not caring who they harm. You will not know, there is no need for you to make any preparations. Of course, as the Bible says 'God helps those who help themselves', we ask people to try to get to safe areas, to do the best they can, and not put themselves in harms way, but in essence you will be unconscious during the time that you are rescued. You will come conscious again in a situation where you will say 'well, the wind must have blown me here', or clinging to something that was floating in the water. And find that a tree fell this way and did not fall that way and crush you. But it will seem realistic, not as though anything grand had happened. And this is on purpose, the Element of Doubt again, where even though people are accepting of the alien presence and the like, it is not an official thing where you have to be dressed a certain way. In essence you will just have a momentary lapse in memory, perhaps you will think you were knocked unconscious, or maybe not even aware that time has passed. But you will have been averted from, you will be able to live afterwards and help others after the pole shift with the certainty that you did not die.

And this is the end of ZetaTalk. And what's your question for me?

CALLER:Yes, I ordered the survival pack from Troubled Times. Boy that thing is so great, it is full of information and it's got the seeds. I was a real happy trooper when I got that in.

NANCY: That's great, and I recommend everybody, on the left hand side of my website it says '$4.10 CD', this is a twin pack, it includes postage, it is less than cost. It's the entire Troubled Times website plus ZetaTalk as of last Summer. And you can browse this on your PC even after the Internet begins to falter. Go for it, folks, you can get the Survival Guide, print it out, a hip copy, not 8 ½ * 11 but half that size so it would slip into a pocket, and it's the gist of what's important on the Troubled Times web site. In fact, our secretary at the time, who is blind, listened to the entire Troubled Times web site, which is thousands of pages, with a speech synthesizer, and jelled down the gist, and it's amazing work from her heart from this woman who was blind since birth. That's the kind of people we have working for us, folks, angels, in disguise. Glad to talk to you again, Seth.

CALLER: Also, Nancy, I was wondering about, I monitor Lou's earthquake site, that he has on his website.

LOU: USGS information? Yeah.

CALLER: I was wondering how accurate is the information. I know Lou gets it from the government.

NANCY: What I noticed is they did come honest about Yellowstone after the Supervolcano. They're now listing it in a pre-eruption status but they didn't before that that special, and they're inching up from 9 toward 9.5.admitting what the true Richter was last Dec 26 in Sumatra. But I still find people complaining that they are not listing the earthquakes that happen locally. An example is where I was talking about the twisting of the North American plate and Panama, etc. Ecuador, local papers reported that they had a 600 quake swarm, 70 in the 3-4.9 Richter scale, but on the USGS they don't show that. I think they just show one or two in that range. They're dropping data and they're still downplaying the Richter.

CALLER: Yeah, there's a delay, because there was an earthquake in Arkansas not long ago. And my sister and them read about it in a paper in north Mississippi. And I got on the Internet at Lou's site and it wasn't there, but I think it might have showed up later.

NANCY: They delay it on purpose because what they do is, if you notice it won't update during a weekend or over a holiday, they wait til the seismologists get in and they're told, they argue and haggle in a smoke filled room, they're told what they can report and what they can't. Used to be instantaneous updates. It's not a direct feed, and they underplay it. The one in New Madrid, it was announced as a 4.8. You go on USGS they're showing it as a 4.1. Everything is supposed to be so that you run statistics it all looks 'everything is normal'. But it's not normal, and this is not Lou's fault.

CALLER: They want to leave all those troops overseas as along as they can. They don't want the public to know.

NANCY: Right, we're getting fed pablum, just what they want us to know and keeping the bad news away. Can't see those coffins coming back from Iraq.

CALLER: Nancy, I'm so amazed at ZetaTalk. When I tell everybody, when they go to it, when you listen to it, it's just like 100 Rush Limbaughs. It's just full of the truth. Take it for everything that's true, and any other bodies version of a story, take that to be incorrect. ZetaTalk is right.

NANCY: People say that not only because they know in their heart, but also, they say it pulls together everything they've wondered about, and it gives explanations of things that they've never been able to. An example is why our continents drift the way they do and pull apart they way they do, and ZetaTalk talking about the torque, that describes North Pole this way, South Pole that way, and it absolutely, when you look at a map and imagine what's going on and the Zeta description, it explains it. And the fact that this planet comes close to the Sun and it tugging magnetically on our Atlantis Rift on the South, that explains it, nobody else has the explanation. And so people become fans for one reason or another, but it's the only site that pulls it all together. That's the way I've heard it described.

CALLER: Yeah, something else, I've learned more science, real true science, the way it happens, a true history of the world, and the true planetary systems and everything, from ZetaTalk. I was taught in college like everybody else, but I didn't really get the truth. ZetaTalk lays it out real plain and clear, and it's opened my mind. I'm real happy that you have it on there, and I support you.

NANCY: Thanks you, and people have said that too. In the Science area, those people that are looking for that, gravity is a particle flow, and how it works, and magnetic particles, how they work. And why the solar system is stretched out like the rings of Saturn and all moving in one direction along with the Sun's rotation, sweeping arms and particle flows that come out from the Sun, and the fact that we have a Repulsion Force with gravity. It's an anti-gravity, because particles flow into a large gravitational body and out. And when they flow in, it's a drifting down. Kind of a like a fire cracker It goes off and you see little pieces explode away and drift toward the ground, but the outward flow of gravity particles is like that firecracker going up in the first place, like a rocket. And therefore, when you have two large bodies, like our Moon and the Earth near each other. The Moon is too big and moving way too slow to be kept up there by centrifugal force. That's not what's going on. We have a particle blast going from the Moon and the Earth like two fire hoses pointed toward each other. Only ZetaTalk describes this. It exactly fits what people see. Intuitively you know it's the explanation.

CALLER: Yeah, and also makes me see how balanced God's got the solar system. It's completely balanced, and he knows what's going on.

NANCY: Yeah, it's amazing. We learn about how particles work, and we're told by the Zetas that we only have an idea of maybe one out of a thousand particles that exist, that they're aware of. And supports life and the development of life, it's truly awe inspiring. And they, actually their religion wraps around that and they're saying 'we believe this is God's handiwork' and that you can see God's heart and mind by looking at the Universe. It's beautiful and awe inspiring.

CALLER: Keep up the good work. I try to monitor ZetaTalk about 2-3 times a week, and I'm pulling for you all the time.

NANCY: Thanks. Just remember, make your plans when you start seeing the real Earth changes happen, and get out of Mississippi.

CALLER: Yeah, I saw where I'm located. I don't need to be here. Thank you so much, Nancy, and Lou, thank you for having Nancy. She's is so full of knowledge.

LOU: Not a problem. Thanks and have a great night. We're going to take a quick break, Nancy. We'll be back to the Lou Gentile show. Check out her website at If you want to give a call in for Nancy Lieder, you can call 866-LOU SHOW. Have time for one or two more callers. We'll be back to the Lou Gentile show. … Hello, you're on the Lou Gentile show. What's your name.


LOU: It's Al.

CALLER: I want to ask Nancy a question and try to get some response here. The man that was on before, Yahweh, said that space craft will be either landing or hovering over Los Vegas between June 1 and July 15th. I was wondering if the Zetas can tell us exactly what day that is going to happen.

NANCY: Well, Element of Doubt means that it should not be so definitive that there is no doubt. If the Zetas were telling me it's going to happen, what day It's going to happen, that kind of thing, then we remove that Element of Doubt. It becomes too specific. So they're going to be vague about that. Some people will see something, some people will not. Maybe there'll be a video capture that will be disputed. They will mix it up that way so that it is not anxiety producing. They have said 'this is happening to this gent and it's going to be allowed to become evident as the public is able to accept this without anxiety'. So it's somewhat in the hands of man in that regard, because depending on how people react it could go this way or that way. So yes it's going to happen but to what degree, and on what day, they're not going to say.

CALLER: Not going to say. Well, that was my question. Lou, have a great Memorial weekend, and your listeners, and Nancy too, do the same.

LOU: All right, thanks. Taking your calls for Nancy Lieder, 866-LOUSHOW. And check out her website,

NANCY: So you believe that, Lou. I could tell. I listened to the show, the first hour, and you're a believer.

LOU: Umm, yeah, I'm a believer that something happened. I mean, I'm giving the guy his credit where credit is due.

NANCY: He had a lot of witnesses, eh?

LOU: Well, it was on TV. They captured it. They went out there to do a spoof on the guy. They captured it.

NANCY: Things are showing up a lot. We're having a lot more mass sightings, even some views of alien bodies. This is something the Zetas said would happen, that people would catch glimses of alien bodies. There was a report in Indiana, somebody said a dark hominoid looking. An elderly couple was following this young man, and both their cars slowed down, they both saw it. They called it in as a UFO report. This was a glimpse of an alien body. So we're going to get more of that as the public is able to tolerate this kind of discussion.

LOU: I just thought it was interesting that.the guy went ahead and made a claim. The media went out and called him on it. And it came true, everything happened.

NANCY: Well that's one way to get it into the media, major media too. If for someone like this. They thought they were going to ridicule him, and they got surprised themselves. Do you think that ABC might really have gone out there if they thought they were going to capture something. We have a cover-up on these issues. We have a, the United States government, the CIA or whomever has been in charge ever since Roswell, 'oh, we're going to eat you'. Look at the movie Signs, we're going to come down and inject poison into your children and run off, and chop up your bodies and put them in vats. All these horror stories of aliens are bad. So there's a suppression, on don't be particularly nice, about crop circles reported all done by boards. Even though you have nodes turned at 90 degree angles and the crop continuing to grow. Like a growth hormone had clearly done something to incite the growth in those nodes. Things that are chemically or radioactively captured in crop circles that show that this was not man made by boards, these are not broken. And yet the media will say 'oh, these two guys claim that they've been running all over the worlds with boards' and they've done it. So we have a disinfo campaign going. And I suspect they would have not even have been allowed to go there, unless they thought it was going to be ridiculed. That was a trick on the major media. Look who got tripped up. Oops.

LOU: To say the least, it's interesting. All right Nancy, thank you for being on the show, it's a pleasure as it always it. People can visit your website at You have a great night.

NANCY: Same to you, Lou.