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Lou Gentile Show (Part 2)
April 29, 2005
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
The complete interview is available on the Lou Gentile web site, to subscribed members.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made by Lou has been inserted.
The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

LOU: We're speaking tonight with Nancy Lieder, taking your calls toll free 866-LOUSHOW, also check out Nancy's web site at Don't forget to check out our new chat room, you can talk, you can ask me questions, and you can ask Nancy questions, I'll relay them to her, and the easiest way to get there is to go to, on the left hand side, click on live chat, you have to be logged into the site as a registered free user in order to get in there. Read the FAQ for more info. We'll be back after this. [Commercial break] Welcome back, Nancy, so continue.

NANCY: Hi, yeah, just want to finish up with the Marburg virus, an outbreak that happened in Africa. This is not Ebola, this is similar to, you can't tell the difference, the person is hemorrhagic, they bleed and they die. This was a worse outbreak than any previous Ebola outbreak. Well, what did the Zetas say in 1999? They were describing Africa as a safe place, and they said 'plagues similar to the Ebola virus will spread' because of all the rains and the drizzle and all the lizards and snakes that will go all over the place and people will eat almost anything they can because of starvation, and Africa's going to get a huge wipeout from this, so that only those with natural immunity will be able to survive. Well, here we have it. Marburg, not the Ebola but something similar, has just surpassed Ebola, an outbreak that they were very concerned about spreading beyond country borders, never happened before, Zetas RIGHT Again. Some of the reasons why people who follow ZetaTalk closely, the massive amount of ZetaTalk that comes out, and track it to things that happen after the Zetas have made a prediction, find that the accuracy track record is phenomenal. And they're all holding their breath to see about the pole shift.

Now, survival techniques. Everytime in the last 2 or 3 months, I've tried to touch on some of them, Lou. Today I want to talk about homemade soap, Vitamin C sources, and homemade cloth. If you run out of soap, what to do. Well, 100 years ago, soap is actually created from lye and animal fat and any kind of sweet smelling stuff you might want to throw in there or you can let it go plain. You get lye from ashes, from your fire. You create a pile of it, and you run water through it, collect the drip, and by gum, there's alkaloid water, and you don't have to go to the store. Now you take animal fat, from bacon grease or whatever the heck, put it in a pot, add some water, the lye, the animal fat, until it's thick and clear, and you pour it in a mold and cut it up into squares, and voile, you have soap.

Vitamin C is found in unusual sources that most people would not be aware of. There was a study done in Ohio and Kentucky, that found that there are 16 weeds there that rival oranges. And this includes garlic, wild garlic, onions and chives, things like sorrel, little yellow flowers. It's a weed. I dig it out of my garden. Violets, also. Who would have thunk it. Anyway, pine needles are extremely high in Vitamin C. Actually, fresh green pine needles have 5 times the amount of Vitamin C found in lemon. And it's the new growth, more than the older, that is high in Vitamin C.

LOU: Yeah, but aren't pine needles poisonous?

NANCY: I have never heard that. There's all this chatter about how you can make teas out of them. Here's the Food Bible quoting 'spruce tea can be made by steeping fresh evergreen needles in water'. Who told you that?

LOU: Who told me what, that they were poisonous?


LOU: I knew as a kid, not to go eat pine needles.

NANCY: Ah, well, you know, I ate dog food and tried to see what would happen. They told me not to eat dog food. I mean, weren't you curious? They tell people, you know what else they say, 'don't do that or you'll go blind'. And that's not true either.

LOU: Yeah, well, I don't know. But any kind of, ah, go ahead, continue.

NANCY: Not true. 'Chew the tender new spruce needles whose starchy green tips are particularly pleasant to eat in the Spring.' Not so. Scurvy grass is something that is native to the British Isles, lives up to its name. Scurvy, man is one of the few creatures on Earth, man and some type of monkey are the only two creatures that do not manufacture Vitamin C in their system, and it can kill you. And this is why sailors in the old days were known as limies, because they had to suck limes when they were out on the boat or die. And scurvy grass lives up to its name. Also, it's a fairly low light plant, not requiring a lot of sunlight. Get familiar with the sources of Vitamin C. Your children will have bleeding gums, they will be bleeding, they need to cure their scurvy, and are sources. Eat weeds, for Heaven's sake, get familiar with it. I eat weeds, and they don't kill you. Spinning and weaving is something, now we get shirts and pants off the shelf …

LOU: Wait a minute. Did you just say you eat weeds or you smoke weeds.

NANCY: I eat weeds. I eat pigweed, lambs quarters, dandelion, things that I know are edible and I munch away. As a matter of fact, pigweed is tastier than lettuce. I had been jerking it out of my garden. It keeps setting up again, thank goodness. It's wonderful. Children, apparently, can hardly be kept away from it. Plaintain, which is another weed we regularly dig out, kind of spreading sprawling leaves with a little thingie that sticks up with seeds, it's very very high in Vitamin A. You can made a salad out of many weeds. Get books these books that are out there on edible weeds and find out, folks. Because there is no need to be vitamin deficient, and your vitamin jar is right at hand. So, spinning and weaving is something done around the world in primitive cultures. It's basically taking something like cotton or wool or flax, flax is a plant that they throw in water to rot off anything but the fibers and the fibers are long and thin. Linen is made from flax.

LOU: Hold that thought, I'm going to take a call, so we don't have people waiting on hold for a million years.

CALLER: Lyle from St. Louie. Now, I won't say that I believe it, but I have to ask the question. This web site was talking about the Bible Codes, and one of the things they said was in the Bible Codes was that basically the aliens were evil. And, so how do we know that the Zetas aren't feeding us a line, and basically they're coming to take over?

NANCY: Well, um, several reasons. If they were coming to take over and mass land, what would stop them from landing and taking over? They clearly are technologically ahead of us. They have space ships that can counteract gravity. They can take off very rapidly, make right angle turns that are outside of anything that we can command. Why are they waiting? They could just land and take over. That's proves that that's not their agenda, or that those who might wish to are not being allowed to. There is a police force in the Universe and we are considered like a kindergarden and we are not to be just taken over. We are here to evolve, and our sense of identity, our souls, to grow and make a choice about whether we want to be caring or very selfish, and in this aliens can come in and have some influence as counselors. But they can't just come in and take over or the bad guys would have done this a long time ago. One reason I emphasize ZetaTalk accuracy, as I did at the beginning of the show here, is that, what is the accuracy of the Bible Codes? Now, the Zetas have said, it's bahooy. It's not true. Jesus spoke very clearly. He spoke verbally to the masses and repeated his message like the Golden Rule over and over so that it could not get twisted. He did not speak in convoluted ways that would be difficult for the common man to dig out and understand. Therefore, those who are saying 'here's the Bible Codes', they're making this up. And they have no accuracy track record. What they say, I mean, they can say 'way back here it says this was going to happen and then it did happen' but did they say that before the event? You know, prediction accuracy is where you make a statement and months or years later something happens, not after the fact.

CALLER: Like I said, I don't believe everything I read, but I basically believe that the old Bible it goes 'as above, so below', and I believe that there are good and evil forces that are here on Earth and out there. But more to the fact is, basically with the Bible Code, also like you mentioned with the Zetas, they said that we have free will, so they said there's basically a few paths, that the Bible Code predicts, that you can go down. But from what they were saying with the evil perpetrated, they said they were going let it, it's like a wipe up. We would fight among ourselves, and with all the diseases and plagues that are coming, it would destroy a large portion of man, and that these aliens would come and just basically take us over because we would be in a weakened state after fighting among ourselves, and dying off because of plagues.

NANCY: Now, beyond questioning why anyone should believe the Bible Codes, and it's true that the battle of good and evil is very much what's going on here. But it's not the human body, and whether the human body dies, it's the soul. The soul lives through hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, even millions of incarnations. And therefore, it is a battle over souls, and whether you live or die doesn't matter, the soul carries on. And so it is a battle over souls, but how much disease or weather tornadoes or lightning strikes are on the increase. Man has always had a tough time. Go back to the saber tooth tiger times, and life is very short. We did not have over population problems in those days. So there's nothing that exceptional, what's going on today, but the battle of good and evil is there, and aliens are fighting for souls. Now 95% of aliens are good, just like 95% of humans turn to good, by that I mean caring for each other, and wanting to practice the Golden Rule. 5% say, just 'me, me, me' and become sadistic control mongering …

LOU: All right, Lyle, I gotta run Lyle. Thanks for the call. We'll be back to the Lou Gentile show right after we take this break. [Commercial break] Welcome back Nancy. We've got about 5 minutes so go ahead and spiel off some more of what you were in the middle of.

NANCY: I wanted to remind folks that on my website, on the left hand side, there's something that's called $4.10 CD. This is developed by the nonprofit. This is 2 CD's and includes postage, it is less than cost for the nonprofit. It includes everything that's on the ZetaTalk website as of last summer and also the entire Troubled Times website and the Survival Bible which is a book that is a hip pocket, not 8 ½ * 11 but half that size and can stuff in your coat that is the gist of what the Troubled Times website has to offer. What I'm describing in survival tips, like spinning and weaving and making soap and Vitamin C sources, that's in there. And one thing I wanted to mention, the diagrams that are on that page, prepared for tonight, showing how a spinning wheel works, how a loom works, and these are only a few from the website, these were made by me back in the 1990's. I used to spin and weave as a child and know how that works, and unfortunately, you often see a picture of a spinning wheel or a picture of a loom…

LOU: Hold the spinning wheel for a second, we're going to take another call before the next hour. You're on the Lou Gentile show, what's your name and where are you calling from?

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