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Lou Gentile Show (Part 2)
February 25, 2005
Nancy only taped her side of the Interview.
The complete interview is available on the Lou Gentile web site, to subscribed members.
A brief paraphrase of the question or comment made by Lou has been inserted.
The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link
This is a long interview, on more than one web page, continuing links to next page at bottom.

So, along those lines, I wanted to touch base on some survival techniques. This past month, somebody in California, who has been actually trying to put together water distillation rigs, we’re trying to find something very simple, that was his goal. At first, it was so complicated I couldn’t figure out how to put it together, and it wasn’t highly productive. We have people thinking of simple techniques. Surface water, or even well water, might be polluted with lead and mercury, fecal matter from broken sewage pipes, mud. Your drinking water should optimally be distilled, because the boiling process gets rid of germs and things like floating gasoline, it will boil away. But the distillation process gets rid of lead and heavy metals and the like, and that’s for real. So we need something real simple, and highly effective. People were trying things like hanging a cotton rag over a boiling pot of water and wringing it out. One guy said he tried that, and he could desalinate water that way, but it takes a long time. So the best method is something I’m displaying here, and a link to all the steps, the assembly, put it together for $30 and a welding iron and a pie pan and a couple pots you can make this thing. And produces a gallon of water in 2 and a half hours or a glass of water to drink every 10 minutes. Very simple, and it also heats washing water. The top pot is used to cool the steam underneath, and you get your water to wash off the kids with in the evening too! So, ramp up the fire, run this thing for 2 and a half hours, you’ve got your gallon of drinking water and you’ve washed the kids. I highly recommend to people take a look at this, get the specifics printed off, have it in your hip pocket. You’re going to need this.

Also, just to quickly mention, the humble Yurt. The Mongols, up in Mongolia, have severe winters there. They hang heavy felt around it, or canvas in the summer, made out of a few sticks. You can actually get it ready make Yurt from Pacific Yurt. I have some photos from their site there. Or the American plains Indians, a teepee. Very simple, 12 sticks, tie it up around up there on top, wrap it with a tarp or plastic sheeting. You don’t have to have felt or canvas or leather. Use what’s available, think about a junk pile. The top of the Yurt, in the center, has a circular place where the smoke rises out. You don’t have to make that out of wood and it’s all nice and bolted together. I would think that a bike wheel with the spokes and all would be perfect for that. Let the smoke go out. You can use plastic sheeting or a tarp. Think creatively. I also have a recipe for an Adobe house, how you put that together if you have clay soil and straw and good sunshine that will bake. That’s time honored. It works. Houseboat, I go back to that. We were doing some brain storming on it this last month. You know how you have so many coke bottles, or even those drinking water bottles in offices, those big one? Let’s say the pole shift hits and you don’t have a home and you’re worried about the rising water and all the floods. Get a bunch of those bottles, tie them together. You’ll have a floatation device, and one that’s not going to rust. So a lot of ideas here, please do check Survival Techniques, I’m going to try to do a little bit of this every month because Troubled Times has so many good resources.

And the last thing I want to touch on, before we get to taking phone calls. Over the past few months, I mentioned last month Edgar Cayce, predictions, prophecies on Europe going to become a series of islands, Japan will slide into the sea, the West Coast will be inundated with water; the Bible, Revelations, the rivers will run blood; the Oasphe, a 1882 dentist talking about how Atlantis went under and how pole shifts operate and the like; Babylonian pictographs; Paul Solomon mentioned pole shifts and earth changes; Plato; Islam; the Kolbrin parallel Bible; the Book of Enoch, addressing past pole shifts, and I have links from the page I prepared for today, folks, where you can go back into what was said on the past Lou Gentile shows. They’re all saying the same thing, from the sinking of Atlantis to the Flood, to the polarizing of good and evil as the End Times draw near, to what to expect as the red dust falls and mountains move during Armageddon. Another classic that I have not touched on was Mother Shipton, in case anyone out there has never hear of this. She was a well known Yorkshire witch, in the 1500’s, apparently extremely ugly but married well, figure that one out, I guess witchcraft works. And her prophecies address things like submarines and airplanes, horseless carriage, radio and phone communications. In other words, she has been highly accurate in what she predicted at a time when she could not know how the world would unfold. She said after 1926, around that time, to start looking for world wars. And she predicts, not dated, a fiery dragon in the sky for 6 horrific days, massive flood tides and earthquakes, high death rate, new land rising from the sea, and high tech existence from interactive living with friendly aliens. Sounds a lot like what ZetaTalk is predicting. Again, no date given. And this is the conclusion of my monthly update, and I’m ready for some of those questions, if you are Lou.

QUESTION: [Where is Planet X, why can’t people see it?]

NANCY: During the last month, the Zetas wrote something called Where is Planet X? because so many people asked that. They said that it is approaching us from the direction of the Sun, toward Earth, in a clockwise orbit. We have a cpounterclockwise orbit, or are trying to, we’re stalled, as this monster is approaching. About mid way, not quite mid way. Very much toward the Sun’s middle, the Ecliptic. And what people see, primarily, in photos or when they look with a welder’s lens toward the Sun, is the tail which has dozens of moons, and they go in swirls around each other, and then there’s all this red dust which really is not pointing in our direction right now because it hoses toward the Sun at present. That’s what they’re seeing, those moon swirls. Now, it’s moving slowly because piercing the Ecliptic, which is a big backwash of particles flows pushing against the direction of its motion. Yes, this seems to be taking a long time, but in fact there was motion because from December of 2003 until December of 2004 it moved from being over toward Orion and below the Ecliptic and coming around the Sun’s S Pole and up, so that it may seem slow to us, but how do we know how poky a brown dwarf is.

Now, why isn’t it roasting from the Sun? Because it’s got closely shrouded dust. I actually got taken on a space ship, let me tell you, to look at what it looks like as we’re approaching from Earth and when you zip around the other side what it looks like if you were sitting on the Sun. When you’re approaching it from Earth, it looks like kind of a light gray fuzz ball. Wrap around the other side and you can’t look at it because the sunlight bouncing off of it is blinding, literally blinding. And I was on a space ship that’s an observation ship, in other words, you can see through, for want of a better word, like glass in the top, to look. So, it’s reflecting most of the heat and light. And taken under the cloud cover, to see what that planet looks like, it is very much a water planet. Almost no land space. Some of the land looks like gray, and very little of it is green, so I imagine that they don’t really have that much soil. They definitely are not populated like our Earth is. And they can’t see the stars. What they see is something cream colored, all the time, or maybe more yellowish than cream. So in order to see the stars, they have to bop something up through their atmosphere and look around. So, it’s very much like when we have a cloudy day, we don’t get as much from the Sun coming through. So they’re worried about being that close to the Sun, and they do heat up, but the water is a big heat sink.

LOU: [Apologizing again for being so ill and hardly able to function.]

NANCY: Oh, Lou, you’re such a trooper.

QUESTION: [What are you hearing these days from the Zetas or from other contactees?]

NANCY: Actually, I don’t get a lot of private conversation anymore from the Zetas, and the reason is, remote viewers. If it’s in my brain cells, and I’m consciously aware of it, remote viewers can pick it up, and I have teams assigned to me, that’s my understanding. And I much regret it. I used to really enjoy going for the groceries and hearing from the Zetas, but I have also been taken by them on Out of Body trips, snooping. I’m sure I must be a guest of the Zetas because I’m too accurate [in where and when to go]. To finish your question about what have I learned from other people, the government thinks it’s going to pass in 2005, within 2005. Because I’m allowed to sometimes snoop on these frantic meetings that they have and the like, and they’re guessing. But they bring in scientists, to say, ‘here’s all the evidence, what do you think?’. I hope those scientists make it home and don’t get killed on the way home. But they all have different opinions, but in general they think, 2005, at the rate of movement.

QUESTION: [What do the Zetas say about the Sun’s activity?]

NANCY: They have said that this is actually not driven by the Sun, that there’s a ruffle on the Sun’s surface. There’s particle flows. We know maybe one out of a thousand particles. We talk about magnetism and radio waves and light and gravity, but we don’t know. This is a tinsy bit of the particles that really move around. And therefore, when Planet X is standing between us and the Sun, it’s like a stick in the river, or a tree trunk in the river, where the water has to flow around it and create kind of a cup, a ridge, so that there’s eddies in front of that stick. We’re in front of the stick, we’re eddied, bobbling around, not moving along in our orbit, and the Sun is behind that tree trunk or stick, so there’s some crowding of particles behind Planet X which cause ruffles on the Sun, which is why there is so much activity when we’re supposed to be in solar minimum. And that’s what they’ve said about the Sun.

QUESTION: [Things happening with Saturn, etc, caused by Planet X?]

NANCY: Yes, it’s because of Planet X’s presence, and all the particle flows. The Zetas have talked about an equilibrium that exists. We think that Newton’s Laws, about, you know, the Moon is held up there because it’s slinging around us and centrifugal force works, it keeps it from falling to Earth because of gravity. It’s too big and moving too slowly for that to be the case. There’s an antigravity force that counters gravity, it’s actually all because of the gravity particle. And all these particle flows, all the way through our solar system and beyond, as Planet X comes in, it’s a disrupter, and it disturbs our equilibrium. They’ve described it like a spider web, and you have a fly struggling to get free on one side of the spider web, and the spider sense this way out there, and says ‘oh, I’ve got another one’ and starts creeping toward the fly. The fly is Planet X, and it’s twitching the spider web, our solar system.

QUESTION: [How long will you continue to make claims about Planet X? This from T Mosher.]

NANCY: Until I don’t have any way of communicating anymore, and I’m told then, as someone familiar to people, will be involved in picking up very good hearted people and taking them to places where the very good hearted people are forming communities and not to worry. So how long am I going to keep up with it? As long as these Earth changes are plodding along, and the prophecies, the many prophecies, are being fulfilled and I can get any kind of radio time or email time. That’s how long, Tim.

LOU: [Oh, you know this guy?]

NANCY: Oh, he’s one of a half a dozen debunkers that have been for years ad naseum, like a yapping pack of dogs. Everything, by the way, is normal, including the weather.

QUESTION: [Was there some star party at your home, that you attended?]

NANCY: Way back in Hale-Bopp day. Now, in 1995 when Hale-Bopp was first ‘ah, there it is’, the Zetas said ‘that’s not a comet out there, they’re pointing at a nova’. It was supposedly outgassing, before any comet could, and the ESO in Europe said ‘there are no comet emissions’, the Zetas said ‘that’s a nova’. Then it stopped [supposedly] outgassing for over a year, then in 1997 it became a comet somewhere else, and they said ‘they’re just trying to get everyone to look away from Orion', because ZetaTalk was getting everybody stirred on the message board and usenets. So, at that time, when I was saying ‘it's not a comet, it’s a nova’, then they had a group of people that invited themselves to my apartment building, where I lived in California, working in the Silicon Valley, they invited themselves, rang the buzzer, and I was in my jammies, and said ‘come on down’ and I said ‘no way, who are you, and goodby’. And then they wanted me to come down in the elevator so they could take a picture of me standing in the elevator in my jammies, which I refused. And they claimed that this was a star party. I mean, if I invited myself to your house, and made a big deal out of it, this is what it was. And I had nothing to do with it. Because they’ve never reported what the Zetas have said about Hale-Bopp. If you want to find out the truth, go into the Pole Shift section, look for Hale-Bopp, click on that, and you’ll get everything that was reported about comet emissions and outgassing and the like and what was seen in addition to what the Zetas said and when, and everything said about Hale-Bopp by the debunkers is a big fat lie, twisted. So you deserve to know the truth.

QUESTION: [You were taken off the world in a ship!]

NANCY: Yeah, that’s nothing new, I’ve been off the world before, but this is the first time, it was within the last month or two, that I was allowed to see what their planet looks like, how much land they have. I was surprised that some of their land does not have green on it doesn’t seem to be ice covered at all. So apparently they just have rock sections that don’t support much vegetation. Very much water, of I don’t know, 95% water. And the fact that they have a cream colored sky and cannot see the stars.

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