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Feet to the Fire (Part 2)
May 22, 2005
The complete interview is available on the Feet to the Fire web site in the archives.
The first half of the Interview was discussing the content of the web page prepared for the show, content at the link

JIM: What I generally do, personally, I kind of listen in and follow things and stuff, and look for things to come up to the surface and introduce itself, both questions or facts or whatever. A lot of things that you're saying, I mean who can argue the fact that all these things are going on with the planet. Who can argue with that. The only thing that crops up that I really have difficulty with is that we're not revolving around the Sun and that there is a benign force that it tilting us for the seasons. I happen to have favorite constellations that I look at, and they're moving across the sky, like Orion. And it's not where it was in December.

NANCY: Right, this is true, and it would be in a different place if we were tipping our North Pole. And I've actually gone out and looked too and taken careful measurements and found too far to the West, too high in the dome. Actually in studying this and playing with my planetarium program, which is Skymap, I've found that my view of Orion is appropriate for someplace in Alaska, and I'm in Wisconsin, you know, it was appropriate for Alaska in December and not for Wisconsin. So, that would be right if the North Pole were being tipping forward toward the Sun.

JIM: I think it's not just the tip, if I'm correct in knowing my astronomy, it's not just the tipping of the planet that makes, it's the actual revolving around the planet that makes these things move across the sky.

NANCY: There's two pieces to that, yes. What we see in the night sky in the Winter is looking away from the Sun, and then if the orbit is normal we're on the other side the Sun, we're looking away in the dark sky at a different time. The reason our day and night and our rotation has stayed the same is that we're clicking and synching with something in Sun. How is it that the Earth, as it turns, we're like within a nano second of accuracy, day after day, year after year, decade after decade, the leap second is put in every few. Well, it's because we're connecting and synching and snapping into something in the Sun. So that occurs even though we're stalled in our orbit. And therefore we're in the same position in our night sky view is the same.

JIM: We're calling in with Nancy Lieder, she's got one more segment here. Going to bring her back on, welcome back Nancy! You know, here's my thing with the Internet. You can go on the Internet and find people being killed and filmed, child pornography, you can buy drugs on the Internet and nobody can find these people. I have a problem with people around the world having amateur astronomy equipment that there should be flooded with reports of all this stuff not lining up.

NANCY: I get a lot of that. And the photos, most of the photos in my Photos section, and most of the reports in my Orbit section are from people who are amateur astronomers. And I have had astronomers tell me that this is right, that the orbit has stopped and the like. But I can't give you the names, so that doesn't mean anything. Let me tell you that in 1998, we, ZetaTalk and I went on sci.astro.amateur and sci.astro Usenets and argued many points about Planet X. And anybody who was saying there could be such a thing as a planet passing through with an orbit like this, or that the Earth changes in the past had happened, like the mammoths being suddenly, the crust shifting so that Siberia went up into the North Pole and they froze with green grass in their tummies and haven't thawed since, which shows you that the crust must have shifted up there. Or the cause of Ice Ages, which when France was in an Ice Age, Siberia was basking in warm grass lands at the same time. What did the Sun do, turn off and on as the Earth turned? No, clearly France was pushed up toward the North Pole at that time.

They argued vehemently that these weren't the case, and it was so savage, that people in astronomy, it was clear that they could not discuss this. I mean they would get email. People would attempt to knock off my Internet privileges. Knock off my Usenet privileges. 'She's spamming', well I wasn't. The attacks are vicious. Word gets around. An amateur who tries to go to an observatory or to an astronomer gets stonewalled, cold shouldered. And any astronomer who tries to come forward with this, it can be an accident, but if they work for observatories or for a government position, a national security kind of issue can be dropped on them. Most people that work at observatories are probably seeing UFO's and told 'don't talk about this'. NASA certainly does that. They don't talk about UFO's, they air brush them out of their images. They say they don't exist. And if you've taken a national security oath, with which they can put you in prison or do horrible things, are you going to go forward and say, 'oh by the way, Nancy's right'?

JIM: Given the option of the planet tipping over and 90% or 95% of the population dying, I would think at that point, I have a pretty good chance of dying anyway,

NANCY: Well, you have to be a hero to do that, and there have been heroes. There have been heros in the past like Harrison, who worked with the Navy and JPL and NASA, and is seen on film talking with Sitchin about the probably existence of Planet X years ago, after 1983 when they found it and it hit the front pages of the Washington Post. Well, he's dead. They made a point with some of these assassinations to say 'this is how quick it can happen to you' and I think for those people that are still inclined, they include the family also and 'we're going to snatch your grandchild', or whatever. Whatever it takes. This is happening at lot. People have talked about the number of microbiologists that have disappeared or have accidents or supposedly suicided right after the 911 with anthrax attacks. People with knowledge about who might have done that anthrax or what kind of plans there might be in the future for these kind of biochemical attacks. Fake terrorism attacks to allow Martial Law to be imposed. Oops, they're dead. You know, if you find people dying like that, you have two choices. You can become a hero and try to get to a phone and try to find to a newspaper that will print it. Don't you think our news is controlled?

JIM: Well yeah, I understand, I understand the main areas, the main everything. That if this was happening, the main everything would be stonewalled. I understand.

NANCY: And you know why? They fear bank failures, the fear people not showing up for their jobs, if they were being told that the coastlines might have fooding and sloshing, the real estate on the coastlines is going to go to heck, the companies that are operating on the, shipping industries or whatever, oil import/export. Are people are going to find that nobody showed up for their jobs, people are going to make demands on the government, saying 'how are you going to take care of us if this happens'. They don't want that.

JIM: I agree, I agree that that would be the form behind it. I still that maintain that if these other dispicable people can be able to do, get information out that is hidden, so to speak, that this would come out. But let me ask you. I did have a dream. I don't want to waste the rest of the time talking about it, but I had a dream and I woke up and it was summertime, where I live now. I walked up and looked up in the sky and I saw a brown-reddish, we'll call it dust ball with licks of flames coming out of it. But the flames were so high, they were almost seemed to be, they didn't move, because it was so big. And I looked at that and the first thing I said when I saw that was 'Nancy Lieder was right'. And that was in my dream. And then later on it hit the Earth, but it came in the dream from the West so I don't know, I can't call it prophecy. But I did actually have, we'll call it a Nancy Lieder / Planet X dream.

NANCY: You're not alone. People have these, and people that live along the coast will have flood dreams and have to move, impelled to move, or they just feel that their area is not safe. You're getting this either from the collective consciousness or from aliens, because you asked for information and you were given it. That is what it's supposed to look like as it passes during that horrible week, those horrible hour. It looks like a writhing fire dragon in the sky. And that's how it's been described, similar to that, and a lot of red dust, and a lot of hail, a horrific week. My main intent is to get this information out to people, tell them what the Zetas are saying, show them as much factual relationship to what the Zetas are saying. An example is this torque effect, you know, where North America being twisted to the right and New Zealand, etc being pulled back, the magnetic South Pole is being pulled back and popping up, the plate popping up. They made this like a year before that happened in December. One of their many, many ZetaTalk accuracies which, they have an astonishing rate, really, of accuracy and prediction, which is the reason for their fame around the world, and why my hits, on my web site, have quadrupled since 2003.

JIM: You know, whenever, it doesn't matter how many people listen to the radio, but whenever you are on the Internet stream part, it does take a workout. I think there's people interested both friend and foe, to find out. Speaking of the Zetas, we've had many people have just said simlutaneously on email and chat, that they wanted to know if there's anything coming up soon, I guess iif there's a quote for me to say 'if significant events will happen next year' or something.

NANCY: We did that last on Gentile, but I'll give you one right now, here's the Zetas on that.

People are interested to know what's going to happen next - the big earthquake, the a big volcanic eruption, specifically which volcano, which coastline will have high tides or inundations, which city is going to fall into dust with a quake, like the New Madrid fault, and approximate timing please. We are not allowed, as we have stated by the rules, to interfere to the degree that we give that information. Nor are other aliens. We are not allowed to give the date, but we can tell you this, if you look over the last year, the increases in quakes and volcanic activity, the hurricane and typhoon activity, the bizarre weather, this is not going to go back to what it was. It's going to increasingly get bad, and there's going to be surprises. We have made many predictions, not date related, about imploding cities, cities falling into their infrastructure, not just derailing trains, not just bridges pulling falling, which has been happening for the last 2-3 years, but the infrastructure, collapsing high rises. This is not happened yet, but it will. Exploding gas lines and water lines have happened. But the intensity of the cesspools in industrial areas, the mix, is going to be a horror that we have not experienced yet, but we will. So read our predictions and understand that they can happen at some point. Analyze your safety, analyze whether you want to live or die, and whether you should be moving from your current location based on those. And get braced if you stay where you are not safe.

End of ZetaTalk.

JIM: You know I will say this, this last week, by coincidence, or by divine whatever, I went through an area that I went through as a kid. It's beautifully pristine, it's a wonderful place to go to. I'd never been there before. It was almost, the way I got there was so odd. What I felt when I got there, was, here's a place to move to. I'd love to go there. Of course, the city I'm in is Chicago, which is not a great place to be, would that this would happen soon, so. Who knows.

NANCY: Yeah, people should do this. You need to line up where you need to go, what you need to take with, you what are you going to do when you get there, what are you going to eat. I'm telling you, weeds and bugs are good food. They make, bears get fat on bugs. You'd be surprised how you can feed yourself if you drop your standards, which you have to do. But you should definitely say, 'where am I going to go, what am I going to take with me'. Map your safety route and consider. You will not be taken by surprise. According to the Zetas going to have the North Pole tipping away from the Sun to the extent that 3 days of darkness in the Northern Hemisphere, and the Sun will appear to rise a just little bit West of the North Pole. In other words the 6 days of sunrise West that the Quoran tells us we will experience. And then we will start slowing our rotation and grind to a halt, I don't know how many days or weeks that might take. Then we're going to have almost 6 days of rotation stoppage before we finally have the pole shift, which is that horrible hour of massive quakes and the like. So you've got plenty of time to move, you've got plenty of time. According from what I can figure from the last Jewish Exodus, analyzing what the Bible says in the Book of Exodus, and from the papyrus, the Egyptian papyrus, which matches very closely one for one the description, civil unrest and chaos starts at the point where you have 3 days of darkness.

JIM: Well, I would imagine it would. And we still can't get a little 'this is soon but not tomorrow'?

NANCY: They won't give a date, and actually no prophecies do.

JIM: Well, you know, I gotta ask.

NANCY: If you look at it, no body is giving a date.

JIM: That's true. They give you the pieces of the puzzle.