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I feel that this is as much a solution set as knowing how to build a sturdy shelter. Because what good is our sturdy shelter if we don't have enough food to feed everybody? There's no doubt in my mind personally in the Aftertime we'll have to be practicing birth control in a big way. At first we will need it due to lack of resources, and later, when the resources become more abundant - we'll still need it as an expression of an individual's control of self and care for the community. This will involve a major change of outlook for many people, this is very true. This change of outlook will come about as they see that caring for others involves not overpopulating the world. The very real lives of those already living are much more important to consider then the theoretical lives of the yet-unborn. I'm sure people noticed that this is exactly what the Zetas say as well.

You're absolutely right, that one of the big problems in today's individualistic society is that we don't recognize every child as belonging to everyone's future, and view only kids of our own blood as the ones we should care about. While in fact, if the neighbor's kids are not nice enough - then the ones who suffer will be our own kids, and so the neighbor's kids are in a way our business too. This is absolutely out of the question now, of course, but it will become a major priority in the aftertime communities, where kids will probably be raised together by everyone, and not have to spend their time only with the people who physically bore them. This is what has been predicted by the various "utopia" writers, and it's the ultimate "communal" model. There will be no such thing as "somebody else's child", in the same way as there won't be a "somebody else's problem". If one member of a community has a problem - it's everybody's problem, because if it's not taken care of, it sure will become everybody's problem when it gets bigger. That's how things work in the small communities that we expect to exist in the Aftertime, where all members supposedly care for others more than for them selves.

Offered by Sol.