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Birth Control

Depending on frequency storing a few years of birth control is not difficult. 48 condoms would take up less space than a small roll of toilet paper. At 3-4 times a month a 4 year of condoms supply would take up the space of a box of kleenex. When bought in quantity from mail order suppliers cost is also reasonable. A year supply of contraceptive pills take up the same space as a 16 oz jar of peanut butter so storing a decent supply of contraceptives is possible. The only proven methods of birth control are the modern methods and abstinence. All other methods fail quickly and repeatedly when vaginal sex is an ordinary part of hetero intercourse. Sponges and condoms are cheap and readily available now. Storing a supply of contraceptives is as important as storing a supply of food if your going to be sexually active with a fertile partner. If I was female I would insure that some methods of modern birth control were available to me for post-pole shift use or make sure that child producing coitus does not occur.

The first couple of years are not going to be conducive to child birth for first/second world women. Third world women are already having children in post-pole shift conditions and are the most qualified to continue having children in the post-pole shift time. They realize the risks and accept them as a part of life. Most first world woman take our modern obstetrics for granted but there will not be that type of professional support available after the shift for some time. Because of this I choose to include birth control as a significant part of my preparations, even though it does use a portion of resources that could have been used for something else. Don't forget in the states its quite possible to get free contraception from the Planned Parenthood centers so cost is far less of an issue. If you have any problems just send in any teenager you know. They are happy to give them a free lecture and a bag of fresh condoms that you can store. Course the teenager may not like being lectured but your going to have to set them straight anyway, might as well get something for it that helps your preparations for free.

Offered by Ray.

Birth control in the Aftertime can only be done through those idiotic measures brought forward by today's religions (e.g. refrain from sex) as the pill or condoms will not be around, and I for one will not take up valuable space and resources storing this for the aftertime. You may be perfectly right about that storing birth control items may not be taking much space, or be costly or difficult. I still maintain what I said though, that I feel this would not be the right way to go spiritually. What is the purpose of our survival if we do nothing but survive ourselves, and are not capable of creating a post-pole shift society where the children would be welcome? In a proper post-pole shift community, the children will be the responsibility of all, not only the biological mother and father.

Offered by Jan.

There is another obvious form of birth control which nobody has mentioned yet: Sterilization. I plan to get 'fixed' in the near future. Of course, I already have seven children. Permanent, yes, but as effective as abstinence, and more fun!

Offered by George.