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This compound bow is of my own design and which I have been working on these past few months. I wanted a design that was simple for anyone to construct, yet strong enough for any range of pulling strengths. It is constructed from 3/4" white wood board lengths, glued and shaped into a compound arm. For added strength the pieces could be strengthened with screws, but most glues will surface. It cost me practically nothing to make as I constructed it from existing wood pieces and has now been stained and varnished into a very professional looking piece. (But remember if you are left hand predominant the arrow rest will fall on the left, not on the right as illustrated. So the bow will have to be constructed as a mirror image of the one below.) All that is needed now are two matching limbs. (Note: not all left handed people are left handed archers. You will need to find out which suits you best.)

Offered by Brian.