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Material used for stock is Birch. The best material is the fiberglass, but I have not found a suitable piece of it. So, the first bow was made from some unknown plastic, found in the garage. It was 65 cm long and has about 37 kg draw weight. All was OK for some weeks, but then it got a terrible string follow. My current prod is made the next way: I took an old slalom ski, sawed back part of it, then cut it lengthwise. Thus I got limbs and mounted them on central section with long bolts. So I got a prod which is longer than normal, but it works well, and does not have any string follow. It's draw weight is about 43 kg.

Alternatively, commercially produced prods can be purchased from several manufactures at a fraction of the cost of finished crossbows. One such supplier is:

Alchem Incorporated
314 East 195th St.
Euclid, Ohio 44119
(216) 313-8674

Offered by Brian.