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To mark the bow out, draw a line the full length of the back, directly down the middle of the bow, using a straight edge or string line. Mark the middle of the length of the stave 33.5" from each end. (a) The handgrip will be 1" from this (a-b) on the upper limb and 3" on the lower limb, (giving a 4" long handgrip b-b but meaning that the upper limb is 1" longer than the lower one). From b-b, the width should be about 1 & 1/4" wide (5/8 either side of the centre line) and from b-c should taper smoothly down to about 5/8" wide (5/16" either side of the centre line).

Once these are marked on the back, they can be cut to shape (cutting outside of the line to allow slightly extra wood) then smoothed to size with plane and sandpaper, giving the rough shape. From the side, the depth of the handgrip (b-b) should be about 1 & 1/4", tapering straight down to about 1/2" depth at (c). Once this basic shape is sawn out, the belly can be worked down to meet the required weight using more cautious handtools. This style of bow has the centre of the belly remaining high and the sides and belly completely rounded.

Offered by Brian.