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The bow is drawn to 67" length, designed for a 28" draw length. If your draw length is longer or shorter, alter the total length by 2" for every 1" draw length change (e.g. draw length of 26" gives a length of 63"). Handle section (c-c) remains the same, the rest (c-e) should alter in proportion.) Also, the handgrip on the belly side (c-c) can either be all of one part of the main bow, or else can be a second length of wood glued onto the belly to give the necessary depth.

First, draw a line the full length of the back, directly down the middle of the bow, using a straight edge or string line. Mark the middle of the length of the stave 33.5" from each end. (a) The handgrip will be 2" (a-b) either side of this, (giving a 4" long handgrip b-b) and will then widen over the next 3" (b-c) to the widest part of the bow (c). From c-d (12") the stave remains the same width (1 & 3/4" total width or 7/8" either side of the center line).

Offered by Brian.