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Using worms as the foundation for a food web seems an ideal solution to me. As well as being a direct food source for humans, worms could be used as food for chickens and fish. As long as there is a steady supply of worms humans could conceivably count on a diet of worms, chicken, eggs, fish, insects and mushrooms.

Offered by Euan.

Does anyone have any experience raising earthworms? I looked into it years ago. As I recall, the favored breed was called Red Wiggler. I'm wondering if regular night crawlers from my yard would work, maybe in 5 gallon buckets in the basement. Seems like a good crop to raise, since they require no light and feed off dead vegetable matter. High in protein. I have actually seen recipes for cooking earthworms (I believe they dried them first). Although I hope not to become that desperate, they would still be good fish and chicken feed, as well as a good protein component for dog and cat food. Not to mention the castings are good fertilizer.

Offered by Wendy.