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Battery Cores

The Zetas state that battery cores are the source for rods in the Aftertime. Think of how many batteries get used, and discarded, and are laying about amid the molder in land fills! It is the older batteries, in the main, that had carbon cores.

Desperate communities, running out of supplies of almost everything and turning to some of the skills of the past such as black smithing, will within years of the pole shift start to mine land fills. Where this seems a disgusting concept, landfills are filled with various metal parts, and this will be at hand and far more efficient than mining, which requires minerals in the ground locally. A local land fill will have a wide spectrum of metals, and will also have an abundance of battery cores. Where have all those used batteries gone over the past few decades? They do not rot, the casings rust and the chemicals wash way, and there they are! Thus, any community putting up a wind or water wheel to generate electricity, and wanting the daylight equivalent that carbon arc supplies, will already be stocking up on carbon cores. Windmills, almost invariably, will not be from store purchased sources, but cobbled together from parts. Electrical parts from garages and workshops will supply some of the permanent magnets, but this will also be something sought after in land fills. What do you suppose people have done for years, with worn out drills and the like? They toss them!

Offered by Nancy.

Note: Alkaline, Mercury, Nickel-Cadmium, Gel-cells and Lead-acid batteries do not use carbon. You will need to use the old fashion 1.5 V standard cell. Use plastic or rubber gloves to avoid chemical burns or allergies with battery chemicals. One way to get it open is to saw it with a hacksaw down the seam on the side and pry it open till one can use a pare of pliers one each side to separate the sides from the bottom and top.

Offered by Mike.

If you look at the ace hardware link, you'll see at the bottom of the ad that the batteries are Carbon zinc:
And here's where a lot of batteries are sold:
Folks stocking up for the shift, should buy heavy duty Carbon Zinc batteries only - as they are the least toxic and provide carbon cores after their power is exhausted.

Offered by Brian

Some good information on a possible Alternative to those breakable light bulbs. If you know what you're doing and want to test this out, you can get carbon rods by cutting open your average d-cell battery and wiping the corrosive gunk off the rod. Follow the link for more information - it's very detailed.

Offered by Gabe.