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Available of wood could become an issue for many areas. The pole shift with high hurricane force winds can be expected to mix wood with mud and water, breaking up trees and all wood to become relatively smaller pieces that are scattered far and wide. You might live in a forest of trees before the pole shift and not see one tree even partly standing after the pole shift. I think regrowth will be slow if at all. It my be 20-30 years before there is enough growth to burn. I hope this only describes a worst case. There may be wind protected valleys that still have some fallen trees that haven't been totally pulled from the ground and broken up. At any rate I expect after the pole shift a limited supply of wood for an extended period of time. Possibly a wood gas generator could be converted to a biogas generator if enough methane can be produced from rotting items. Wood gas is more practical and safer than steam.

Offered by Mike.