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The engine in a gas generator is the weak link, with high maintenance of needing adjustments, cleaning, lubrication changes, and periodic overhauls. DC Electric motors and generators generally need less maintenance less often, brush and bearing changes less often. The weak point with the electrical vehicles is the batteries and their limited lifetime. Wind and water power to supplement as needed. All use batteries to some extent. Ideally, we will need to be able to maintain and rebuild batteries. Knowing this it may determine what type of battery to standardize on. The electrical vehicle could have a place reserved in it for a small portable wood gas generator that one could take along as needed. This would be for charging the battery if going on long excursions. The main point is DC motors have less maintenance than gas engine type generators, thus we should minimize the use of gas engines where we can.

Offered by Mike.

We must also think of efficiency. I guess that a wood gas generator + engine + vehicle system has better efficiency than wood gas generator + engine + generator + battery + vehicle system. Of course there is also other methods to generate electricity so the electric driven vehicle is more versatile.

Offered by Olli.