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icon Diversionary Load

One big problem with wind power as opposed to solar, is that when charging batteries, or direct use, any power above and beyond that being used will require a diversion load, usually a heating coil, to consume the excess load. Otherwise it could burn up. Most wind systems usually include something for the diverter load.

Offered by Steve.

Our lights whether they be LED or filament types are a resistive load and will work on DC. What controls would it take to gradually switch in more and more lights for a diversion load as the wind increases? As the wind decreases they would be switched out as needed. I am looking down the road a bit to when our batteries are for the most part at the end of their useful life. The technique could also be used up front to minimize battery use possibly extending there life. Batteries would then be relied on primarily for when there is not enough wind to generate power at all. This would probably require computer processing. There are basic stamp computer chips available for $20. You flash program them to perform a few limited calculations and issue instructions to whatever device you wire them into. I've worked with them a little. They seem simple and they are not date dependent.

Offered by Mike.