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Now, energy consumption. Below I have listed many appliances and their watt-hour requirements. Except for the Sunfrost refrigerator/freezer, multiply wattage of each appliance you have by the number of hours per day usage to get your daily energy needs. Microwave ovens for example won't be used for a full hour so its actual energy usage is less.

compact flourescent light22 watts
incandescent light same brightness75
standard 16ft refrigerator/freezer 500
Sunfrost 16ft refrigerator/freezer560/ per day
microwave medium750
microwave large1200
toaster small800
toaster oven 1500
hot air popcorn popper250
coffee maker800
standard freezer 14 cu ft350
Sunfrost freezer 10 cu ft690/ per day
answering machine5
stereo radio/cassette30
CD player 35
TV 19" color100
TV 25" color 150
9" TV/VCR combo85
satellite Dish30
Computer - desktop150
Computer - laptop50
ceiling fan50
table fan25
vacuum cleaner 700
washing machine standard500
washing machine efficient250
GAS clothes dryer400
iron 1000
hair dryer1000
curling iron500

Offered by Steve.