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The Benefits of the V.P.S. System.

  1. Budget priced for home, office and portable applications.
  2. Easy do it yourself installation, no electrician required.
  3. Power, lights, and security do not fail when generator is out of fuel.
  4. Modular system for easy expansion at any time.
  5. Triple power sources give ample back-up. i.e. Generator, solar panel, and trickle charger.
  6. High output auto ON and OFF portable electric start generator (which can also jump start cars, and charge other batteries).
  7. 80 watt solar panel power source, five more modules can be added at any time.
  8. Trickle charger - runs off 240 volts when power is on.
  9. “Auto on” room lighting when power fails. These turn off and default to ready status when power is restored.
  10. Meters show battery status, solar charging, generator charging, trickle charging, a combined power in and out.
  11. LED display gives info on solar panel, trickle charge, and generator.
  12. Power at all times for your security system.
  13. Power for outdoor security lights, with auto on.
  14. Permanent free power from the solar panel to run your TV, will give you a quick payback, this is run from separate permanent on inverter.
  15. A 12 volt D.C. output socket to power emergency CB radio, Ham radio, cellular phone, spotlight, or other 12 volt appliances. (Cigarette type socket)
  16. Low battery alarm (light and audio) .
  17. Auto cut off on generator engine when battery bank is fully charged.
  18. Two in-built inverters: 140 watts for the TV or computer output permanent on inverter with no fan to make a noise, and 300 or 500 watt inverter with fan for heavy duty loads when power fails.
  19. V.P.S. is in tower format so it can sit on the floor, or in a computer console, therefore no need for special wall brackets etc.
  20. Can be used as a Remote Area Power System stand alone power manager, i.e. off grid system.

V.P.S. is Australian designed and made and carries our regular, Vital Earth Company, one year warranty.

Offered by Darryl.

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