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V.P.S. is a unique, complete, three way power input system, that charges a series of two or more, 200 amp hours (approx), deep cycle batteries. The system includes two inverters one in full time use the other comes on automatically when the power fails, to convert 12 volt DC back to 240 volt AC (up to two 500 watt inverters on our largest model V.P.S. 2 for built in added back up, and extra 240 volt power). This is used to operate all the items on the list, other than lighting where provision is made for four or more 12 volt DC lights (that do not need 240 volt AC) to come on automatically in selected rooms the instant the power fails i.e. no need to rush around in the dark looking for torches, candles matches, or lanterns.

The V.P.S. generator uses a heavy duty automotive type alternator , with auto start ON and OFF to which we have fitted our unique, purpose designed regulator, to deliver maximum output to the batteries on charge. A standard automobile regulator is not suitable for battery charging, as it is designed to “ cut in “ when a load (such as car headlights) is turned on. Our V.P.S. generator can deliver full output, without damaging the storage batteries, right up to 95% of full charge . The V.P.S. generator is capable of putting 50 plus amps, back into the battery system, charging the entire bank as required.

The big plus of this unique arrangement is that the generator only runs when needed, reducing noise considerably as an occasional item only. Even more importantly, the system does not fail when the generator fuel runs out, as the storage batteries are at that time fully recharged. The storage batteries go on supplying the 12 volt DC lighting and, via the inverter, the 240 volt AC equipment. Our inverters are more than 96% efficient with a modified sine wave safe for all electronic equipment, and at all times are backed up with the solar panels.

The heart of the V.P.S. system though, is our specially developed V.P.S. master controller. This unit is a first of its type in the world and consists of:

  1. A volt meter to monitor the status of the deep cycle storage batteries.
  2. An amp meter that shows current consumption in one direction, and the current input charging the system, in the other direction.
  3. An internal trickle battery charger to keep the storage batteries at full capacity while the power is on (a nice feature for “Brownout” type situations or storm type disruptions). The display for the charger consists of an LED to indicate trickle is operating is on.
  4. An internal auto sensor that immediately turns on the 12 volt DC room lighting in the designated rooms, the instant that power fails, and off when power is resumed
  5. Probably the neatest part of the design is an internal solar panel regulator that can take from one to six, 80 watt, Photo Voltaic Cells, and regulate their input to safely charge the storage batteries. This unit also includes back flow protection for the panels. What is particularly unique about the design is that normally, solar panel regulators have to be matched to the load, necessitating further costly expenses as extra panels are added. With the V.P.S. controller, there is full efficiency with one panel, or you can add up to six panels in total. This feature alone saves hundreds of dollars. The display for the regulator consists of a single LED that changes colour according to the status of charging.
  6. A simple series of clearly coded circuit breakers and connectors at the rear of the V.P.S. controller, have made installation for the home owner an easy do-it-your-self project. No qualified electrician is required for any part of the system, as all wiring is low voltage DC.
  7. The inverter and the trickle charger are auto switched on as required, to conserve both house power and battery power, however, the auto on lighting remains active at all times. These default to original positions when power resumes.
  8. The V.P.S. controller has a front panel ON switch and indicator LED. The auto on lighting can be turned off room by room, as required, from the master switchboard after the power fails and the V.P.S. lighting system is activated.
  9. Finally the V.P.S. system does not just sit there waiting for a power failure, it starts paying for itself the day it is installed by powering your TV from the solar panels indefinitely.
  10. The generator is auto ON activated when low battery voltage is detected.

The entire V.P.S. system is unique in many ways. It gives you a core “mission critical “ back up with all the most needed items, without putting such a dent in the budget as to price it out of reach of most people. At the same time, for those who want to increase the load it can deliver, its easy module form allows for later owner additions (batteries, solar panels, and extra inverters).

We provide the following items, plus a booklet for self installation, tips and circuit diagrams:

  1. The V.P.S. auto ON and auto OFF 12 volt generator.
  2. The V.P.S. master controller.
  3. The 60 watt Photo Voltaic Cells (solar panels), 12 volt room lights and V.P.S. inverters.

You provide on-site, the deep cycle batteries that we recommend, cables, and conduits.

Offered by Darryl.