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For those who want a central power manager and supply, for earth changes and power outs, and Y2K - while it is not a system yet for extreme end times, something like that may yet flow from it. It certainly is a far cry from a UPS system, and way better than a simple generator, plus it is off the shelf, just "plug and play" no building up a system, and no technician/electrician to install it.

Do Not Wait For The Next Power Failure
Critical Comparisons
U.P.S. versus V.P.S. Emergency Power Systems

U.P.S. Stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply, an existing earlier style computer support product, with very limited additional operating time.
V.P.S. Stands for Vital Power Supply, a new type of computer support product, with unlimited additional operating time. A new standard has been created.
Gives computers protection from spikes and power surges, UPS keeps equipment running in a brown out, or extended low voltage from the supply, UPS only gives limited time [ usually10 minutes ] in a full blackout, sufficient only to close down a computer with out loosing valuable files. Of course in a blacked out office this is a dubious benefit, and you have to be at your work station, and act immediately.
Does all of the above, plus it gives you electrical power indefinitely, that’s right V.P.S. gives you power for as long as the mains power is off, with no limit on time. In fact V.P.S. is able to give you this power forever, and because the power is free, V.P.S. will soon pay back your V.P.S. investment. Also because V.P.S. is not directly connecting the computer to the mains power, surges and spikes, can never damage your equipment. Even the best UPS systems can not give this absolute guarantee.
But the benefits continue, because our V.P.S. system senses the moment the power fails and immediately turns on four (or more) separately wired standard fluorescent lights, wherever you wish to have them in your office. These lights are independently switched at the V.P.S. control panel. For your convenience these use standard 240 volt, 20 or 40 watt tubes, and as the wiring is only a 12 volt supply, anyone can legally, and easily, install the lighting and V.P.S. system as required.
V.P.S. has many more features, for example, with V.P.S. another 500 watts of 240 volt a.c. (700VA) power, instantly becomes available when the power fails, providing enough to power printers, fax machines, photocopy machines, even TV, etc. So the next time the power fails if you have a V.P.S. unit, instead of having only 10 minutes to close your computer, then go home, you will be able to work as long as you like, with automatic ON good lighting, you can use most if not all of your office equipment all day, then go home when you have completed your work. What is more, V.P.S. is fully automatic, when the power resumes, the emergency lights turn off, and at no time is your computer disrupted.
For added office security, your burglar alarm can be powered forever by V.P.S. thus eliminating false calls from your security monitoring company, or inoperative security systems caused by a flat battery. Find out more about V.P.S. today, and how V.P.S. will give you total protection against the very worst extended power failure, for your office or home.

Offered by Darryl.