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I learned about a radio frequency (about 5 mhz) pulser charging technique to reactivate lead-acid batteries that become discharged for a long time and sulfated. These units use a small amount of power and operate all the time to keep the sulfate alive so that it does not form into insoluble crystals. This significantly lengthens the life of the battery.

Innovative Energy Systems
Sweeping Pulse Technology is a patented, variable frequency, variable boost voltage process guaranteed to dissolve sulfate crystals back into the battery's electrolyte solution. All lead-acid batteries are adversely affected by the buildup of these deposits. As they collect on battery plates they restrict the flow of electrons and "lock away" active material required for normal operation. As this barrier becomes thicker and thicker, the battery's ability to accept a charge or deliver energy is drastically diminished, resulting in the perception that the battery is no longer usable. Sweeping Pulse Technology allows the user to electronically dissolve sulfation formations back into the electrolyte solution without taking the battery out of service.
Solartech Products Ltd.
Has been involved with the research and development of battery enhancement technologies. Use of the Can-PULSE Motive Power Battery Maintenance System will often remove the sulfation in as little as two Charge/discharge cycles, restrengthening the electrolyte and cleaning the plates, and is used by Fire Departments.
Battery Recycling in North America
SLI (starting, lighting, ignition) batteries last about 1 year in extreme hot climates and about 5 years in temperate ones. It would probably be safe to say that about 33% of the batteries in the US are replaced annually. The above low power pulser to keep the sulfate alive, should not be confused with another technology that is a full battery pulse charger. This is another way to reverse sulfate crystal damage. The use of both technologies could significantly extend the life of our batteries.

Offered by Mike.