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There has been much emphasis placed on low voltage DC as power source. While there are applications for this it should be considered a small part of the overall power picture. The infrastructure required for these systems is very expensive for the type of power they produce. For the same power we must be able to handle ten times the current handling capacity. Heavy reliance on electrochemical storage is expensive, inefficient, and ecologically unsound. In an enclosed environment the hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide gas produced by the charging cycle of lead acid batteries can build to dangerous levels. If heavy charge/discharge cycles are used routinely the life of these cells will be short, and how are we going to rebuild them, the materials they contain are toxic and pose a risk of contaminating our food and water.

When we consider seriously the production of light for meaningful biological life support consider that a large amount of electrical power is required. The focus needs to shift from little toy power systems to large, high voltage AC systems that are sustainable. The technology is well established, supplies are widely available, most of the infrastructure required is relatively low tech and sustainable.

Offered by Steve