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icon 12 Volt Batteries

I think we should make a standard of 12 volts for everything as every vehicle is fitted with 12 volt batteries. They are the most readily available item. 12 volts can power everything from water pumps to lamps and the odd bit of electronic stuff as well. I have converted an exercise bike to drive a 12 volt car alternator, and thus I get exercise and electricity for my batteries and lighting under any conditions. My batteries are currently driven off a 100 watt solar cell, a Solar Cell from the Rainbow Power Company. Car batteries will become like currency after the pole shift, so stock up soon with "dry charge" 12 volt car batteries that can be activated later by adding the acid, but will otherwise sit dormant until used.

12 Volt can also be converted to a higher voltage, after it is transformed from grid voltage and rectified, to drive a number of appliances from car batteries. Once again Rainbow Power Company comes to the rescue with some properly designed inverters, i.e. they have a true sine wave output, not a square wave as in most inverters, and thus will accurately convert 12 volt DC to 240 or 110 volt AC to safely power appliances from old car batteries.

Comment by Darryl.