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Find out what has been done by others. Stand on existing technology. Do a good search of what is available in the way of cost effective parts and or assemblies for both windmill and water power (Pelton and paddle wheels). As an example: we might buy the propeller from one place and the generators from another and the tower from a third. It’s one thing to simply give a shopping list of all possibilities as we are doing now, it’s quite another to with an engineering-electo-mechanical practical eye toss out the garbage and narrow it down to several best recommendations. If we don’t do this last stage then every one will need to do it before buying. In other words we need to do a consumers report and decide what is best. So far we have been just collecting data. Soon we will need to act and build or buy.

I once worked in a research Lab as a research-scientist we used to all the time reinvent what was already invented just because we were too lazy to research what had been done, and it was also more fun that way. This is typical in all research and development efforts. What I am saying in my ranting and raving is we don’t have time for it. Do your home work and the answers will be found for all of us. There is a lot of smart people who have gone before you and me. Find them and report on what they used and did.

Offered by Mike.