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icon Paddle Wheel

I am looking at the possibility of constructing a horizontal paddle wheel type windmill on a windy hill out of an old car and a high cut off tree stump.

If one had enough old cars, one could make a series of windmills, the paddle wheel going from rear axle of car-1 to front axle of car-2. Car-2's rear axle would be connected to car-3's front axle and so on with the last car using a tree stump or something stable to attach the baring point. Top view with car missing left wheel and axle assembly:

   + shaft
   o transmission
   |    ___________
   |   |           |
O--o--O-------------O tree trunk with front axle hub assembly
        Paddle wheel

Items left to be determined how best to be done: Attaching the wood axle to the car wheel or hubs. Attaching the front axle hub assembly to the tree stump. Optimum height and width of the paddle blades for the paddle wheel. If this gets too high, then, centrifugal force could tear it apart. If it is not high enough, then the wind will not turn it with enough force to reach optimum speed, thus loss of power would occur. Whether 4 blades on the paddle wheel are enough or are more needed.

Offered by Mike.

It will take a lot of wind power to turn the shafts and transmission, etc. before this motion reaches the generator. The Nebraska type would be cheap and easy to build from scrap lumber with a little imagination. The paddles could be as simple as 2 x 2 board frames covered with cloth like canvas. This would cut costs.

Offered by Darrell.