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I am no expert, but my thought was to gather some useful information so that anyone (even I) could make a 2-blade wind turbine even after the pole shift. This will take into account the following requirements:

In CAD/CAM Autolisp (programming language) is used for making specific applications such as calculation programs, etc. The Lisp language is structured to handle non-numeric symbols in a logical way. The document I have has the name Autolisp Programmed 2 Bladed Turbine. The turbine is based on some parameters, which you probably could get in any book about wind turbines, concerning the form and shape of the wing. In this material I have, a specific wing is already chosen, and one only needs to have an Autocad program or some kind of paint program to plot out the wing profile to make a blueprint. You could make it as big or small as you wish.

One could use:

One turbine, two old car generators and some car batteries could give enough power to have more than a few lamps shining in your hydroponic garden for a long time.

Offered by Geson.