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Now how do we grow the Castor Beans? And what do we do to get the oil out?

Offered by Stephen.

To the best of my knowledge there are three ways oil is extracted from organic material such as seeds. The first is using a press, such as in the case of olive oil. The second is heating in a controlled environment assuming the oil will evaporate and get condensed like in a still, remember though that oil in gaseous form is flammable. The last is through solvent extraction. The latter might be enhanced by adding alcohol and a little heat, i.e. cook the crushed beans in the solvent, then distill the remaining liquid. Caster beans will grow in the cooler areas, anywhere you can grow corn they will grow. It is a large plant usually grown for its appearance as it has pretty and big leaves. Do not leave out peanuts, but I haven't tried to buy commercial peanut seed yet. Wood can be a source of wood alcohol (Methanol is poisonous so do not drink) and it is extracted by heating the wood to distill out the alcohol. Some tars and oils will be present and if pine wood is used a lot of tar will come out. This is pitch which can be used to water proof home made boats. Here is a link to explanations of oil extraction equipment:

Offered by Dave.