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Caster Oil

During WW I some of the BI-Planes used 2 Cycle Motor, meaning the oil was mixed with the gasoline. They used Caster Oil at the time, and it is made from Caster beans. It may be useable as a lubricant. I have not looked for information on this, but thought this may help. Anyone with any ideas?

Offered by Dave.

Just a note you guys, they are very poisonous! Where Castor Oil can be used for the typical things such as lubrication or fuel, another not so well known fact about castor oil is it's amazing Healing potential. Castor oil applied topically and heated with a heating pad will cure many ailments such as sores, sprains, bruises and tumors. Edgar Cayce mentions this.

Offered by Anthony.

Yes, only the solid part of the bean contains the poison, the oil does not so long as it is solid free.

Offered by Dave.

In my old neighborhood (in Northern Virginia), Castor plants were grown only as a beautiful garden feature. They get really big; big enough to play under, and they have pretty leaves. All the mothers would warn the kids not to put any part of the plant in our mouths, and every summer we would hear about some kid that nobody knew (like the little boy who talked to strangers, and the little girl who had her face freeze when she stuck out her tongue) who died from eating a Castor Bean.

Offered by Laura.