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icon Desulfication

This is a vital project for those who have the capability. Those that don't, you may want to order one already put together. It is still cheaper then most of the commercial products that do the same. We will all be heavily dependent on batteries after the pole shift. This unit will keep lead acid batteries desulfated and lasting much longer. The site currently has the technology to go from 6 to 36 volts. I am interested as to what it would take to make this unit work with 48 Volt battery bank. This voltage is more common in larger wind power units.

Offered by Mike.

This device is by no mean a charger and it certainly can not rejuvenate a completely dead battery, what it does is generates some pulses using the battery's own power, and there is no outside power source involved. On the title of that article says Lead Acid Battery Desulfation Pulse Generator, that is what the author claimed it can do, myself I have never tried it and I really do not know how good it is, I speculate it will prolong the life span of the battery. This device can be used for a 48V battery, with a small modification. Please refer to the 24 Volt Lead-Acid Desulfator schematic. I would replace the R5 with 2k Ohms and R2 with a 50k Ohms potentiometer. The author recommend replacing the inductors with a higher value, for L3, replace it with a 680 uH and L2 with 2000 uH, and I think with these changes, it will work.

Offered by Tian.

I have tried a commercial version pulse unit and it does work well to extend the life of Lead-Acid batteries. Thanks for the info on how to make the unit 48 volt. The higher the voltage we use between the windmill and the dome the less line loss and the smaller the wire can be used. Yet not high enough to be dangerous.

Offered by Mike.