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Mr. Bruce A. Perreault is researching the real nature of radioactivity and converting radioactivity directly into electrical power by examining the work of T.H.Moray. Late in the year 2000 Mr Perreault decided to focus on re-building the Moray's radiant energy generator and release the information. He published his newest book Radiant Energy Power Generation where he describes the theory of radiant energy generation including instructions to build a proof-of-concept circuit. This book can be ordered on-line.

Early this year Mr. Perreault published a high power circuit that uses parts of a microwave oven, some off-the-shelf parts and a special component called the Glo-Regulator which he will soon be manufacturing and selling for experimenters. This circuit uses 12V DC as input and it outputs 6kHz spiked electrical energy (just like the Moray device also did) which can be used to power all kind of resistive loads (lamps, heaters) and even electric motors with brushes designed to run on 60Hz AC. Mr. Perreault claims that with this circuit the primary battery can power the load four times longer than it would normally do! Mr. Perreault does not claim to have achieved any "free-energy" or "over unity", just four time better efficiency using radiant energy boost and 6kHz spiked output. If it was just two times better than normally I think it would be a significant gain compared with the cost of the components. Most post-pole shift power systems will rely on storage batteries and if the power consumption could be halved that would be very good. The devices built by T.H.Moray and Edwin V. Gray and natural lightning use the same energy source.

Offered by Olli.