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Here's a copy of an email that I found on keelynet.

Offered by Steve.

From Joseph Hiddink to Ian Bell and keelynet: Just before the second world war, there was a Frenchman, who concocted methanol, very inexpensive out of sewer sludge. The Germans were after inexpensive methanol for their rockets. They tortured him to death, but he refused to divulge the secret. You can try the following recipe, which I believe the Dutch Underground tried during the war:

Don't throw your grass clippings away, throw them in a vat. Add water and let brew for awhile, several days at least. The barrel should have an upside-down funnel on top. with a rubber hose pass the gasses through a solution of chlorine, in an enclosed vessel, with another hose coming out. (Chlorine is probably available in half-gallon bottles. The missus uses it in the washing machine). Then the methane gas becomes monochloride methane. This is passed through a solution of silveroxyde (AgOH). Available from your local pharmacist. Then an amount of methanol comes into existence.

The formula is CH3Cl + AgOH = CH2OH (methanol) + AgCl (Silverchloride)

Then filter the silverchloride out of it, and distill the rest. Or distill the solution. The silverchloride will not be dissolved. The stuff coming out of your distillator will be methanol. Keep well away from flames! Then you must change your silverchloride back into silveroxyde, so you can use it over and over again.

I suggest also to read up on chemistry if you have the chance. Or ask your Pharmacist ( You call him, I believe, Chemist) for advice. P.S. I hope you have a big backyard with lots of grass!

Regards, Joseph Hiddink e-mail: