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icon Battery Banks

Most people with their own wind systems use three banks of batteries. These banks are set up so each bank can be monitored. Having one bank Charged and In Reserve, allowing the system some freedom. No single bank is allowed to drop below 65% of it's rated capacity. When such a condition occurs that bank switches or is switched directly into the wind generator's charging circuit. People that have an average wind speed of less than 10 m.p.h. need to look elsewhere for their power. Wind speed averages this low usually mean numerous periods where there will be days without wind. Under these conditions it is impossible to maintain a healthy battery storage system.

A 480 amps charging capacity is inadequate for charging more than three batteries if 60 amps is its maximum rating. The BOSCH alternator that was used in for the axle prop has a rating of 40-100 amps depending on speed and a voltage rating of 14. It's actual start-up condition @ 10 m.p.h. was 13.8 volts, 38 amps, 524 watts respectively. As wind speed increases, current and wattage also increase proportionately. In high wind conditions, operational Dummy Loads are used. Pre water heaters, DC water pumps for the yard and heating elements in the winter months. We also employ various mechanical devices to prevent overspeed conditions. This is the largest problem with any wind generating system - overspeed. The formulas that we use are intended to take an alternator or generators operational perameters into consideration, that's why when done properly, the work so well.

Offered by Jay.