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These are his results (he keeps great daily records) he doesn't have an anemometer so the wind readings are from a local community air-strip 4 miles away, lets say + or - 5% reliability. He is using an analog amp meter. I tested it, it's fine.

The results are as follows:


These are rather wonderful results coming from an auto alternator. All of these readings were taken under rather rigorous conditions. He used a new 1000 watt 220 volt water heater element for two minutes, not to overload or overheat his alternator. His blades have taper but no twist. His alternator is over 8 years old, but is made by BOSCH. Rebuilt units without core run in at about $120.00, a little expensive, but if you can get your hands on a used one in good working order you have a little powerhouse on your hands. He uses this little daemon to charge two banks of 8 X 12 volt batteries, connected in series-parallel for a total of 240 volts. I can show you how this is done. It is a common configuration for many Photo Voltaic systems.

Offered by Jay.